Adolfo Cambiaso: Polo, Horse Cloning & Net Worth

Do you enjoy playing or watching Polo? If you do, you must have heard of Adolfo Cambiaso.

He is an Argentinian Polo player with a 10-goal handicap who is ranked number one polo player.

Adolfo Cambiaso posing for the camera. (Source: Instagram)

On April 15, 1975, Adolfo married Mara Vázquez, a former model and Argentine television personality.

If you want to know more about this fantastic professional Polo player, even more, continue reading this article.

Quick Facts

Some unique facts about Adolfo Cambiaso are as follows:

Full Name Adolfo Cambasio
Nick Name Dolfi
Date of Birth April 15, 1975
Age 49 years old
Birth Place Cañuelas, Argentina
Residence Cañuelas, Argentina
Nationality Argentinian
Gender Male
Father Name Adolfo Cambiaso Sr.
Mother Name Martina de Estrada Lainez
Sibling N/A
Marital Status Married
Wife Maria Vazquez
Children Three
Children’s Names Mia Cambiaso Vázquez, Myla Cambiaso Vázquez, and Adolfo Cambiaso Vázquez
Height 6 Feet or 1.8288 cm
Weight 77 kg or 169.756 lb
Eye Color Grey
Hair Color Black
Body Type Athletic
Education N/A
Occupation Polo Player
Language  Spanish, English
Start of a Professional Career 1990
Playing Style Luxury Equestrian Style
Sports Team La Dolfino Polo Team
Honors Grand Slam of Polo, World Polo Tour Championship, Best Polist of the Decade, Master Series
Prize Money $200 K
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media FacebookInstagramTwitter, Youtube
Merch Card
Last Update May 2024

Adolfo Cambiaso: Family, Education, and Early Life


A man with a gorgeous face and a perfect athletic body, Cambiaso is a force to reckon with.

Further, Adolfo’s mother’s name is Martina de Estrada Lainez.

In addition, Adolfo’s mother, Martina de Estrada Lainez, encouraged him and his half-siblings to play Polo early.

Talking about his father, Adolfo’s father’s name is Adolfo Cambiaso Sr. 

The presence of Cambiaso’s siblings or their names and whereabouts are also not known.

Early Life

By the age of 12, the polo player had a one-goal handicap, and a year later, with a three-goal rating, he had won the Eduardo Heguy Cup with his father’s team, La Martina Adolfo.

With the San Diego squad, he won the Campana del Desierto Cup at 14 and the Renault Cup Open with La Martina a year later, collecting a 6-goal handicap.


His educational information is unknown. But, since his family pushed him to become the best Polo player he is now, it can be said that he got excellent education facilities.

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Adolfo Cambiaso: Age, Height, and Weight

Argentinian Polo player Adolfo Cambiaso was born on April 15, 1975, making him 49 years old.

Since he was born on April 15, Adolfo is also an Aries. Moreover, males born under the Aries sign are known for their zeal, excitement, and dedication.

Additionally, everything they accomplish is done with their whole heart and soul.

Also, they will not give up until they have accomplished their objectives or found the person of their dreams.

Adolfo Cambiaso during a Polo match. (Source: Instagram)

Because they are willing to put in long hours, Aries make ideal partners. A tall man Adolfo stands at a proud height of 6 feet or 1.8288 m.

A tall height is especially advantageous in Polo to defend and win over rivals.

Further, Cambiaso contrasts with his tall height; his weight is only 77 kg or 169 lbs.

Light and airy, Adolfo glides on his horse and ranks number one in the whole world.

Adolfo Cambiaso: Career

The Beginning

Cambiaso won 24 events in Argentina, England, and the United States while playing for La Martina, Ellerstina/Ellerston White, and others.

He and Ellerstina won the “Triple Corona,” which comprises the Argentine Open, the Hurlingham Open, and the Tortugas Cup in 1994.

Also, his handicap rating was raised to 10 goals, making him the youngest player to achieve this feat.

Cambiaso won 31 titles with clubs including La Martina, Ellerstina/Ellerston White, White Birch, and Outback.

The polo player got the Olimpia de Plata award as the most critical Argentine polo player of 1997.

And he won the most refined player at the Abierto Argentino 1997 final, for a total of 67 goals in the 1998 Abierto Argentino.

During this time, Cambiaso won 33 championships. In 2002, he left Ellerstina to join La Dolfina with Bartolomé Castagnola, winning the Campeonato Argentino Abierto de Polo.

He joined the Dubai team in England, winning the Cartier Queen’s Cup three times and the Gold Cup twice.

Rise To Fame

Cambiaso’s La Dolfina team continued to dominate, winning the Argentine Open three times in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

In addition, they defeated Ellerstina by 20–19 in the 2005 Argentine Open final, the most ever in an Argentine Open final match.

