Will Mellor Weight Loss

Will Mellor Weight Loss Before And After: Has Strictly Star Done A Surgery?

Many believe that Will has lost considerable weight in a few months. Let’s have a look at Will Mellor Weight Loss journey through this article.

William Mellor is an actor, singer, and model from Greater Manchester, England.

He is well-known for his performances as Ollie Curry in White Van Man, Gaz Wilkinson in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, and Jambo Bolton in Hollyoaks.

Besides, Mellor has also appeared in Georgie in Barking!, Jambo Bolton in Hollyoaks, DC Spike Tanner in No Offense, and Steve Connolly in Broadchurch.

William debuted as Harvey Gaskell in the ITV soap series Coronation Street in 2021.

Mellor is supposed to have lost weight since then. Let’s have a look at Will Mellor Weight Loss before and after. 

Will Mellor Weight Loss Before And After

There are rumors on social media that Will Mellor has lost some weight. However, there is no official news on the web.

Hollyoaks gave Will Mellor his big break in the 1990s, and since then, he has been getting acting jobs left and right.

And as of September 2022, the Northerner is currently facing his most significant challenge: Strictly Come Dancing. So, to appear in the show, Will might have gone through some weight loss challenges.

Will Mellor Weight Loss
Will Mellor and Hamza Yassin’s first performance on Strictly Come Dancing. (Source: The Herald)

But, Will has not officially mentioned his weight loss journey to the public or the media. In addition, Will Mellor has also appeared in several movies. 

As a result, we can expect Will to have undergone significant changes in his weight for his roles.

When Mellor played Ben Rowlingson in the kids’ show Children’s Ward in 1990, he initially caught the public’s eye. He joined the Hollyoaks cast in 1995 and played James “Jambo” Bolton there till 1998.

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It was reported in February 2021 that Mellor would play Harvey Gaskell on Coronation Street, and his debut scenes would screen in March.

Mellor competed in the 20th season of Strictly Come Dancing beginning on September 24, 2022, paired with professional dancer Nancy Xu.

Has Strictly Star Will Mellor Done A Surgery?

According to various sources, Strictly Star Will Mellor had undergone laser eye surgery. However, there is no official news about it. 

And according to a report, Mellor summed up the NHS program back in July 2021, thanking the NHS for saving the life of his sister Joanne with open heart surgery when he was just 18.

Since the NHS saved his sister Joanne’s life through open heart surgery, Will has been in awe of the life-giving job they undertake.

In addition, Will shared the heartbreaking reason he signed up for the show Strictly Come Dance.

Will, 45, eventually consented to participate this year after being approached by his bosses on several prior occasions.

Will Mellor Emotional
Will Mellor breaks down in tears sharing his dad’s death in an interview on The One Show. (Source: The Sun)

Mellor claimed it had worried him the last time the authorities questioned him. He was concerned that it might hurt his acting career or something of the sort.

But in 2020, he lost his Father, and that’s when his perspective abruptly shifted. Mellor added that thinking back on his Father’s passing had only paralyzed him.

So, he must seize the day and get things done. As a result, he mentioned saying yes to more things since it changed his perspective.

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Will Mellor Wikipedia Bio: Who Is He?

Will Mellor has a Wikipedia page under his name.

Mellor is an actor and singer best known for his appearances in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps as Jonny and in the soap opera Hollyoaks as James “Jambo” Bolton.

However, he has a 30-year career and has been in the dramas Line of Duty and Broadchurch. His most recent roles were Harvey Gaskell in Coronation Street and a UK tour for the podcast Two Pints, which he co-hosts with Ralf Little.

Will’s cover of Leo Sayer’s song When I Need You helped him reach number 5 on the UK Singles Chart in 1998.

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