why did Manny Machado leave the Dodgers

Why Did Manny Machado Leave The Dodgers? Death Hoax- Where Is He Now?

Manny Machado left Los Angeles Dodgers after playing for a single season in 2018. Many fans wonder why he switched teams even after helping the Dodgers reach the World Series.

Manuel Arturo Machado, better known as Manny Machado, is an American professional baseball player playing for the San Diego Padres.

He plays #13 third baseman and shortstop for the Major League Baseball (MLB) side.

After the Baltimore Orioles drafted Manny with the third overall pick in the 2010 MLB draft, he made his debut in August 2012. As a free agent, he moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2018.

During the 2018 offseason, Manny signed a 10-year, $300 million contract with the Padres, the most lucrative contract in the history of North American sports at the time.

Why Did Manny Machado Leave The Dodgers? Find Out

Manny Machado’s contract with L.A. Dodgers was over after the 2018 season, and he became a free agent. The Dodgers decided not to sign him, and the San Diego Padres pursued and purchased him.

It is reported that the Dodgers were looking to get Bryce Harper instead of Manny Machado but did not succeed.

Manny Machado dodgers
Manny Machado currently plays for the Padres. (Source: ESPN)

Besides, Manny had a rather bitter relationship with the Dodgers fans during his one-year stint on the team. He was especially infamous for the “Johnny Hustle” comment he made once.

The Dodgers Fans initially welcomed and embraced Manny, even bringing back “MANNYWOOD” in the bleacher seats.

However, after a postseason game, Manny famously said he was not the type of player that would be ‘Johnny Hustle and run down the line and slide into first base.

Unsurprisingly, that comment was not popular among the fans. Additionally, when Manny left the Dodgers in the offseason to sign with the rival Padres, the dislike intensified.

The Feud Continued After His Departure

The clash between Manny and the Dodgers did not end there. Manny continued to add fuel to the Fire during the 2019 season.

While playing at Dodger Stadium in July, he told fans behind the Padres’ on-deck circle that he would bet his entire contract (worth $300 million) that San Diego would win the World Series before the Dodgers.

The Dodgers would remember that bet as they beat the Padres the following season and went on to win the 2020 World Series. The Dodgers fans continued to boo, pester, and let Manny know he had lost the bet.

Los Angeles Dodgers acquired Manny Machado from the Baltimore Orioles at the 2018 MLB trade deadline.

In May, he replaced then-shortstop Corey Seager, who missed that season after undergoing Tommy John surgery, i.e., the ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) reconstruction.

Where Is Manny Machado Now? His Death Rumors Were A Hoax

Despite the death news online, Manny Machado is alive and kicking. The 30-year-old currently plays for the San Diego Padres. He was among the squad members when his team last beat Los Angeles Dodgers by 5-3

Manny’s Instagram shows that he is hyped up for his upcoming games. Besides, he is having a good time with his wife, Yainee. In November 2014, Manny Machado married his longtime girlfriend, Yainee Alonso, the sister of former MLB star Yonder Alonso.

Manny Machado wife
Manny Machado and his wife, Yainee. (Source: Instagram)

In the offseason, the couple resides in Coral Gables, Florida, where they own two homes. During the season, they live in Coronado, California.

The family also has a dog named Kobe, as Manny was a huge fan of basketball player Kobe Bryant growing up.

The Miami native Manny was raised by his mother, Rosa Machado, his grandfather, Francisco Nunez, and his uncle, Geovanny Brito. He is of Dominican heritage. 

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