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Who Are Anita Co Padres Inés Rinaldi Juan And Carlos Coacci? Age Gap Family And Net Worth

Anita Co Padres, Ines Rinaldi Juan, and Carlos Coacci both are in the music industry. 

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Meet Anita Co Padres Inés Rinaldi Juan And Carlos Coacci? Their Age Gap Explored

She comes from a musical and theatrical family particularly interested in the tango. Her Father is the musician, arranger, and leader Juan Carlos Cuacci, and her mother is the vocalist Inés Rinaldi. Additionally, she is Susana Rinaldi’s niece. 

Anita Co
Anita Co With Her Mother (Source: Instagram)

She started as an actress. She made film, theater, and television appearances. The following stand out among the plays and television shows in which she appeared: Maritime Man, Final Time, Gasoleros, Max Heart, Doctor Love Open your eyes, Love me, CQC, Cara, Cara Tangos from a summer night, Canas galanes peinan, the debut of the piba, The romance of Romeo and Juliet The bolus, Ledo Theater’s “Invisible Eye.”

There is no information about how old her parents are, so there is no medium to justify their age gap. 

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Anita Co Family Details 

Anita Co’s entire family tree is marked by music—Father, mother, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, and cousin—karma from which she could not (and did not want to run. Starting with the most well-known clan member, her aunt Susana Rinaldi, whom Anita is encouraged to follow in singing tangos. 

The daughter of Inés Rinaldi and Juan Carlos Cuacci (she opted to shorten the family surname, which is Coacci) is not averse to criticism or inevitable comparisons. At 30, she made a career change from acting to music, and she recently released Pecado, her debut album of tangos and boleros. 

My family has always been very accepting, and I had the freedom to choose, but the connection to music was inescapable because it was the only thing she knew, according to the woman. Anita promises not to be alarmed by potential looks that might spiral more quickly than other singers because she weighs the bloodline in her favor.

“There is pressure to perform well. And for that reason, sticking with the same course of action was harder than committing to something else. But the fact is, I didn’t choose to create an album based on gender; rather, my parents have always supported and encouraged me to do so. She now takes pride in the fact that some critics describe her voice as having “Rinaldian resonances.”

With a few exceptions, Anita has no problems declaring, “I like my family.” She claims that her relationship with Susana wasn’t the best when she was a little girl. “We clashed because we both have big personalities, but now she’s great, and I love her.” “I am very close to my parents; I admire them, just like my brother Juan Esteban who is a pianist and resides in Spain,” she continues, reviewing the link with the others.

Anita Co Net Worth In 2022

There is no information about Anita Co’s net worth on the internet. However, she might have been living her life as an actress and a singer. She is pretty famous in Argentina and has done a lot of music tours.

According to SalaryExplorer, in Argentina, the average monthly salary for an actor is roughly 54,900 ARS. The lowest salary is 28,500 ARS, and the highest is 84,000 ARS (highest).

Anita Co
Anita Co Spending Quality Time With Her Family (Source: Instagram)

The typical monthly wage includes housing, transportation, and other amenities. The actor’s pay might vary considerably based on experience, talent level, gender, or region. 

Likewise, according to glassdoor, in Buenos Aires, Argentina Area, the average monthly payment for an artist is projected to be ARS 83,439 a month.

In our proprietary Total Pay Estimate model, based on wages gathered from our customers, this value indicates the median in the middle of the range. The “Most Likely Range” numbers are between the 25th and 75th percentiles of all available payment information for this role.

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