Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva

A Look Into Married Life Of Jeff McNeil And His Wife, Tatiana DaSilva

The American Baseball Utility Player for the New York Mets seems to be enjoying his married life with his wife, Tatiana DaSilva. They welcomed their first child this year.

Wife Tatiana DaSilva

Tatiana DaSilva is most popularly recognized for her marriage to the American Baseball Player Jeff McNeil. However, she is also a brilliant and accomplished woman.

Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva
Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva Source: amNewYork

Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva Source: Instagram

DaSilva has worked across various intellectually demanding professions in her life. She is a scientist. At NASA Goddard, she worked as an Earth Data Support Scientist. Furthermore, she worked as an Environmental Scientist at AECOM from 2017 to 2020. AECOM is an American Construction Company.  

Tatiana graduated from California State University. Her degree was a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, particularly Environmental Science and Policy, in 2015.

DaSilva is the opposite of the media character trope set for the girlfriends or spouses of athletes. She is highly accomplished in her rights and is undoubtedly an intelligent woman. 

Married Life of Jeff McNeil

Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva tied knots on February 3, 2018. The ceremony took place in Nipomo of, California. The sportsman, New York Mets, drafted in 2013, seems enormously happy in his married life with DaSilva. 

Jeff McNeil and Tatiana adopted a puppy a year after their marriage. They named their dog Willow. The adoption of their dog became a sensation on social media. 

Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva

In 2021, the couple shared a post on Instagram sharing images of their sonogram- revealing that Tatiana and Jeff were expecting their first child. They stated that the due date was July 2022. Now, the couple has a son named Lucas McNeil. They welcomed their first child on July 13, 2022. 

With the birth of their son, the couple’s bond seems to grow even stronger. They are still very fond of each other.

Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva
Jeff McNeil and Tatiana DaSilva Source:SNY

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jeff Mc Neil and his wife Tatiana DaSilva took to social media to express their gratitude towards health care workers. With a picture alongside Tatiana, himself, and their dog Willow, he wished that his message found the reader and their families healthy and safe. 

The couple expressed sincere gratitude towards all the health care workers who risked their lives during the pandemic. They wrote:

“Thank you so much for your continued support during these tough times. We’ve all been affected and have an important role in the recovery. There are so many people like yourselves who are on the front line that are doing everything they can to fight this virus. We can’t thank you enough as we navigate through this pandemic.”

Past relationships

Very little is known about Jeff McNeil’s past relationships before his relationship with Tatiana. It could be because Jeff intends to keep matters of the past private. 

His mother, Rebecca McNeil, and father, Steve McNeil, welcomed him into the world on April 8, 1992. McNeil was born in Santa Barbara of California, in the United States and is of mixed race and belongs to the United States. 

Jeff  is thirty years old right now. Squirrel or Flying Squirrel are two of his nicknames.

Jeff completed his high school education at Nipomo High School. Details about his siblings are not available.

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Jeff McNeil, EVP, and Ceo of Enphase Energy, Inc., is currently worth over $125.25 million. Jeff McNeil holds about 47,412 units of Enphase Energy, Inc.’s ordinary stock. Jeff McNeil’s net worth at Enphase Energy, Inc. for the last three years has been $55 million.

As of February 21, 2022, Jeff McNeill’s estimated net worth was at least $57.5 million. Mr. Neil has sold over $47,337,672 ENPH stock in the previous three years and currently owns over 40,000 units of Enphase Inc. stock, valued at over $8,759,367. He also makes $1,426,080 as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Enphase Inc.

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