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NCAA: Who Are Linda And Troy Gibson? Zach Gibson Parents Age Wikipedia & Family Ethnicity

Gibson was born and raised by his parents in Vancouver, Canada. Scroll more to learn about the player and his family.

This year, Georgia Tech has two transfer quarterbacks, Zach Gibson being one of them. Before the 2022 season, Zach Gibson feels confident in his offensive play.

Georgia Tech will be sporting two new transfer quarterbacks this season that will provide some valuable depth at the position. 

With the backups, Georgia Tech is in a much better position this season, and I believe Zach Gibson, a transfer from Akron, will be the first man up.

Gibson played well for the Zips last season and may only be beginning to reach his full potential. Gibson and I spoke this past weekend at Georgia Tech’s media day to get his opinions on the offense going into the season, his hopes for how good the crime can be, and what he has already learned from Chris Weinke, the quarterback’s coach.

NCAA: Who Are Linda And Troy Gibson? Zach Gibson Parents 

Gibson’s parents, Linda and Troy, reared him from birth. We tried to learn more about his family but were unsuccessful because no such information was available to the general public.

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Gibson’s parents’ real names are still unknown. Once this data is known, we will update this area.

How Old Is Zach Gibson? Wikipedia & Family Ethnicity

Nothing about his personal life is public. Being an NCAA player, he must be in his early 20s or late teen.

Zach Gibson’s Twitter post: “It’s in god’s hand now”
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Gibson talked about his experience working with Chris Weinke as a coach and how much he has enjoyed it. “Coach Weinke has taught me a lot of things. He is demanding and a stickler, but he is a lovely man who genuinely cares about us. I might say that I have learned to keep my feet moving quickly. That has been the primary focus of our work. 

He has had such a big impact on my growth and development that I feel I am getting better every day we work together. He has also greatly aided me in taking my game to the next level.”

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