Riri Kitazume

Riri Kitazume: Personal Life, Ambition & Net Worth

Riri Kitazume is a [calculate_years datestring=”02/21/1998″] years old athlete for the Japanese National Team. Moreover, she primarily participates in Aerobics.

Furthermore, Riri is an Asian and World aerobic champion. She is also a gold medalist in the World Games of Aerobics.

Riri Kitazume during a training session
Riri Kitazume during a training session

Riri’s personal life, career, social media, and net worth are all mentioned in the article.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Riri Kitazume: 

Full Name Riri Kitazume
Birth Date February 21, 1998
Birth Place Ota, Japan
Nickname Not Available
Nationality Japanese
Ethnicity Not Available
Hobbies Dancing, Gymnastics, Teaching
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Education Not Available
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”02/21/1998″] years old
Height Not Available
Reach Not Available
Weight Not Available
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Aerobic Gymnast
Marital Status Single
Debut 2015
Children Not Available
Social Media Facebook, Instagram
Aerobics Merch Stair Steppers, Stationary Bike
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Riri Kitazume: Age, Height, and Weight

The height and weight of Riri are unknown. She keeps a low profile and primarily enjoys Aerobics.

However, based on her social media profiles, Riri appears to be in good shape. Her adaptability is also evident in her competitions.

Moreover, her zodiac sign is Pisces, as she was born in February.

Pisces women frequently have psychic or intuitive abilities, which they sometimes use in their professional lives.

Riri Kitazume: Personal Life

Riri was born in the beautiful country of Japan on February 21, 1998. She keeps her personal life a closely guarded secret.

However, it is known that Kitazume was born in Ota, Japan, and resides there.

In addition, her parents’ information is currently unknown. She does, however, appear to come from a delighted family.

Moreover, when her parents traveled to Guimares to see her compete, expectedly, Riri Kitazume was overjoyed and couldn’t stop crying.

Furthermore, the athlete won the Individual Women’s title in front of her parents and her friends.

The Japanese Aerobics athlete won a gold medal in the individual event at the 2018 World Championships in Guimaraes, Portugal.

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Riri teaches children in her spare time after becoming a household name in Japan for her prowess and athleticism.

She has also been seen teaching children at Summer Camps such as the SKJ Summer Camp in 2019.

Moreover, the Japanese gymnast frequently posts about her work and her student on her social media profiles. 

Furthermore, Riri is a simple woman who enjoys flowers, perfumes, and food, evidenced by her Instagram profile. She is also a member of Japan’s SKJ Club.


Riri is a wonderful person with a bright future. She is dedicated, and her hard work pays off, as evidenced by her abilities.

However, sadly, Aerobics competitions have not been included in the Olympics.

Despite that, Kitazume has set an ambitious goal of including aerobics in the Olympic Games.

Riri Kitazume: Career

Kitazume began participating in the sport during her first year of primary school.

Furthermore, Kitazume’s career is still in its early stages, as she is only [calculate_years datestring=”02/21/1998″] years old.

In addition, she made her international debut for Japan during the World Cup. It took place in Tokyo.

The athlete made her debut at the age of 17 in 2015. It was a life-changing experience for her.

Riri Kitazume, performs during an Aerobic event
Riri Kitazume performing during an Aerobic event.

Moreover, Yoshie Sugihara is the current coach of Japanese International.

Riri Kitazume stunned the world by winning the women’s individual at Ota City General Gymnasium.

Moreover, Kitazume received an amazing score of 21.550.

Furthermore, Riri was overjoyed to win gold. Moreover, the competition was held in her native country Japan.

World Championships

Riri Kitazume of Japan won her first Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships gold medal when she won the women’s individual final in Guimares, Portugal.

Her ability and skills were rewarded with 22.000 points at the Multiusos de Guimares.

Moreover, it was a significant improvement from her previous appearance at the event in Incheon in 2016, whereRiri failed to qualify for the final.

The gold medalist from the World Games finished ahead of Anastasiia Ziubina, denying the Russian a second title in the competition.

Riri Kitazume: Awards

In her short but thriving career, the Japanese athlete has already won a slew of awards.

Moreover, Riri received an Honorary Award at Japan’s 2017 Ota City Sports Citation Award.

The [calculate_years datestring=”02/21/1998″] years old Japanese athlete also received the Best Athlete Award at the Gunma Sports Association’s 2017 President Award in Japan.

She received the Excellence Award at the Gunma Prefecture Sports Awards Ceremony in Japan in 2017.

Despite this, all of her awards have been at the national level. She is slowly but steadily improving in Aerobics and will soon be one of the best in the game.

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Riri Kitazume: Becoming an Inspiration

Grace Christey is the first Northlander to compete in a world championship in aerobic gymnastics.

Moreover, Grace Christey is a 13-year-old gymnast. She is the youngest New Zealand Aerobics Team member.

She was selected to compete in the World Aerobic Gymnastic Championships in 2020.

Riri Kitazume shows of her gold medal
Riri Kitazume shows off her gold medal.

However, she describes conquering obstacles as “rewarding.” Now the world is in the palm of her hand. 

Furthermore, Grace also says she’s always wanted to represent Aotearoa and looks up to Riri Kitazume of Japan, the current senior international world champion.

Riri Kitazume: Social Media

Riri, like many people today, spends a lot of time in the virtual world. Furthermore, she enjoys showing her accomplishments on her page.

She is constantly sharing images of her training, teaching, aerobic athletism, and other activities.

Riri also has an Instagram account, a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel.

Moreover, her Instagram account has over 5.7k followers.

On her YouTube page, she promotes a healthy lifestyle and shares her workout routine & aerobic competitions.

Riri Kitazume: Net Worth

Riri is growing and making a name for herself in the world. She must have earned enough money to live a healthy and happy life.

Furthermore, her net worth is currently unknown. Her club is SKJ Japan, and she plays for the Japanese national team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What brands does Riri promote?

The Japanese athlete Riri promotes a healthy way of life and living. She can also be seen promoting various brands on Instagram.

Some of the products she has promoted include Gilco Power Production citric acid and Descente shoes.

Is Riri Kitazume tattooed?

Tattoos are considered taboo in Japan. Tattoos, on the other hand, have recently become popular among millennials.

The Japanese Aerobics Athlete Riri Kitazume, on the other hand, is tattoo-free.

Who did Riri Kitazume beat in the Aerobic Gymnastics World Cup?

Riri Kitazume won the women’s individual event with a score of 22.150. Furthermore, she finished 0.950 points ahead of Hungary’s Dora Hegyi.

Moreover, China’s Yu Yangyang finished third with 21.050 points.

Is it true that Riri Kitazume won the International Gymnastics Federation Aerobic World Cup?

Japan’s Mizuki Saito and Riri Kitazume won the men’s and women’s qualifying events at the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG).

Furthermore, the FIG Aerobic World Cup was held in Tokyo, Japan.

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