Frances Tiafoe Parents

Who Are Alphina Kamara And Constant Tiafoe? Frances Tiafoe Parents, Family And Net Worth

Fans are curious to know about Frances Tiafoe Parents. Who are Alphina Kamara And Constant Tiafoe? Are they also involved in the sports sector?

Frances Tiafoe is a professional tennis player from America.

He was born on January 20, 1998, and is 26 years old.

He has been interested in tennis since he was young, and today has reached heights of success in tennis that haven’t been seen before. 

The sportsman is known for his strategic games – ones that are carefully aggressive and with calculated offenses.

Frances stands over 6 feet tall and is known to launch serves that go up to 140 mph.

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Meet Frances Tiafoe Parents Alphina Kamara And Constant Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe’s parents are Alphina Kamara and Constant Tiafoe.

Both Alphina and Constant are immigrants from Sierra Leone. Constant moved to the United States in 1993.

But, his mother, Alphina, moved to the States in 1996 to flee from the civil war brewing in Sierra Leone.

Frances Tiafoe Parents
Frances with his parents Alphina and Constant, and his brother Franklin. (Source: Firstsportz)

Three years after Alphina moved to the United States, Frances’ father started a new job as part of the construction crew that built the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park.

His position in the construction crew allowed Frances and his brother to start playing tennis regularly. 

Besides the story of how they came to the States, neither Frances Tiafoe’s parents nor he seems too keen to share the details of their life with the public.

Frances Tiafoe Family: Who Are They?

Besides his parents, Frances has one other family member sharing the media’s spotlight with him – his twin brother Franklin.

Like Frances, Franklin is also a tennis player and is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the field.

In an interview, Franklin reflected on how he was the “trouble child” and was often grounded while Frances trained with coaches.

Frances Tiafoe
Franklin Tiafoe celebrating after a particularly stressful game. (Source: The Focus)

However, despite his lack of constant training in tennis, as opposed to his brother, who has had years of practice, Franklin is slowly catching up.

The young player appears to be very passionate about tennis, so it is not surprising that he is not dating anyone or in a relationship as of 2024.

He also doesn’t seem very eager to share his life with the public, apart from his occasional childhood reflections – in which he thanks his parents for their support.

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What Is Frances Tiafoe Net Worth In 2024?

According to sources, Frances Tiafoe’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be $6 million.

The 26 year-old has accumulated his wealth from prize money and endorsements.

Tennis players do not have a constant source of income, rather, their income depends on the prize money for their games.

With this in mind, it is impressive that Tiafoe has managed to earn more than $5 million from winning his games.

Frances Tiafoe Net Worth
Frances playing against Rafael Nadal in 2022. (Source: NBC Sports)

The remaining $1 million in his wealth comes from brand endorsements. As of 2024, Tiafoe has endorsed more than ten brands, some of which include Nike and Nesquik.

Thanks to his prize money and brand endorsements, Frances is able to enjoy a comfortable life. He also has a car – a Porche 911 – which he only appreciates yearly as the vehicle is considered a classic vintage.

Frances seems to have a promising career ahead of him, likely to boost his net worth to a new height.

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