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Who Is Akwa Arifin? Age Family Girlfriend And Net Worth

Akwa Arifin is a musical artist from Malaysia who is well known for his music and beautiful voice.

Akwa’s songs are on YouTube, Apple Music, and Deezer, and his music genre is specifically Hip-Hop/Rap.

He has got 4,610 monthly listeners on Spotify, and his most listened-to song is “Last Seen,” written by Mohd Akwa Bin Mohd Arifin.

Akwa Arifin Age: Meet His Family 

Akwa Arifin’s age and date of birth details have not yet been revealed to the public. However, looking at Akwa’s pictures on his Instagram, he seems to be between 25- 30 years old.

He hasn’t shared any personal information regarding his parents and family members with the public. He seems to enjoy his privacy and wants to keep his personal life private.

Akwa Arifin music
Akwa Arifin in live interview (Source: Instagram)

One can follow him on his Instagram account, verified under the handle @akwaarifin. His Instagram account has over 56.2K followers and is following 764 users as of [current-year].

He has uploaded a total of 906 posts on his account.

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In his Instagram biography, he has written, “I don’t just think outside the box. I tear it up.”

Akwa Arifin Girlfriend: Is He Dating Najwa Latif?

Akwa hasn’t revealed anything regarding his girlfriend or relationship status to the public.

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However, people are guessing that he might have been dating a popular Malaysian singer, Imratul Najwa Binti Abdul Latif, also known as Najwa Latif.

Akwa Arifin girlfriend
Akwa Arifin posted a video of him and Najwa and captioned, “I Do” (Source: Instagram)

Najwa rose to prominence after the success of her first single, “Cinta Muka Buku” (Facebook Love).

You must watch Najwa Latif’s long music video, Dua, on YouTube to understand how romantic Najwa Latif and Akwa are.

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“Even when there is sadness, you never give up, and you always make me fall in love…” These are the words of 27-year-old singer Najwa Latif to Akwa Arifin.

Najwa addressed the words to rapper Akwa, who collaborated with him on the song Dua.

Najwa and Akwa In The Same Music Video 

Najwa and Akwa appear to be in love in the music video for Dua. The song Dua is about a couple accepting each other for their identity.

“What can I say? I am very interested in Akwa’s YouTube works.

This is the second song we’ve worked on, following Tak Kisah Pun. I admit that working with Akwa is compatible,” said Najwa, who has been delaying the song Dua for seven years, which he wrote with the brothers Ellgee and lyrics by Akwa.

On the other hand, Najwa believes that the song’s delay is wise.

She revealed that the song’s creation began in 2013, about seven years ago, and took a long time to complete.

She went on to say that the acoustic version of this song was originally posted on YouTube a year ago and that because so many people liked it, they agreed to record it.

Najwa revealed that this was the first song she wanted to collaborate on with Akwa before Tak Kisah Pun’ was created; perhaps this is why the song was delayed.

She also hoped the song would be well received, similar to Kosong and Satu, which is indirectly a set number.

Akwa Arifin Net Worth In [current-year]: How Rich Is The Singer?

According to ie.youtubers.me, the estimated net worth of Akwa Arifin in [current-year] is $ 3.39K – $ 20.3K.

His net worth might increase in the coming years due to his hard work and dedication towards his music career.

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Akwa’s popular releases are “Last Seen,” which was released in 2020, “Curi Tak Kredit,” released in 2018, “Budak OOTD Siot,” released in 2022, “Red Flag,” released on May 17, 2020, and “With You,” released on May 29, 2020.

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