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Nomvelo Makhanya: Lindiwe Is Leaving Scandal- Where Is She Going Next?

The reasons behind why Nomvelo Makhanya is leaving Scandal have been revealed.

Nomvelo Makhanya will be joining a group of seasoned actors and actresses who have left the show for various reasons. 

The show recently took a different turn when it featured a group of fresh but veteran actors who have carried the show since the changeover period.

Lindiwe Ngema’s life will be spared in a dramatic exit amid an altercation involving gunfire and weapons as she bids farewell to eTV’s long-running soapie Scandal!

Nomvelo Makhanya: Lindiwe Is Leaving Scandal

Nomvelo Makhaya, who has spent half her life on television playing Lindi Ngema, is said to be quitting Scandal. 

Although her explanation remains unknown, gossip claims that the experienced Nomvelo Makhanya has decided to emphasize her significant connection with her lover over her profession and career.

According to reports, Nomvelo Makhanya would be leaving the program after more than a decade of playing the teenager to a very youthful and successful Lindiwe Ngema. 

Tinashe Eugene Mashunguri revealed that Nomvelo Makhanya would be leaving the serial after ten years as Lindiwe Ngema. Tinashe went on to say that Nomvelo will be joining a number of seasoned actors who have left the daily drama show, which Phil Mphela first reported.

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Why Is Nomvelo Makhanya Leaving The Show?

According to another online magazine, Nomvelo Makhaya will leave the show because she wants to emphasize her romance. She is said to be in a serious and devoted relationship that could lead to marriage.

According to reports, her partner is not bothered by seeing her in compromising scenarios on television, such as kissing and having sexual relations with other men.

Nomvelo Makhanya scene
Scandal actor Nhlamulo ‘Mathew Ranstoma’ with Lindiwe (Source: savannanews)

Tinashe Eugene Mashunguri stated that a source close to the actress revealed to IndAfrica that although it was a difficult decision, Nomvelo had to make it to secure her relationship because she is in a serious relationship that is about to turn into a marriage and her husband to be was not comfortable seeing her kissing other men on screen.

Although Nomvelo Makhanya has not yet acknowledged the news on social media or in a statement, however, the sight of her being shot indicates that she may die on the spot or later in the hospital, solidifying her dramatic exit from the program.

Fans are not overjoyed that the actress is abandoning her well-paid work to pursue a relationship. Fans have shown their dissatisfaction on the topic on Facebook, judging by the responses. 

No one is happy that Nomvelo Makhaya is prioritizing her romance over her work and career.

Social Media Reactions To Nomvelo Makhanya’s Exit

Social media was flooded with rumors that her relationship had harmed her great career. 

According to rumors, she ended things because her lover was uncomfortable with her new tale and its intimacy. However, the actress has yet to confirm whether the claims are accurate or not. 

In the aftermath of her much-discussed departure, the rumor mill has managed to connect the dots as to why she left.

Nomvelo Makhanya husband
Nhlamulo and Lindiwe (Source: savannanews)

Her long and famous career in the entertainment sector has seen her earn large. At the age of 16, she joined the drama series and went on to become one of Mzansi’s greatest. 

Her unrivaled acting talent has made her the actress we all despise.

Her departure has since been confirmed by reliable sources. Phil Mphela, a social media blogger, took to Twitter to let the cat out of the bag about her departure. 

According to rumors, she may have landed another main part. Some are still unsure whether her leaving is temporary or permanent.

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