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Singer Adrian Newman Girlfriend Or Partner: Age Parents And Net Worth

Adrian Newman, age 45, is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Dannii, who is 50.

Adrian Newman is a famous multi-platinum producer and songwriter. Adrian is also known as the boyfriend of singer-actress and TV star Dannii Minogue.

Adrian Newman is a hardworking personality: he worked really hard throughout his career.

He worked as a music producer for songs like Sh Maybe the one, Across my hear, Live a little, In Fall of 2017, Laugh 2017, Top Down 2017, sweet Lies 2017, and many others. 

Adrian Newman’s soulmate Dannii has paper in several films like Secret/ One crazy Night 2022 as Didi, White Diamond: A person portrait of kylie Minogue 2007 as Herself, Molly: The Real Thing 2016 as Herself and seriously 2022 as Herself, and many others.

Adrian Newman Girlfriend or Partner

Dannii Minogue, the girlfriend of Adrian Newman, is 5 years older than him; she was born on 20th October 1971. She is an Australian singer, actress, and television personality. 

Dannii Minogue and Adrian Newman have been together for a relatively very long time. And they announced their relationship in public in January 2014. Till today they have kept their romantic relationship private and far away from the spotlight. 

But Dannii Minogue has recently expressed her relationship saying in public; I have a beautiful boyfriend.

We never brought our relationship in public because we want to have our private space, and we are just in the perfect moment of life.”

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Adrian Newman Age

Adrian Newman is 45 years old, and his partner is in her 50s. 

He was born in Australia. Adrian Newman entered his musical career in his early life, just after completing his formal education. 

Newman is most famous for depicting her job as Emma Jackson in the drama: Home and Away from 1989 to1990.

Newman is also a famous social media figure, where the majority of his fans are his supporters. 

The music Producer Adrian Newman looks tall in front of his partner Dannii Minogue. His height is somewhere around six feet, and his sweet hear Dannii height is somewhere around five feet and 2 inches. 

They are spotted several times in public and look perfect together. Dannii is also a pretty famous figure on Instagram.

She is also working as an influencer with following more than 382 K followers and following back 1,375 people only, which is just pint three five(.35) percent of her total follers. 

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Adrian Newman Parents and Family

Adrian Newman’s parents are Danny Sibanda and Lillian Sibanda as father and mother. There hasn’t been found to have any record of Newman’s siblings.

Even if their parents have any more children, they are not as famous as Adrian Newman; they might be living somewhere like the general public. 

Adrian Newman’s Net Worth

Adrian Newman at airport
Adrian Newman at the airport (source: DailyMail)

Adrian Newman is estimated to have a net worth of between $1 million and $5 million. 

The majority of sources of his income are from the Musical industry, like music production, song creation, and also social media influencer. His fortune hasn’t been disclosed yet. But as of 2022, Adrian’s girlfriend Dannii’s projected net worth is more than $25 million. 

In addition to writing songs, producing music albums, and working on solo projects such as Kiss you inside out on 2015, Go Time on 2014, Mexico, Wild Life, I’m Alive, Unstoppable, etc. Going through his song production, it is found that his productions reflect quite a sadness, anger inside, and creative flairs. 

Adrian Newman’s girlfriend has been nominated for numerous honors, including Glamour women of the year in 2021, Max Factor in 2010, Elle Style Award in the year 2010, Comopolisiton Awards in the year 2009, No 1 Celeb of the year in 2008, Glamour Awards in the year 2007, National Television Award also in the same year, and numerous others.

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