Angelo Crescenzo: Karate, Gold Medal & Net Worth

Does Italy come to your mind when Karate is mentioned? If it does, then you have probably heard about the famous Italian Karateka, Angelo Crescenzo.

Further, Angelo Crescenzo is a gold medalist at the 2018 World Karate Championship.

Angelo Crescenzo is showing his Karate skills. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Crescenzo also competed in the 2020 Summer Olympics. Moreover, he competed under the Men’s – 67 kg division.

If you want to know about this fascinating Karateka further, continue reading this article.

Quick Facts

Here are some fascinating quick facts about Angelo Crescenzo:

Name Angelo Crescenzo
Date of birth August 5, 1993
Age [calculate_years datestring= “08/05/1993”] years old
Place of Birth Sarno, Italy
Nationality Italian
Ethnicity Not Known
Religion Not Known
Zodiac Sign Leo
Gender Male
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Education High School, Martial Arts
Height 1.70 m or 5 Feet 6 Inches
Weight 60 Kg or 132.277 lbs
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Shoe Size Not Known
Marital Status Not Known
Wife Not Known
Children Not Known
Occupation Professional Karateka
Country Italy
Sport Karate
Career Debut 2017 European Karate Championships
Career Wins 1 Gold Medal
Medals and Awards 1 Gold Medal, 2 Silver Medals, and 2 Bronze Medals
Teacher Not Known
Division – 60 Kg
Rank  Black Belt, 5th dan
Net Worth $1 Million to $5 Million
Social Media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Karate Merch Chest Protectors, Feet Pads, Gloves
Last Updated [current-month], [current-year]

Angelo Crescenzo: Family, Early Life, and Education


Italian Karateka Anglo Crescenzo was born at Sarno, Italy on 5 August 1993.

Since Crescenzo is a very private person, not much is known about his family’s life.

However, since he joined the world of Karate at the tender age of thirteen, his parents supported him. But, the names and whereabouts of his parents are not available.

In addition, the number and the names of his siblings are also not known, if he has any.

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Early Life

The Very First Title

Angelo Crescenzo began his martial arts career as a “cadet” in the “cadets” division.

Further, the Karateka was just thirteen years old when he took this step and became a part of Fijlkam’s highly competitive environment for the first time.

Then, Crescenzo entered the Italian Championships after winning the regional phase, the top Italian competition. Moreover, he is competing for the national title.

Only three years into his karate, Angelo Crescenzo finds himself in the final of his first Italian championship.

Further, he won the final with a net score of 5 to 0 after four encounters.

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The first National Call-Up

Moreover, Crescenzo is prepared to go for his international experience, wearing the blue jersey for the first time after 15 days of meetings with the senior national squad.

Furthermore, it was crucial to have the opportunity to live and train like a true professional athlete.

Angelo Crescenzo with his heights. (Source: Instagram)

And it was during this time; the young guy realized that this was what the athlete wanted to do for the rest of the karateka’s life.

But finally, Angelo Crescenzo won the final and a magnificent silver medal in Paris in the renowned Pierre de Coubertin edifice.

World Ranking

Angelo Crescenzo, a volunteer in the army, was entirely absorbed by the labor in the barracks, which unfortunately left very little time for training.

Nonetheless, without a partner or a master with whom he could train, he persevered.

Despite the numerous challenges, he could not agree to remain away from The Tatami, the competitions.

Most importantly, he wanted to demonstrate that everything was possible to his loved ones, supporters, and himself.

In reality, he begins to compete in the Premier League circuit, the most prestigious international karate circuit, consisting of ten contests held across the world. 

But, the karateka had a fantastic year, finishing first in the World Ranking at the end of the circuit.

“If you have a goal and put everything you have to it, you will achieve it,” he says, referring to his victory in the Premier League circuit’s 60kg category.


For education, Angelo Crescenzo joined Karate Science Academy for his Karate lessons.

But, not much information is available about Crescenzo’s education.

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Angelo Crescenzo: Age, Height, and Weight

Born on August 5, 1993, Angelo Crescenzo is [calculate_years datestring= “08/05/1993”] years old, making him a Leo. Further, Leo guys are noted for being affectionate, warm, and upbeat.

