Suzan Mutesi Hair

The Challenge Australia: Is Suzan Mutesi Hair Real? Did She Had Hair Extentions?

The Challenge Australia cast Suzan Mutesi’s fans wonders if her hair is natural. Let’s find it out.

Born Suzan Faith Mutesi Mufumbiro, Suzan Mutesi is a well-known personality who stands out with her fierce and confident.

The African-Australian celebrity has not only marked her name as one of the best Actress, models, and fashion designers, but she is also an accomplished author of the books Unapologetically Black, princess Anendha.

Suzan is also a cast member of the reality competition series The Challenge: Australia. The show features twenty-two Australian reality stars and celebrities. It is set to premiere on 14 November 2022.

The beautiful lady has garnered a huge fan following worldwide from worldwide. She has over 1.2 millions of followers in her IG account.

The Challenge Australia: Is Suzan Mutesi Hair Real? Did She Have Hair Extensions?

We can often see Suzan Mutesi with different hairstyles. Sometimes with long and blonde hair locks time, sometimes with long pink/blonde braids, and other times with short hair.

However, one common thing is her confidence and never-ending charisma, which makes her stand out from the crowd.

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Unfortunately, we could not confirm whether the Actress’ hair is natural. Besides sharing skin care tips, Suzan often shares hair care tips too. In one of her Instagram posts from October 2021, the model shared that she used SheaMoisure to strengthen and restore her hair.

Suzan Mutesi Hair
Suzan Mutesi is fierce, confident, and beautiful. (Source: Instagram)

Furthermore, while talking in an interview, the Uganda-born personality said her hair is kinky, but that’s wonderful. The author of Unapologetically Black has inspired millions of people to accept themselves and be confident about who they are.

Mutesi also disclosed she had experienced the struggles of trying to meet society’s expectations and standards. Her book is a letter to her younger self. She wants to tell her past self not to believe the negative things people told her or even the things she has thought about herself.

The model said, “I had to believe that I’m beautiful and that my dark skin is beautiful and I’m going to love it, and that my hair is kinky and it’s wonderful, and that I don’t have to apologize for it.”

The Challenge Australia star shared some naked snaps of herself to help raise awareness about skin Cancer. The influencer concealed her modesty with a bouquet of white roses.

Suzan Mutesi had her hair freshly styled in a long pink braid, completing her glamorous look.

Suzan Mutesi Educational Background

Suzan Mutesi was born in Uganda on 21 June 1986. Later she moved to Australia and completed her former education at Delany College in Granville.

Moreover, the Actress holds a bachelor’s degree in design with a major in Fashion from Raffles KvB Institute of Technology. The institution is one of the top-ranked design colleges in Australia.

Suzan Mutesi Hair
Suzan Mutesi was born in Uganda. (Source: Instagram)

The best author award-winner has also appeared in Drama and films like Ruby’s Choice, Moon Rock for Monday, Irreversible Choices, and Deadly Women.

Suzan Mutesi Family

As mentioned above, Suzan Mutesi is from Africa. She grew up in a family where her parents worked hard to give her and her siblings a better life. The model revealed she and her siblings never had the luxury of toys.

However, the lack drove Suzan to be creative. The Ruby’s Choice star would make dolls out of banana fibers and make clothes for them with the torn scraps of her clothes.

With a passion for design and creativity, which began in her hometown, she has now achieved her dream life. We wish Mutesi more prosperity in the coming days.

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