Alejandro Balde In Barcelona Shirt

Alejandro Balde is a Spanish professional football player. Fans eagerly want to know more about his parents and learn more about him and his parents.

Alejandro Balde is a Spanish professional football player known as a left-back on the Spanish Under 16 national team. He also plays as a defender on the FC Barcelona Under 17 club team.

He started playing when he was just at the age of 5. He continues playing football in his school and also in high school. 

Who Are Alejandro Balde Parents?

Alejandro Balde has been keeping his personal life private from the media. He was born on October 2033; he will be 19 in 2022. 

His father, Sailu, was Guinea-Bissau, and his mother was Dominican. He was brought up and born in Barcelona, Spain. He has one brother named Edy Balde. Edy, his brother, inspired him to play professional football.

Alejandro has not published any personal detail about his parents. He hasn’t posted any pictures of his parents on social media. 

So, further information about his parents is not found or collected by any sources and media. He has always respected the privacy of his parents. Also, he hasn’t disclosed any more information about his siblings and relatives.

A Look At Barcelona Left-Back Personal History and Where He Is From?

Alejandro Balde was brought up and born in Barcelona, Spain, in 2003. He holds Spanish nationality. 

Alejandro is a professional football player from Spain who plays for Barcelona Atletic as a left-back. People know him for his work as a left-back on the Spanish Under 16 national team. His jersey number is 25 Barcelona B and 21 at Barcelona.

He started his career when he was four years old and was inspired by his brother. His older brother Edy played for Sant Marti Condal, and they needed an extra player in one game. Alejandro filled in, and he was just four; he performed well. Everyone from the team appreciated his work.

Alejandro Balde In Barcelona Shirt
Alejandro Balde In Barcelona Shirt (Source: BarcaBlaugranes)

After the game, his parents and brother encouraged him to start his career in football. He joined the club and started playing full-time for the Periquitos.

Balde joined Barcelona’s famous academy, La Masia, in 2011 when he was 8. 

He played with La Masia for almost ten years and was selected to Barcelona’s senior team in the year 2021 for pre-season. Balde played his first senior debut match against Gimnastic, which Barcelona won 4-0.

Balde also played against Girona in the Juan Gamper Trophy 3-0 win against Juventus in the same year, 2021. He started his senior season in 2021, so the match he played for Barcelona made him known to many people, and he has gained many fans since 2021. 

At the age of 18, he established his talent in football games. The media and many people have recognized him. The blade is making his career in football; he has a great future ahead. 

He is just a young football player working on making his career as a famous professional football player. 

Alejandro Balde’s Net Worth & Salary

In 2019, Alejandro Balde signed a contract with FC Barcelona B with a salary of 24,000 Euros per year. This means he earns €65.75 per day. His net worth is estimated at around 15,00 Euros.

Alejandro is a Spanish professional football player, playing with FC Barcelona B as a senior year. After joining the FC Barcelona B, he earned more than he used to. His salary increases every year.

Their primary source of income is their playing career. Balde is 19 years old, a professional football player from Spain. 

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