He continued to play well for Dubai in England, but he became captain of the Crab Orchard team in the U.S., which won the U.S. Open and the USPA Gold Cup.

Further, the squad had a less successful year in 2008, winning only one match during the English polo season and none of the prestigious Argentine competitions.

Finally, La Dolfina reached the Argentine Open finals, but Ellerstina defeated them 12-13 in extra-time thanks to a golden goal by Gonzalo Pieres.

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Current Position

He is still considered the best player globally and the most successful player in the Argentine Open, having competed 15 times, winning seven matches, and reaching the final two times.

He scored 535 goals at the Argentine Open alone, breaking Bautista Heguy‘s record of 531 goals.

Since winning the Copa Quilmes in 2002, he has also represented Argentina at the international level.


In 2000 and 2010, he received the Platinum Konex Award as Argentina’s top polist of the decade. 

Cambiaso was honored by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on June 24, 2012.

Adolfo Cambiaso after winning a match with his team La Dolfo. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, he was honored for his pioneering efforts to promote violence-free training in an area where breaking a horse used to be a traumatic and stressful experience.

Renowned JoinUp pioneer Monty Roberts advocated this initiative.

Adolfo Cambiaso: Horses

One of the best Polo players of this generation, Adolfo’s most celebrated horses were Lili, Ilusión, Sospechosa, La Osa, but his personal favorite is Colibri.

Similarly, his most notable horses included Mambo, Bruma, and Dolfina Cuartetera.

In addition, the mare Romana and the stallion Boeing, dubbed the “American Pharoah” of Polo, were his best horses for the 2015 U.S. Open.

Adolfo Cambiaso: Breeding Business

When Cambiaso was 25, he started his own breeding business and polo team, La Dolfina.

Further, he now has around 1000 horses on his extensive estates. Aiken Cura, a world-famous stallion, was one of his best polo horses.

A Polo match seriously hurt the horse during the 2006 Argentine Open final and suffered significant setbacks in treating a broken bone in the near foreleg.

Cura was forced to withdraw early due to an accident involving the horse ambulance during the extra chukka.

Additionally, Aiken Cura was fitted with a prosthetic after the amputation.

Still, difficulties forced him to be euthanized in January 2007, but not before live skin cells were extracted at Cambiaso’s request in case cloning became possible.

Further, in 2010, Meeker and Cambiaso partnered to create the first clone.

Then he proceeded to clone his favorite 17-year-old mare Cuartetera numerous times with the help of biologist Dr. Adrian Mutto and Argentine businessman Ernesto Gutiérrez.

Moreover, he rode the clone of Cuartetera and won the 2017 Argentine Open.

A clone of his horse, Cuartetera, was auctioned for $800,000, making it the most expensive horse auction in polo history. Within the partnership, this horse was under contract.

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Adolfo Cambiaso: Girlfriend, Wives, and Children

Cambiaso married Mara Vázquez, an Argentine television personality, and former model, in 2001.

Adolfo’s two older children Mia (born 2002), Adolfo Jr. (born 2005), were born in the middle of an Argentine Polo Open qualifier against Centauros-Beaufort.

Adolfo Cambiaso with his family. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover,  the polo player had to leave halfway through to attend the birth.

Further, Cambiaso’s youngest daughter Myla was born in 2006. Other than that, there is no personal information available about the polo player.

Adolfo Cambiaso: Net Worth

One of the best professional Polo players, Adolfo Cambiaso’s net worth is $ 5 million.

Cambiaso accumulated his net worth by working as a Polo player.

However, not much information about Adolfo’s monthly and or yearly salary is known.

Adolfo Cambiaso: Social Media

Adolfo Cambiaso is also pretty active on various social media platforms.

In addition, Cambiaso usually posts about his Polo schedule, his best performance, selfies, photos with family and friends.

Adolfo also posts about his achievements and awards.

Facebook: Over 65 Thousand Followers

Instagram: Over 104 Thousand Followers

Twitter: Over 32 Thousand Followers

YouTube: Over 3 Thousand Followers

Besides, Adolfo also has a website named

Here, anyone can find information about Adolfo’s Polo team, Polo bar, Polo lifestyle, and Adolfo himself.

This website also contains facts about Adolfo’s various achievements and news about his life events.


Who is the number one professional Polo player?

Adolfo Cambiaso is the number one player in the world. Besides, he also has a 10-goal handicap rating.

In addition, the polo player belongs to the La Dolfina Polo team.

Which team does Adolfo Cambiaso belong to?

Adolfo Cambiaso belongs to La Dolfo Polo team. Further, it was founded in 2000. He is also the captain of this team.

La Dolfo also has a merch line selling Polo uniforms and gears. Moreover, the team is based in Cañuelas, Buenos Aires Province.

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