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Meet Mondo Duplantis Girlfriend Desiré Inglander: Instagram Details

Swedish Pole Vaulter Armand Duplantis, who also goes by Mondo Duplantis, is currently dating model Desiré Inglander. Mondo Duplantis and his girlfriend met during a Swedish festival in 2021.

Mondo Duplantis represented Sweden at the Tokyo Olympics and won gold with a leap of 6.02 meters in Pole Vaulting.

The Swede broke his record of 6.18 meters with a jump of 6.21 meters. He did so while winning gold in the World Athletics Championship in July 2022.

He is also the son of former US pole vaulter Greg Duplantis. Mondo regards his father as his first inspiration to start Pole Vaulting.

The Olympian is currently dating Swedish model Desiré Inglander.

Mondo Duplantis’s Girlfriend Desire Inglander

Olympian Mondo Duplantis and his girlfriend, Desiré Inglander, met during the Midsummer Swedish Festival.

They continued staying together until the end of the summer and decided to take things more seriously.

Mondo Duplantis and girlfriend Desire Inglander

Mondo Duplantis has moved in with his girlfriend Inglander. They now share an apartment in Stockholm after the Tokyo Olympics.

His girlfriend, Desiré, witnessed Mondo break the World Record during the World Athletics Championship. She kissed Mondo after breaking the record and uploaded it to her Instagram.

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The couple announced their relationship in March through Instagram, which has gotten even more severe.

Derron Inglander Age And Birthday

Desire Inglander is currently 19 years of age. Her birthday is suspected to be somewhere early in the year.

Voce Model Management and Ksting endorse Inglander – she does modeling for various brands through these agencies.

Mondo Duplantis and his girlfriend, Inglander, often post adorable pictures of themselves on Social Media. The couple also works together on various product and brand shoots.

Mondo, Inglander’s beau, started pole vaulting at his family home in Louisiana when he was only three years old.

He was also named Track and Field Athlete of the Year during his first year in High School.

Mondo has managed to record various world records at different stages and is only 22 years old. He still has a lot to accomplish in Pole Vaulting.

With his recent accolades, Mondo is already a legend in the world of Pole Vaulting as one of the prodigies of his generation.

Desire Inglander Instagram

Desire Inglander is on Instagram under the ID handle @desireinglander.

She has amassed a following of just under 67k and currently follows 987 people back.

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Mondo Duplantis has a record of 411k followers while following 967 people back. He is under the ID handle @mondo_duplantis.

Desire states on her Instagram profile that she is a Fashion model and working under the ksting agency.

Mondo Duplantis and his girlfriend, Desire, constantly post their pictures on their Instagrams. The couple has been quite vocal since going public a while back.

Desire Inglander also shares much of her work on her Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and other social media. 

She is also a believer in working out. Desire constantly travels as well to calm herself from her busy life.

Mondo Duplantis Net Worth

Mondo Duplantis enriches a total value of $5 million at just 22 years of age.

The young Swede is an Olympian, a World Record Holder, and an influential individual in the community of Sweden.

Mondo has an estimated salary of $500k to $900k as an Elite Athlete with the Swedish Pole Vaulting Team. 

Due to his success as a Pole Vaulter, Mondo also gets offered many brand deals. He constantly works with brands as a model and ambassador of their products.

The young Olympian’s value has skyrocketed with him breaking World Records. He has easily broken his two previous records and shows no signs of stopping.

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