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Who Is Gail Banawis From Teen Clash? Age Boyfriend And Net Worth

Audiences are eager to know more about the new Tv series, Teen Clash cast. Gail Banawis is a growing young personality in the Drama industry.

Gail Banawis is a young female Actor. Love at First Stream, Connected, and Teen Clash are some of Gail Banawis’ best-known works.

She is currently a cast of the new TV series Teen Clash. The well-known Wattpad novel “Teen Clash” by Ilyn Anne Danganan will eventually be turned into a television series by IWantTFC and ABS-CBN.

This adaptation, which has been read more than 173 million times on Wattpad, will undoubtedly be one of the most widely anticipated television programs of 2022.

Who Is Gail Banawis From Teen Clash?

Gail Banawis is a Filipino-American performer, singer, YouTuber, and model. She rose to fame after being selected as a housemate on Pinoy Big Brother Connect (PBB Connect), an ABS-CBN reality television series, in 2021.

On the 71st day of the show, Gail was evicted from the Big Brother House.

Screenshot 58
Gail Banawis in teen clash as Ayumi. (Source: Twitter)

Gail Banawis will be playing the role of Ayumi in the new TV series “Teen Clash.” Ayumi is a blaze of energy and joy.

She is also motivated to defeat Ken and get first place in their class because she is among her friends’ sharpest.

The story of Teen Clash follows the four friends as they enroll at Kingdom High, a boarding school where the coexistence of boys and girls entails playing practical jokes on each other or experiencing bullying at school.

The friends decide to confront Ice, Josh, Kenneth, and Xander—the alleged leaders of Kingdom High—and demand that they cease their reprehensible treatment of the girls after witnessing the boys’ despicable behavior.

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Gail Banawis Age And Boyfriend

Gali Banawis was born in April 1, 1996. Her current age is 26. Her zodiac sign is Aries. 

Aries women are naturally high achievers. They frequently succeed well and put out little effort. The typical Aries woman is physically as strong as a marathon runner.

These robust subjects, frequently in good health, have been seen to resist the virus with sheer willpower.

However, we need to get information regarding her boyfriend at the moment. It seems like she keeps her personal life private. 

It looks like Gail is mainly focusing on her career these days. When Gail Banawis joined the ABS-CBN entertainment group’s Pinoy Big Brother Connect in January 2021, she started her career in the entertainment industry.

Just before she was about to enter the Big Brother House, she caught the Covid-19 diagnosis. Thankfully, she fully recovered and took part in the performance.

Gail Banawis Net Worth

Gail Banawis is a TV Actor. According to the comparably website, The average pay for TV actors and actresses in the U.S. is $90,673, with incomes ranging from $18,902 to $504,331.

While the top 86% of TV actors earn $504,331, the middle 57% earn between $90,673 and $228,468.

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gail banawis on Facebook. ( Source: Facebook)

Her cast in the new show, Teen Clash, will be a deal breaker for her. One of the nation’s most renowned and youthful directors will be in charge of directing the TV show.

Ex With Benefits and Love Me Tomorrow are two movies directed by Gino M. Santos that were financially successful at the box office.

The Animals, Island Dreams, #Y, and Lila were four more of his films that received nominations and awards. Have confidence in the series’ management.

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