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Angela Bassett Daughter Slater Vance Age And Wiki: Parents Boyfriend And Net Worth

Slater Vance, age 16, is the daughter of Angela Bassett. With the prominence of Angela, Slater and her siblings have been the peak point of trends.

In the United States, Slater Vance was born on January 27, 2006. And he is American by birth. Slater is well known and recognized worldwide by his Parents fame, Angela Bassett and Courtney B. Vance.

The mother of Angela Basset is an American Actress, producer, and director.

Angela is best known for her depictions of African-American protagonists. She has won multiple awards, and her list goes like Golden Globe Award, seven NAACP Image Awards, three black reel awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many others. 

Angela Bassett’s Daughter Slater Vance

Daughter of Angela Bassett’s Slater Vance is a popular teenager. Because of the family fame, Slater Vance was always in the limelight. Vance’s mother is an American actress who has won the primetime Emmy Award for her outstanding role played in an American Horror story, coven.

Courtney B. Vance, his father, is also a popular and well-known actor who has been awarded a tony award for his outstanding best features Actor in a play in 2013 for Lucky Guy. 

By birth, Slater Vance is an American Citizen. But both his parents are of African descent. Their parents both went to yale university school of Drama in 1980. After that, they started dating and being in love for a long time; they decided to marry in the year 1997 on October 12. 

Slater Vance Age And Wiki

Slater Vance is a professional rapper and singer. He is American, and his ethnicity is African American. Also, his sun sign is Aquarius. 

Slater Vance is just a teenager who is not even fully mature; he has average height and body weight. Also, he got curly black hair, and looking at his eyes; he has beautiful brown eyes. 

Slater Vance family picture
Slater Vance family picture (source: Instagram)

His paternal grandparents are Cinroy Vance and Leslie Anita, whereas his maternal grandparents are Daniel Benjamin Bassett and Betty Jane.

He also has a twin sister Bronwyn Golden. D’ntte Bassett is his aunt from his mother’s side, while Cecilie is his aunt from his father’s side. 

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Slater Vance Parents & Family

Angela Bassett is the mother of Slater Vance and Bronwyn at the age of 48.

However, Angele Vance had her babies pre-delivered because of medical complications; she had born them five weeks before the expected date for delivery. 

In Slater Vance’s family, his father shares the profession of actor and is involved in famous movies. In contrast, her mother, Angela Bassett, shares her job of being in the entertainment industry too.

Slater Vance’s Net Worth

Slater Vance has not shared essential details about his net worth, but his net worth is estimated to be approximately $300 000 as of early 2021, as earned by his song. This teenage networth is similar to the net worth of Cheyenne woods networth. 

However, his parents have a merged net worth of $25 million as of 2021; this fortune was earned totally from their acting profession.

Also, Slater Vance’s parents own Hancock park, which was brought before their marriage. In addition to their fortune, their house prize was set to evaluate more than $60 million. 

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Slater Vance Instagram and Relationship

Slater Vance is not much active on social media sites. Instead, he likes to spend time with his family and polish his rapping skills. 

Slater Vance is not dating anyone, which makes him single, although he is still very young to keep a relationship. However, his twin sister, Bronwyn, started dating recently, as revealed by his mother, Angela Bassett. 

When Bronwyn asked her parent’s permission to keep a boyfriend, they gave her permission. But in the case of his son Angele said he is not interested in dating and keeps working in music now and then. 

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