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Who Is Alex Eala Coach Daniel Gomez? Family Ethnicity And Net Worth

Alex Eala’s coach is Daniel Gomez, who is famous for training the players at national and international levels. He has been coaching Alex since a couple of years ago. Many athletes have considered him for his pieces of training.

Alex Eala, known by her family name Alexandra, is a famous female tennis player. 

A Filipina tennis player was born on May 23, 2005, in Quezon City, Philippines, and has been playing tennis since she was a toddler.

This young player’s life has revolved around tennis since she was a small child. Eala began practicing tennis at four and played in her first competition two years later.

Who Is Alex Eala Coach, Daniel Gomez?

Daniel Gomez, whose full name is Jose Daniel Gomez, is an assistant woman’s tennis coach. He has trained many international female players during his career, including Eala. 

The birthplace of Jose Daniel Gomez is Guayaquil, Ecuador. He played tennis since he was four years old and eventually reached the top 5 in Ecuador during his junior years.

Alex Eala
Alex Eala playing Tennis (Source: goodnewspilipinas)

He benefited from a scholarship that allowed them to play and train at the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Barcelona, Spain. Recently, he has been considered one of the finest coaches on the women’s team.

However, few facts about his professional career and achievements are published. He normally stays in the back of the media and just talks about how the team’s game is improving.

Danial has not provided any information about his educational background or family as he wants to keep his personal life distant from the news and media.

Many administrations recognize his coaching skills, and also, and he provides both personal and team coaching.

Alex Eala Family Ethnicity

Alex has it luck that his family is active in sports. Her parents, Mike and Reza, were also competitive athletes while they were youngsters.

Fortunately for Alex, his family has always been highly involved in athletics. 

Alex Eala
Alex Eala With Her Father And Mother. Source:GMA Network

At the Southeast Asian Games in 1985, Rizza, her mother, participated in the 100-meter backstroke event and won a bronze medal. She is presently Globe Telecom’s chief financial officer.

Also, Eala has a sibling older than her and works in a similar industry. Miko Eala is also a tennis player under 19 and has declared that he will join Pennsylvania State University and compete as a young player from there.

Her parents always support her and encourage her to push her limit. Her father, Mike, encourages her whether she wins or loses the game. He has realized the importance of the game and competition rather than the importance of winning the game.

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At the 2018 CPSP-Philta International Junior Tennis Tournament, Miko also won the junior men’s singles title. Miko rose to 98 in the ITF junior global ranking due to this achievement.

Alex Eala Net Worth

She is regarded as one of history’s most accomplished athletes. Alexandra’s professional athletic career is the primary source of her income.

Alex is thought to have a net worth of $5 million, which she acquired from tennis. She is referred to as a Filipino athlete.

She is also one of the most well-known social media stars around the globe. The perfect celebrity influencer is Alex. To interact and be in touch with her fans and followers, she usually uploads her pictures and videos on her social media account.

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She makes money by sharing her photos and videos on social media. She further makes money by advertising various sponsorship products.

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