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AGT Viviana Rossi Accident Update: Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Viviana Rossi occurred in an Accident. Before joining America’s Got Talent, it was her first performance in AGT.

The Simon Cowell-founded worldwide Got Talent brand includes the American talent competition America’s Got Talent (commonly referred to as AGT).

The show airs on the NBC television network and is produced by Fremantle USA (as well as distributed by) and Syco Entertainment.

After preparations for a British edition in 2005 were put on hold due to internal conflict at British broadcaster ITV, it made its debut on June 21, 2006.

Viviana Rossi Accident Update

In front of a bathtub, Viviana Rossi posed on the stage wearing just black underwear.

It was her first effort to perform an accident in which she fell a short distance, and she described herself as an aerialist performer.

Despite having a career as a performer in France, she insisted that she also wished to do so in America.

She began her aerobatic performance after entering the bathtub while immersed and climbing the lines.

At times, Heidi Klum exhibited extreme anxiety and fear of falling.

Viviana Rossi on AGT stage
Viviana Rossi on AGT stage (Image source: AGT wiki)

She repeatedly dove back into the water and made excellent use of it.

But it wasn’t until the very end, when she got the strap around her neck and was spinning quickly, that it reached its peak and captivated the entire crowd.

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It is “sensational,” “dangerous,” “beautiful,” and “unique,” according to her.

According to Howie Mandel, she checked every box. Heidi Klum claimed to be under hypnosis.

Simon Cowell claimed to have seen someone perform this performance previously. However, she outperformed the previous performer.

Simon responded, “This is what we are searching for.”

Four people voted in her favor.

It was not her first appearance on a talent show; in 2019, she appeared in the Italian talent competition Tu Si Que Vales, where she again displayed her incredible spins.

Viviana Rossi Family

Viviana Rossi, a young woman, is 26 years old. Who is showcasing her stunning aerial tricks? On February 16, 1996, she was born in Barcelona, Spain.

Rossi is unquestionably a remarkable woman who encourages other women to have the same courage as her and to face every challenge and damage head-on to realize their aspirations.

Her sensuous stage presence has caught everyone’s attention, and her aerial skill is the icing on the cake.

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She is a remarkable woman who encourages other women to have the same level of courage and perseverance to achieve their goals.

Viviana Rossi, The Italian family, has a long history of performing in circuses.

According to Viaggi News, her family has a long history with the circus.

Her dad, Enni Rossi, is a circus trainer, and her grandfather was a magician. After getting married to Enni, Gloria Jiminez joined their creative family.

Therefore, the AGT star competitor has always participated in strange activities, primarily aerial feats with unique rims and belts.

She currently earns a living working for the entertainment firm Cirque du Soleil.

Her success on AGT in Spain has gratified the Italian-Spanish Rossi family.

 She is in a relationship with Jonathan Rossi.

She had not published more information about her relationship, like when they met and how many years they spent together.

Viviana Rossi’s Net Worth

Viviana Rossi’s Net worth is one million dollars.

More information about her net worth has not been out to the public.

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