Theo Germaine in recent years.

Theo Germaine: Gender Identity & Net Worth

As soon as we are born, we spend the rest of the journey trying to find ourselves. And one such young soul is none other than Theo Germaine.

Who is Theo Germaine, you may ask? Theo Germaine is an American actor who has risen to fame with his role of James Sullivan in the Netflix series, ‘The Politician.’

The Politician features Theo as a trans person, but Theo is a non-binary person in real life.

Theo prefers the pronouns they/ them, but he has mentioned that anyone can use he/ him as the topic is very confusing and new to many people.

Theo Germaine in person.
Theo Germaine in person.

He was more than ecstatic to play the role of a trans boy. In the show, his pronouns are he/him, and he feels that it is about time that trans people start playing all kinds of roles.

In this article about Theo Germaine, you will find all that there is to know about the actor.

Quick Facts

Let’s look into some quick facts just in case you did not know about the talented Theo Germaine.

Full name Theo Germaine
Date of birth 1988
Age NA
Birthplace Illinois, Chicago, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education University of Illinois
Father’s name Not Available
Mother’s name Not Available
Zodiac sign Not Available
Height 5 feet and 8 inches
Weight 65 kg
Spouse Not Available
Children Not Available
Body Measurement Not Available
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth One Hundred Thousand US$
Siblings Not Available
Sexual Orientation Gay
Marital Status Not Available
Profession Actor
Nickname Theo
Salary Not Available
Merchandise TV Series
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Debut year 2019 

Theo Germaine: Early Life

Theo Germaine was born in the year 1988. He was born and raised in Murphysboro of, Illinois, in The United States of America.

Details about Theo’s parents have not been made public, neither has any information about their profession or whereabouts.

Theo is a single child and does not have any siblings.

Growing up, Theo’s parents always had financial problems. Theo was even homeless because of their situation at one point in time.

Theo also had gender dysmorphia growing up. Just at the age of three, he used to lay on the mat in daycare and wonder about his gender identity.

He often jokes how one of his first memories is of The Lion King and Gender dysmorphia.

We do not know which high school Theo attended for his high school education. But we can confirm that he has graduated high school since he went to college.

After his graduation, he went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. And four years later, he graduated with his bachelor’s degree.

He then went on to play in theatres and has acted in some of the biggest stages. He played in Steppenwolf, The Goodman, and The Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

But his acting days on screen did not come so easy, but he had dreamt of that moment ever since childhood.

Theo Germaine: Personal Life

Theo is an American by birth. However, he does not have any religious beliefs and is caucasian by ethnicity.

Theo is an animal lover and has a cat by the name of Jack. He is always seen holding and petting the cat.

Theo is someone who takes pride in himself. But unfortunately, it took him long enough to come to terms with his sexuality.

He now identifies as a non-binary transgender who is interested in males.

In his free time, Theo loves reading books and novels. He particularly enjoys the ones about political and social issues.

He does not like to pass up time for free and listens to metal music. Theo always is on the verge of learning new skills.

His favorite movie is the Star Trek series. And he likes to envision the futures of trans and queer in the entertainment industry.

He believes that he has lived and experienced many human lives in a short amount of time and that gives him a unique perspective for storytelling and acting.

Growing up in a small town in Central Illinois, much of his life has been shaped by the stereotypical understanding of beauty. Now he spends his time trying to deconstruct that understanding.


When it comes to love, most people spend their lives searching for it. But that is not the case for Theo, who has seemingly found the love of his life.

Theo is in a relationship with William Russan. William Russan is an American actor by profession and is also gay.

The duo has been together since 2017 and started dating in December of the same year. They met in Chicago, but the actual event has not been specified.

Ever since the couple has met, they have been inseparable and have chemistry off the roof.

The couple has adopted two adorable cats together and takes turns parenting them. Their Instagram is filled with adorable pictures of the cats.

Theo with his boyfriend William.
Theo with his boyfriend William.

Theo and William were apart for a while when Theo moved to LA for ‘The Politician.’ But the couple has reunited back in Chicago now.

