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Who Is Meritxell Calvo From Smiley? Age Husband And Net Worth

Actress Meritxell Calvo stars as Smiley in the popular Netflix series. Fans are curious about Meritxell after her stellar performance on the Smiley Show.

Meritxell Calvo is a famous Actress in Spain. She is known for her roles in movies and shows such as [Still] love you (2017), Amar es para Siempre (2005), and Smiley (2022).

Her debut in the film industry came in 2005 with the release of the short film “Amar es para Siempre.” In 2015, she skyrocketed to fame with the assistance of the television show Charles, Emperor King.

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Meritxell Calvo Early Life

Meritxell Calvo is 37 years old as of 2022. She was born in Barcelona, Spain. She has not disclosed much information about her family history, including her parents’ names.

In addition, she did not reveal about her siblings. When disclosing private information about herself to the general public, she has a well-earned reputation for being extremely cautious.

Meritxell Calvo's childhood photo.
Meritxell Calvo’s childhood photo. Source: Instagram

Calvo does not want anyone, including her family, to know the specifics of her upbringing. In addition, there is a lack of specific information regarding Calvo’s academic background and credentials.

It is possible that she attended acting classes before beginning her career in film, but that is the only information we have about it.

How Much Net Worth Does Meritxell Calvo Have?

Not much information has been put down on the Internet regarding the specific details of the net worth of Meritxell Calvo, which can be found by searching through it.

But Meritxell has accumulated a sizeable fortune throughout her professional life. She maintains a healthy and well-rounded way of life by relying on the income from her acting job.

The wealth of the Actress is estimated to be at least $500,000

Also, Her latest work on Smiley helped her to gain more fame and net worth in her career. In Smiley, she played the role of Veronica.

Similarly, she works hard and is committed to her acting career; she will be able to improve her current financial situation in the not-too-distant future significantly.

In her spare time, she is active in the modeling industry. She advertises her modeling services to potential clients through social media platforms.

Who Is Meritxell Calvo Husband?

Since there is no known information about her romantic history in the recent past, it can be assumed that Meritxell Calvo is not in a relationship at this time.

The Actress prefers to keep a low profile, and as such, she has not discussed her romantic relationships publicly. 

Meritxell Calvo is currently single.
Meritxell Calvo is currently single. Source: Instagram

In addition, she has not published any photos on any social media platforms that even remotely hint at the possibility of a romantic relationship between her and any of her followers.

Meritxell is currently only focusing on a career rather than being in a relationship.

Meritxell Calvo Takes Great Care Of Her Body

Meritxell Calvo has a toned body and striking features, contributing to her attractiveness and beauty. The contrast between her fair skin and gorgeous brown hair makes for an arresting look.

Meritxell Calvo is a beautiful Actress from Spain.
Meritxell Calvo is a beautiful Actress from Spain. Source: Instagram

She has brown eyes and a face that is nearly perfect in its proportions. She has a height of approximately 1.68 meters and a body weight of roughly 58 kilograms.

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Is There Any Rumor About Meritxell Calvo?

Meritxell Calvo comes across as approachable and has not been associated with anyone in a relationship that could be considered controversial.

She is frequently captured on camera having a good time with her close friends and personal belongings at various events.

Her social media profiles are bursting at the seams with stunning photographs of her close friends and team members.

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