Rob49 Girlfriend: Who Is The Rapper Dating? 

Rob49, the rap sensation, has only been rhyming professionally for two years, but he has already dominated the streets of the famed New Orleans, and fans are willing to know his girlfriend.

Because of Rob’s captivating charm and assured performance, his fans have already given him the nickname “baby Soulja Slim.” He rose to the top of the New Orleans rap scene because of his poetry on the ups and downs of street life.

Rob49 Performing In A Concert With Lilbaby (Left)

Rob49 was aware of his rap talent from a young age. The music of artists like Future, Meek Mill, and The Weeknd, to name a few, served as inspiration for him.

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Rob49 Girlfriend: Who Is The Rapper Dating? 

He’s already found his real love, the talented artist. He’s kept all of her identity a secret, though.

Because he is still too young, according to the Krazyman rapper, he hasn’t asked his boyfriend to marry him. He did, however, mention that he might one day wed her.

The acquaintance of Robert’s cousin is his girlfriend. The evening before his cousin’s birthday celebration, they first met at the rapper’s house. His now-girlfriend sent him a Snapchat message a few months later. After that, they started chatting, and they got together soon after.

Besides the fact that she is a college student and aspires to become an architect, Rob49’s girlfriend is an enigma.

Rob is active on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. On his Instagram and Twitter accounts, he goes by the names Rob49up and KRAZYMAN, respectively.

On Instagram, he has more than 327k followers. The majority of his posts about music are shared on his Instagram page.

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Rob49 Real Name Revealed: Who Is He? 

The real name of Rob49 is Robert Thomas Jr. He is a young rapper from the 4th ward of New Orleans and was born in 1999.

Rob49 was aware of his rap prowess when he was a little child. His influence came from the music of performers like Future, Meek Mill, and The Weeknd, to mention a few.

Robert Thomas Sr. is Rob’s father, and during his interview with DJ Smallz Eyes 2 on YouTube, the identity of his mother was kept a secret.

The only child of Robert’s parents. However, he does have a large number of half-siblings on both sides of his family. On her mother’s side, he has a younger half-sister and an older half-sister.

Rob was raised in a household where women predominated.

Both of his parents were serving time in and out of prison. Mom’s rusted-out Impala was used to transport the entire family to Houston when Hurricane Katrina landed in New Orleans in 2005.

Rob49 was raised by a single mother when his father was sent to prison when he was two years old. When Rob was 14 years old, he was released after serving 12 years in prison.

Before his father was jailed, his parents had already divorced.

Rob49 Net Worth In 2022

According to Celebtrendy, the rapper’s net worth is estimated to be around 300,000 in 2022. 

One of the newest and most rapidly developing musicians in hip-hop is Rob.

Although he has only been creating music for two years, he has already released five albums and accumulated a sizeable chunk of money in his bank account.

Rob49 With Stack Of Money

The rapper, 23, claims in an interview that he makes $300,000 from music each month.

He described how his manager and the client kept bugging him because he wasn’t cutting the bread properly and how he eventually left his job working for the subway just days after starting.

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