Travis Wolfe Jr. Leaving Bob Heart Abishola; What Happened To Him And Where Is He Going

Travis Wolfe Jr's as Dele in Bob Hearts Abishola (Source: The cinemaholic)
Travis Wolfe Jr’s as Dele in Bob Hearts Abishola (Source: The cinemaholic)

Sadly, neither Travis nor the show has provided a valid reason behind the actor’s sudden departure. Although a proper culmination of Dele’s plotline made it seem like the departure was on the plot for quite some time, there is no dossier on the assertion or the events leading up to it.

Additionally, the inadequacy of a farewell post or a post-departure discussion expands the mystery around Travis’ exit.

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On the show, Abishola admits that Dele will be good off in Nigeria. However, her heart tempts her to get her son back. She holds her emotions and sticks to what is right. Thus, Dele remains behind in Nigeria as the story shifts to the U.S. after Bob and Abishola’s marriage.

Where Is Travis Wolfe Jr Now?

Following his departure from the show, Travis implies to have taken a break from acting & is investing his attention elsewhere.

The young actor is walking in his Father’s footsteps and is giving speeches at events to help youths achieve their dreams. Moreover, he assists his mother’s non-profit organization, Star In You, by being a star representative for the organization.

Besides acting, Travis is also a skilled hip-hop dancer and is working on his dancing skill for the time being. However, Travis aroused on a recent episode of The Authemtik Podcast.

Travis Wolfe in the set of Bob Hearts Abishola (Source: TV Guide)
Travis Wolfe in the set of Bob Hearts Abishola (Source: TV Guide)

Similarly, his social media posts show him enjoying his time afar from cameras with his friends. Moreover, Travis has not signed up for any new project as of this moment. Thus, we might have to wait before observing his acting excellence again.

However, fans are looking toward Travis’s possible return to the show in a future episode. Moreover, this is mere conjecture, and only time can reveal if Travis will reprise his role as Dele.

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