What Happened To Armie Hammer

What Happened To Armie Hammer And What Did He Do? Scandal And Controversy Explained

What Happened To Armie Hammer? This American actor is controversial after many girls accused him of sexual assault and took graphic photos of her without consent. 

He considered that an “online attack” and false claim after denying the allegation. His sexual desires, including violence, rape, and cannibalism, were reflected in the text, which led the case to be in the headlines.

Along the dozens of women back then claimed similar cases last year. Even though no legal base has been found, he was dropped from many acting agencies and publicists of this scandal. 

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What Happened To Armie Hammer?

Armie Hammer has been under different legal trouble after other females have accused him of dozens claiming to have wired sexual fantasies, which many people have leveled as “creep.”

The rise of these kinds of texts with the allegations of sexually raping, abuse, and assault had created a huge backlash in his fame and career. His jobs were at risk as many agencies, and previously involved contracts were taken off him.

Armie Hammer drops out of Jennifer Lopez film amid social media controversy
Armie Hammer drops out of Jennifer Lopez film amid social media controversy [Source- Just Jared]
Not only that, but he also did not get any support from his wealthy family, which led him to the dilemma of choosing a different career path. With his actions, many people who were his fans now dislike his behavior.

After the shocking reveal of his evil side, he is constantly under the investigation team so that he can be punished legally if found wrongdoing with proper evidence.

What Did Armie Hammer Do? Scandal And Controversy Explained

The Armie Hammer scandal and controversy started after the Instagram page with no clear name shared various screenshots which claimed were text messages Hammer had sent to multiple women in 2021.

However, he denied that he had any kind of involvement with that act. Along with these, different women came up claiming that he wanted to “barbeque and eat her rib” and “If I had a little cut on my hand, he’d like to suck it or lick it,” with a similar case.

Later in March 2021, the woman who had claimed sexual abuse by Hammer brought her identity out and accused Hammer of violently raping her in April 2017.  

After such allegations forward, his legal team rejected the claims. The Los Angeles Police Department dismissed its research in December 2021 and sent its conclusions to L.A. County District Attorney; the case did not have supporting evidence and was unlikely to lead to charges.

Embattled actor Armie Hammer reportedly in rehab for substance abuse and sex issues
Embattled actor Armie Hammer reportedly in rehab for substance abuse and sex issues [Source- Los Angeles Times]
Variety shared about Hammer’s attorney Andrew Brettler who had a statement regarding the abuse allegations in April 2022, saying that media had overshadowed the matter as there were no such criminal proceedings in his case.

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Armie Hammer Wife And Children

Armie Hammer was married to Elizabeth Chambers in May 2010. She was a television personality by profession. They then became the parents of two children.

Their first child was born in 2015, and the others in 2017, leading to seven and five years, respectively. They first met through Hammer’s friend, artist Tyler Ramsey, and decided to marry later, but their marriage did not succeed. 

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After being together for around a decade, they decided to separate. They announced that they decided to part their relationship through Instagram on July 10, 2020. After the couple divorced, their children lived with Elizabeth in the Cayman Islands.

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