Following that, Leo men are also known to be very generous towards their friends and family.

Additionally, he is a very athletic man with a handsome face and envious height and weight.

He stands 1.70 m or 5 Feet and 6 Inches tall. In addition, Angelo uses height to overpower his rivals in important matches.

Angelo’s weight is 60 Kg or 132.277 lbs which is the perfect height for Karateka.

Angelo Crescenzo: Career

Italian Karate sensation Angelo Crescenzo qualified to compete in the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Further, Crescenzo debuted into the world of Karate by first competing in the Italian Championships when he was only thirteen years old.

European Championships

First, from 4 to May 7, 2017, Crescenzo earned bronze at the 2017 European Karate Championships in Zmit, Turkey.

Second, Angelo Crescenzo won a silver medal in the 60 kg event at the 2018 European Karate Championships, held in Novi Sad, Serbia, from May 10 to 13.

Angelo also won gold in the first Olympic qualifying stage in Berlin and the European Championships.

Finally, from May 28 to 31, 2019, he won a silver medal in the European Karate Championships in Guadalajara, Spain.

European Games

Angelo won a bronze medal in the 2nd European Games 2019, in Minsk, Belarus, from June 21 to June 30, 2019.

World Championships

Angelo Crescenzo earned a gold medal at the 2018 World Karate Championships, in Madrid, Spain, from November 6 to 11, 2018.

Angelo Crescenzo: Olympics

In the first Olympic qualifying stage in Berlin, Leo Karateka and Angelo Crescenzo were able to win a gold medal.

Moreover, in 2020, Crescenzo arrives in Dubai and wins another gold medal.

Angelo Crescenzo with his gold medal. (Source: Instagram)

He won a silver medal at the Premier League held in Salzburg, where he was placed among other Olympic qualifiers.

Even though Crescenzo didn’t make it to the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan, he did qualify for it.

But, a determined man Angelo is trying his best to proudly represent his country in the next Olympics.

Angelo Crescenzo: Medals and Awards

Handsome Karateka, Angelo Crescenzo has won many medals and awards.

Specifically, he has won a gold medal at the 2018 World Karate Championships.

Then, in the 2018 European Karate Championships and the 2019 European Karate Championships, Crescenzo earned two silver medals in the 60 kg division.

Finally, Angelo earned two bronze medals in the 2017 European Karate Championships and the 2nd European Games in the 60 kg division in 2019.

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Angelo Crescenzo: Net Worth

A famous Italian Karateka, Angelo Crescenzo, has an estimated net worth of $1 Million to $5 Million.

Crescenzo accumulated his net worth from his career as a professional Karateka.

But, there is no more information regarding his yearly or monthly salary.

Angelo Crescenzo: Social Media

Angelo Crescenzo is very active on various social media platforms.

He usually posts about his life, his selfies, training pictures, and achievement. In addition, he also has his contact information embedded in it.

Angelo Crescenzo strikes a pose for the camera. (Source: Instagram)

In addition, Angelo also posts about his traveling endeavors and life in general.

Moreover, his social media can be summarised as follows:

Facebook: Over 3 Thousand Followers

Instagram: Over 12 Thousand Followers

On top of that, Angelo also has a website and a Twitter account.

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Angelo Crescenzo: FAQs

What is Angelo Crescenzo’s favorite style of Karate uniform?

Angelo prefers the WKF Approved Inazuma Kumite uniform.

Further, he is very attracted to the style and feels that it fits everyone perfectly.

In addition, the WKF Approved Inazuma Kumite uniform is very comfortable and stylish.

Finally, it does come with various colors to choose from.

What happened to Angelo Crescenzo at the Olympics qualifiers?

In the first match, Angelo Crescenzo was defeated 5-0 by Venezuelan Madera Delgado.

In addition, this blue belter had a pretty hard blow to the face which completely knocked him out.

Even though he woke up, he was staggering and assisted by the medical team.

Finally, he was declared not to play the match anymore.

Who is the wife of Angelo Crescenzo?

Angelo Crescenzo is a private man when it comes to his love life. In addition, not much information about his love life is known at all.

But, it is known that the karateka is unmarried and does not have any children.

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