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Sharon Tate Crime Scene And Death Photos: Manson Family Killed Her, Family And Husband

Sharon Tate crime scene is one of the most controversial ones in history because of the story behind her murder. 

Sharon was one of the most influential actresses and models of her time. During the prime of her career, there were rarely any other people who carried as much fame and aura as she did.

Before debuting in movies, she had tiny television appearances during the 1960s, and she frequently appeared as a cover girl and model in fashion publications.

People worldwide sang praises of her acting skill and good looks. Her death was documented as much as her life was because of the bizarre incidents leading up to it. Even years after the tragedy, people still question how the actress was killed. Join us as we take a journey back to the day the actress suffered an untimely death.

Sharon Tate Crime Scene And Death Photos

The horrific and gruesome Tate Murders took place in Los Angeles on the night of August 8–9, 1969, when followers of cult leader Charles Manson killed actress Sharon Tate and four other persons.

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On August 10, there were still two more fatalities. After two highly publicized trials, Manson and four followers were found guilty of all the murders in 1971.

Tate, a budding actress, best known for Valley of the Dolls (1967), was married to director Roman Polanski and eight months along with her unborn child.

The couple rented the residence at 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles’ exclusive Benedict Canyon neighborhood during the summer of 1969. Polanski’s pal Wojciech Frykowski and the coffee heiress Abigail Folger, who is Frykowski’s girlfriend, stayed with Tate while Polanski was in Europe.

Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate posing for a photo.
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On August 8, Manson gave the command to one of his followers, Charles “Tex” Watson, to travel with other cult members to 10050 Cielo Drive and execute everyone there “as gruesome[ly] as you can.” 

Manson was familiar with the home since Terry Melcher, a previous renter, had thought about it but ultimately decided against offering Manson a recording contract. Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Patricia Krenwinkel traveled with Watson to the estate by car. 

Steven Parent, an 18-year-old visiting the estate’s caretaker at his residence in the guest House, was driving a car when they came upon it after midnight. Before he, Atkins, and Krenwinkel broke inside the main House, Watson shot Parent to death, leaving Kasabian to stand guard at the gate.

Sharon Tate Family And Husband

Sharon Tate was married to Roman Polański. Roman, Raymond Thierry Polaski is a French and Polish actor, producer, screenwriter, and director of motion pictures. Polanski has been nominated for five Oscars throughout his career. The Pianist earned him the Best Director award in 2003.

Polanski’s life changed in 1969 when the Manson Family killed his pregnant wife, actress Sharon Tate, and four of their friends. He produced Macbeth in England in 1971 and Chinatown in Hollywood again in 1974. Polanski was detained and accused of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1977. 

Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate with her husband.
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He accepted a plea deal and admitted to the lesser charge of having illicit sex with a child. He escaped to Paris in 1978 after learning that the judge intended to reject his plea agreement and impose a prison sentence rather than probation. 

As a result, Polanski is now on the run from the American legal system. In addition to being found guilty, Polanski has been charged with sexually abusing numerous other women in their youth.

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