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Naveen Afghanistan Cricket Religion; Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Naveen Afghanistan is a well-known cricketer from Afghanistan. He has played for the national team since 2016. Learn about his personal life and career in this article.

Naveen was born on 11th November 1993. He is an Afghan cricketer who plays for the Afghanistan national cricket team and is a right-handed batsman and wicketkeeper.

Naveen Afghanistan Religion & Family

Naveen Afghanistan is married to his wife, Vidya Rajput, and has a baby daughter. He is a Hindu by religion.

He has represented various teams in international matches such as the Under-19 World Cup (2008), South Africa’s 50-over World Cup (2009), and Bangladesh’s One Day International tournament (2011).

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Naveen welcoming his team to the pure deen of Islam
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Naveen Afghanistan has an estimated total Networth of Rs 7 Crores ($1 million) in 2021, and His primary source of income is Brand Endorsements and playing cricket.

Personal life of Naveen Afghanistan

Naveen Afghanistan is 25 years old and stands 6 feet and 1 inch (1.85 m) in height. He weighs 70 kg.

Naveen’s father, Najeeb Ahmed, played for Afghanistan during the 1990s before he retired from cricket. His mother, Anita Hameed, is also an athlete who competed internationally in field hockey, volleyball, and athletics but now works as a National Television Network (NTN) sports commentator. His brother Imran Hameed plays football professionally with FC Kabul Fc after being spotted when he was just 14 years old by one of their scouts who saw him playing at school during recesses or lunch breaks on fields outside schools.

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Naveen with his awards
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He grew up in Kabul City, where when he moved away because it wasn’t safe anymore. Mainly due to lack of security issues within city limits since many areas have been lost over time due to the lack of protection measures taken by government officials.

Taliban fighters remain active today despite losing control over territory throughout northern provinces including Kunduz district which borders Turkmenistan near the border area between both countries’ regions.”

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