Sonja Sohn Husband

Sonja Sohn Husband: Was Married To Adam Plack And Has 2 Kids, Family And Net Worth

An American actress of African and Korean heritage who is best known for her acting in The Wire (2002). Sonja Sohn’s husband was Adam Plack.

Sonja Sohn was known as a poet and performance artist before she made her professional debut in the acting field.

She is an American actress, filmmaker, and activist best known for portraying Kima Greggs in the HBO drama “The Wire “for five years.

Sohn is renowned for having featured in the independent film slam which she also co-wrote and appeared as Samantha Baker in Body of proof.

Her role in The Wire led to her work as the leader of a Baltimore community initiative called ReWired for change.

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Has Welcomed Two Kids With Adam Plack

In 2003, Sonja married didgeridoo player Adam Pluck, an Australian-born composer and producer from East Brighton, Melbourne.

Sonja’s husband comes from a family of classical musicians. He began his musical journey in the early 1990s, beginning his recording career with Johnny “White Ant” Soames.

Sonja Sohn Husband

Sonja Sohn with her ex-husband Adam Plack (Source: WDW)Plack has recorded two albums and performed and recorded under the name “Nomad.” Of the two, his first, Nomad, received a Best World Music Album nomination for ARIA Award.

Plack currently lives in Los Angeles and works as a life coach. Adam and Sonja have two daughters, Shakira, born in 1986, and Sofia, born in 1990.

However, the happy couple divorced in 2011. According to sources, the marriage did not end because of Soja’s continued drug use.

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Meet Sonja Sohn Family

 Sonja Sohn was born in Fert Benning, Georgia in May 9, 1964. Her mom was Korean, and her father was black.

Sohn’s parents met when her father was stationed in South Korea after the Korean war.

Sohn has not publicly disclosed her parents’ names. But she mentions that as a young girl, she has to watch her father batter her mother in his accesses of his uncontrolled rage.

Sonja Sohn Husband
Sonja Sohn with her daughter Shakira and Sophia (Source: DoveClove)

It was then that he began to speak up to spare his mother from suffering. Things got so bad that he revealed that he was sexually abused by an older girl who was his babysitter.

Sonja doesn’t seem to be talking about his siblings, but a source says one of his siblings was shot and killed after befriending a woman who had been abused by his mother.

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Sonja Sohn Net Worth Explored

Sonja Sohn’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, and she earns more than $86,502 annually as an actress. Most of his income comes from acting, but he also directs and writes scripts.

Previously, Sohn was also active in politics, but in 2009 he took a break from acting to focus specifically on social issues.

Sonja Sohn Husband
Sonja Sohn is an American actress. filmmaker and activist. (Source: Pinterest)

On July 21, 2019, Sohn was arrested and charged with felony possession of cocaine in North Carolina.

Sonja first appeared in the 2015 Baltimore protests and community organizing in response to police brutality in the 2017 HBO documentary Baltimore.

However, she has done great work in acting, and now she is doing great work as a social activist.

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