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Anthony Anderson Health: Is He Sick? What Happened To Him?

Anthony Anderson health condition has his fans worried. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

Anthony Anderson is a game show presenter and Actor from the United States. He is well recognized for his prominent roles in Drama programs such as Marlin Boulet on K-Ville and NYPD Detective Kevin Bernard on N.B.C.’s crime thriller.

Ever since his film debut in Liberty Heights, he has been an actor for many years, often in comedic roles. Kangaroo Jack, one of his first films as a leading actor, is one of his more notable feature films.

Anthony Anderson Health: Is He Sick? His Condition Explored

Anderson, 47, had his condition in 2001. He had a far more startling symptom. He told WebMD that he felt it was time to visit a doctor after drinking five gallons of water in one night.

Anthony Anderson Health
                                   Anthony Anderson During his Health check-up (source: menshealth)

According to the Mayo Clinic, this resulted in his diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, a chronic illness in which the body rejects or does not make enough insulin, resulting in more than sugar in the circulation.

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Anderson struggled to bring his blood sugar under control in the years after his diagnosis, despite knowing he needed to make certain changes.

He first believed he could handle the sickness on his own, but when he began to take it seriously, he began to improve. He started exercising more and eating healthier. 

He gave up his drink and went vegan for a period. He now follows a pescatarian diet, which emphasizes eating fish with a major emphasis on veggies. Since being diagnosed, he has shed approximately 50 pounds.

He believes the most important thing is to be honest, and admit that you need to change.

What Happened To Anthony Anderson? 47-Pound Weight Loss Journey

In 2014, the Actor revealed a massive 47-pound weight reduction to People, boldly declaring, “This is what I’m supposed to look like.” 

maxresdefault 8
                                                    Anthony Anderson 47-Pound Weight Loss (source: youtube)

On the other hand, Anthony Anderson had never felt uneasy about his size, even when it was plainly becoming an issue at 270 pounds. 

Although he began eating healthier gradually, it wasn’t until the Actor was cast on “Law & Order” in 2008 that he understood a major shift was required.

 As a result, “I became more serious about my health and beauty – not out of vanity.” I’ve only recently begun making healthier choices.

He became a vegan after that, acknowledging that he doesn’t take it seriously but does his best. The Actor’s family also helps keep him on track. 

Looking back, he understands it was a simple decision. “When I got up one morning, I was like, ‘OK, today’s the day to start,'” he recounted. “I never looked back after that.”

How Much Is Anthony Anderson’s Net Worth 2024?

As of 2022, Anthony Anderson’s net worth is expected to be approximately $35 million. The actor has starred in several sitcoms and films and has garnered numerous honors and accolades.

He is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid star performers, and his net worth will undoubtedly rise as long as he continues to be active in the entertainment business.

The actor earned $250,000 on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” in 2011. His winnings were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.

He is said to earn around $400,000 per episode of “Black-ish,” which is far more than his $100,000 salary from season one.

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