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Who Is Aleksi Valavuori On Twitch? Why He Was In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Aleksi Valavuori is a businessman and public figure who worked as a television host on “Twitch tv.”

 Aleksi Valavuori has experience as an advertising spokesperson and content developer for businesses. He began working for Kultaranta Resort Oy in 2011 as its creative director and left in 2012.

In the Suomen Pelkokerroin show on Nelose in 2008, Valavuori served as a presenter. The program was designed using the global Fear Quotient framework. Solar Television has produced the show.

He was given the Venla Award in 2008 for a top TV performance. Between 2002 and 2004, Valavuori served as the team manager and marketing manager of the Korisliiga team Espoo Honga.

In 2011, Valavuori managed the Loimaa Bisons and served as its head of sports. From October 2010 to October 2011, there was an opening for the role of sports director. In team and media reports, he was regularly described as a multitasker.

Valavuori served as the basketball team’s general manager for Espoo United in 2016, but he was fired that same year in October. On Twitter, Aleksi sent a derogatory tweet against homosexuals.

Who Is Aleksi Valavuori On Twitch?

Aleksi Valavuori is born in November 7, 1978 in Teuva . He is 45 years old as of 2024.

At 22, he had his first appearance on television in the Ylen’s Videotreffit program, where he could select one potential date among three single women.

Aleksi Valavuori Twitch
Aleksi Valavuori host a talk show on Twitch tv. (Source: Twitter)

On the Twitch. Tv platform, Valavuori conducts his talk show. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he started broadcasting NHL games on Twitch.

The show evolved into a chat show with Tiina Jylhä as the first guest and Teemu Selänne as the second.

Twitch is an American Company that was formed in June 2011 and focused on live streaming for console and PC gamers. Anybody can use the service to watch internet videos. The service has a 13-year-old minimum age requirement.

In August 2021, according to a column by Sanna Ukkola, Aleksi was the most popular Finnish-language Twitch streamer, whose live broadcasts were watched by 40,000 viewers.

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Why Was Aleksi Valavuori In Jail? Arrest And Charge

Aleksi Valavuor is reportedly suspected of committing accounting crimes and major tax fraud in February 2019. The alleged offenses were alleged to have been committed between 2014 and 2016.

Aleksi Valavuori Twitch
Aleksi Valavuori got arrested on tax charges. (Source: Ilta-Sanomat)

Valavuori didn’t have any taxable revenue in 2015, despite being active on social media and the website he runs, which features foreign betting companies.

The District Court of Varsinais-Finland sentenced Valavuori to two years in prison with a suspended sentence in January 2021 for severe tax fraud and aggravated accounting crime.

He was also required to perform 60 hours of community service and was prohibited from operating a business. Aleksi allegedly provided inaccurate information to the tax department regarding his income.

The prosecutor claims that there were roughly 403,000 euros in avoiding taxes. Valavuori admitted to the alleged offenses. He asserts that the taxman will recover more than €500,000 in addition to interest payments from him.

In the spring of 2020, Seiska revealed that Aleksi was attempting to settle its tax obligation through the skiing competition it was planning.

Aleksi Valavuori Wife And Kids

At the beginning of December 2009, Valavuori proposed to Susanna Ilo, and they both got engaged. The couple have welcomed their first boy in May 2012 and their second child daughter, in December 2015.

After several years of relationship, Valavuori ended his engagement with Susanna in 2019. They both finish their relationship with each other.

Aleksi hasn’t made any public statements about his current partner or relationship status since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend.

Valavuori has kept his romantic relationships very secret and hasn’t shared many details about his private life with the general public.

He is not dating anyone now since he wants to focus on his profession.

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