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Andrew Scott Came Out Publically As Gay In 2013, Who Is His Partner?

Andrew Scott partner; is currently single after a breakup with his ex-partner Stephen Beresford in 2019. He publically came out as gay in 2013!

After a long-term relationship with his ex-partner, his well-wishers now wonder about his relationship status. They are curious whether he has moved on; no special person has entered his life yet post-breakup.  

Andrew Scott is an Irish actor who portrayed Jim Moriarty in the BBC series Sherlock and earned the BAFTA Television Award for Best Supporting Actor. He has received numerous such accolades.

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Andrew Scott Partner; He Came Out Publically As Gay In 2013

Andrew Scott was silent before concerning his sexuality, but in 2013 he publically came out as gay. He was together with his long-time partner Stephen Beresford, but they decided to part their love journey away after more than a decade.

Likewise, Stephen is also an actor and author. The duo was together for more than a decade then. These love birds may have met through their work after belonging to the same profession.

Fleabag actor Andrew Scott: Being referred to as 'openly gay' implies defiance I don't feel
Fleabag actor Andrew Scott: Being referred to as ‘openly gay’ implies defiance I don’t feel [Source- SBS]
They enjoyed each other’s vibe, and in 2001, they started working together on the first movie Stephen wrote, Pride. Sadly, the couple decided to quit their togetherness in 2016.

Several years later, Andrew expressed in an interview in 2019 that he was single and stepped out of a long-term relationship. It was shocking for their audience to hear the news after seeing them along for many years.

Who Is Andrew Scott Partner In 2022?

After his breakup with Stephen Beresford, Andrew Scott has not been seen with anyone. He seems to be single at the present moment.

Even if he is seeing someone, it has not been acknowledged yet. He may share his love interest with his fans soon and may now want to settle down by marrying.

Besides that, he is currently focusing on building his career records to reach another height and looks less interested in love affairs than before. It must have been challenging for him to move on easily after the breakup.

Moreover, Scott may soon find the right one whom he can publicly announce as his partner through his social media platforms.

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Andrew Scott is one of the greatest actor of our generation
Andrew Scott is one of the greatest actors of our generation [Source- Sky News]

Andrew Scott Net Worth As Of Now

Andrew Scott has a net worth of ten million dollars as of [current-year]. He performs in movies, television shows, and on stage on Hollywood platforms which have resulted in his wealth to date.

His outstanding portrayal has led him to earn two Laurence Olivier Awards for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre. Not only these but there is also a long list of his accolades and honor for his achievement.

Similarly, He had previously mentioned to the London Evening Standard magazine that he feels a “healthy obsession” with acting. Due to his passion and hard work in the entertainment industry for twenty-eight years till today, he has been able to live wealthy.

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