They are in a live-in relationship currently and could not be more jolly.

The pair seems to be very happy in their relationship. Theo calls William Mr. Perfect a nickname.

Head over heels couple only grows stronger as they share their ideologies of gay pride and empowerment.

The two have been spotted at the gay pride and in their most colorful outfits in Pride month.

Certainly, Theo feels complete with William Russan by his side. They have yet to tie the knot, but the wedding bells hopefully will be there in the future.

Theo Germaine: Professional Life

Starting off his career in Hollywood was not easy for Theo. Life did not come easy for Theo despite learning all kinds of skills, such as aerial dancing and trapeze.

Theo did get the opportunity to work with big names in the theatre industry, such as Steppenwolf and Timeline Theatre.

He worked as an employee in a coffee shop called Wormhole in Chicago before he got his big break.

At the time, he was signed by The Gray Talent agency, which said that they needed a tape audition for a series on Netflix. Then one day, Theo got a call saying that he was selected for the role.

Theo for an interview on The Politician.
Theo for an interview on The Politician.

He quit his job the same week and got on a flight to LA. There he was cast as James Sullivan in the Netflix series called ‘The Politician.’

The same year in 2019, he got the role of Chris in a comedy TV series called ‘Work In Progress.’

He has also earned credits in movies such as ‘Adam,’ which went for the Sundance Film Festival in 2019.

Theo also played the role of the baby in the movie ‘Holy Trinity’ in 2019.

Both of his shows,’ The Politician’ and ‘Work In Progress,’ are ongoing, so he is currently working on those projects.

Along with that, he has been working on a documentary called ‘Equal,’ which BBC produces. It is about the struggle for rights in the trans and queer community.

Theo: Gender Identity

Struggling with who he is from a young age, Theo has a lot to say about the gender and sexuality issues in society.

Theo was originally born in a body of a female, and it was at eighteen years old that he realized he was in the wrong body. That is when he came out and underwent all the medical procedures.

The town he grew up in was a very conservative one, and he often tried to act more girly just to fit in with the popular girls.

But looking back, he really wishes that there would have been someone to guide him through it all.

So now that he has the means to influence people, he wants to make a short movie representing the real-life anxieties and struggles of a trans person.

He believes that trans people should branch out in the industry and should start being in Marvel movies and different genres.

Trans people should be given the same opportunities as the rest of the crowd.

One of the things that he was glad about during the production of The Politician was the fact that his character, despite being trans, was never mentioned on the show.

This goes on to show how their sexuality is not all that defines them.

He sees so much potential with the trans and queer people in society and is always makes it his plan to uplift them.

Theo: Net Worth

By being in the entertainment industry, Theo has earned both fame and wealth to his name.

Theo Germaine has a net worth of 100 thousand US dollars as of 2024.

Since his income varies with every role he plays, his exact income cannot be determined. But he is just getting started so hopefully, his fortunes will reach greater heights.

Theo does not like to show off his wealth on social media and lives a very normal life. But from his earnings, it is clear that he is living a very comfortable life.

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Theo Germaine: Physical Appearance

When it comes to height, Theo is five feet and eight inches tall. He weighs around 65 kgs.

Theo has black hair and similar black eyes. He has a fair skin complexion.

Theo has tattoos on his body along with piercings. He currently has a very short hairstyle.

His exact body measurements have not been made public. Unfortunately, neither has any information about his shoe size.

He has a great body figure because of his workout routines and healthy diet.

Theo is known for his flawless skin and sharp jawline. His style is very unique had been appreciated many times.

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Theo Germaine: Social Media

When it comes to social media, Theo is quite active. He uses Instagram and Twitter.

His Instagram is a verified account and has more than 77 thousand followers. In addition, he shares posts about his upcoming projects and loved ones.

Theo has a verified Twitter account with more than 8400 followers.

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Where does Theo Germaine live?

Theo lives in a two-bedroom apartment in Chicago.

What is Theo Germaine’s gender?

Theo Germaine identifies as male.

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