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Who Was Edwige Fenech Marito Luciano Martino? Famiglia

Edwige Fenech Marito Luciano Martino was an Italian film producer, director and screenwriter active in the cinema industry since the early fifties.

Edwige Fenech is a French-Italian Actress and producer of films who was born on December 24, 1948, in Bône, Constantine, French Algeria (now Annaba, Annaba Province, Algeria) to a Maltese Father along with a Sicilian mother.

She became the titular character of a classic series of Commedia sexy all Italiana and Giallo films during the 1970s, making her an iconic figure in sex culture. In 1967, Fenech traveled from Nice, France, to Rome, shooting her debut Italian film, Guido Malatesta’s Samoa, Queen of the Jungle. She agreed upon an agreement with Austrian filmmaker Franz Antel in 1968.

Throughout the late 1960s to the early 1970s, she starred in multiple of his films (such as the honored Frau Wirtin series) and films directed by Franz Marischka.

Fenech starred across numerous categories of movie theater. However, her most significant box-office success arrived with the Commedia sexy all Italian films, significantly earlier works Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (1972) and Giovannona Long-Thigh (1973).

Alongside the ones that followed l’insegnante (school teacher), la soldatessa (soldier), la poliziotta (policewoman) series and various other motion pictures which featured Fenech in stereo In commedia sexy films, she typically collaborated with Carlo Giuffrè, and eventually with Renzo Montagnani.

In the 1980s, she became a celebrity, regularly appearing with Barbara Bouchet on an Italian television talk program. She produced together The Merchant of Venice (2004) with Al Pacino after a few years in movie making, and following the outbreak, she accepted Eli Roth’s request to star in Hostel: Part II (2007).

In tribute to her, Quentin Tarantino invented the character of Lt. Ed Fenech in Inglourious Basterds (2009) and invited her to the film’s Italian premiere.

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Edwige Fenech Marito Luciano Martino

Luciano Martino was an Italian film producer, director and screenwriter born in Naples, Italy, on December 22, 1933. He is the brother of the director and screenwriter, Sergio Martino. Since the early fifties, he has been active in the cinema industry.

Edwige Fenech Marito Luciano Martino
Edwige Fenech Marito Luciano Martino (Source: unifrance)

After engaging as a screenwriter and assistant director, he released his debut as a director alongside Secret Agent Fireball. Among the movie scripts he collaborated on were Mario Bava’s The Whip and the Body, Michele Lupo’s Arizona Colt, and Lamberto Bava’s Giallo Delirium. 

During the 1970s, he produced and wrote together several hit sexy all-Italiana comedies, including Quel great mezzo dell’Ubalda tutta nuda e tutta calda, Giovanna Long-Thigh, and The School Teacher, which boosted the professional path of Edwige Fenech, on whose behalf he had been collaborating then. With the decline of the genre, he switched his energies to television sets producing shows for television and movies.

When the film business started to falter in the 1980s, Martino began producing TV television shows, including Turbo and the movie Segreto di Stato by Giuseppe Ferrara. In 1987, he was accountable for the premiere of the consequently unknown Nicole Kidman, who Martino selected for the television film Un’australiana a Roma.

She had a son named Stefano Martino and a daughter named Natasha Martino.

On August 14, 2013, he passed away due to pulmonary edema, a rare pulmonary congestion that causes excessive liquid accumulation in the tissue and the lungs’ air spaces. He died while he was in Kenya in his House in Malindi.

Edwige Fenech Famiglia

Edwige’s Father was Maltese, and her mother was an Italian originally from Tunisia. She has been very low-key about her personal life, including her family or any other siblings.

Edwige Fenech Famiglia
Edwige Fenech Marito Source: IMDB

However, she is very open about her romantic affairs. In the mid-1990s, she got hitched to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, a wealthy Italian entrepreneur who was president of Ferrari, the authorized administrator of the 1990 Football World Cup in Italy, and the president of the FIAT Group since May 2004.

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