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Are IU And Lee Jong Suk Related? Are They Dating- Relationship Timeline

Fans are excited as they hear about IU And Lee Jong Suk. They want to know if they are related in any way.

Lee Ji-eun is a South Korean Actress, singer-songwriter, and record producer, who goes by the stage name IU. 

After obtaining a trainee deal with LOEN Entertainment (now Kakao Entertainment) in 2007, she launched her singing career at the age of fifteen with the release of her first extended play (EP), Lost and Found. (2008).

South Korean-born Lee Jong-suk is an Actor and model. He made history as the youngest male model to participate in Seoul Fashion Week when he walked his debut catwalk in 2005. 

Lee’s ground-breaking performance occurred in the 2013 movie School (2012).

His work in the movies I Can Hear Your Voice (2013), Doctor Stranger (2014), Pinocchio (2014), W, While You Were Sleeping, Romance Is a Bonus Book, and Big Mouth has also garnered praise.

Are IU And Lee Jong Suk Related?

Yes, IU and Lee Jong Suk are related, but romantically. In fact, On December 31, IU and Lee Jong Suk gave their fans a lovely New Year’s present when they formally announced their relationship.

Lee Jong Suk’s agency, representing actors in Kdramas, announced that the two superstars are in a severe relationship and requested fans express their good wishes.

Soon after, IU and Lee Jong Suk wrote heartfelt messages to the supporters on social media. 

In a lengthy statement, “Good Day” singer IU greeted UAENA (Iu’s fan club name) with a happy new year and thanked LJS for their continued support. On the other hand, Lee Jong Suk claimed that IU aids in his personal development.

IU And Lee Jong Suk
IU And Lee Jong Suk are dating. (Source: Pinksvilla)

As soon as IU and Lee Jong Suk disclosed their relationship, old images and videos of them from co-hosting “Inkigayo” became popular online. Back in 2013, there were rumors that the couple did not always concur.

LJS later acknowledged that he is annoyed with IU since she constantly suggests bizarre clothes. Fans have always appreciated them together, but the famous people took time to communicate and become closer.

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IU And Lee Jong Suk Are They Dating- Relationship Timeline

Yes, IU and Lee Jong Suk are dating. The friendship between IU and Lee Jong-relationship suk’s employees first became love, just like in a romance K-drama. 

The two Korean superstars had never made their romance public before photos from their trip to Japan went popular online.

IU And Lee Jong Suk
IU And Lee Jong Suk RelationshipTimeline. (Source: Entertainment

Since August 2012, when they were hosting the Korean music show Inkigayo, the two have been a couple. 

Jong-suk stated that he was “a little bit angry” by the singer-actress for proposing what costumes they should wear, given that Inkigayo is geared at youngsters.

Jong-suk said that he and IU “grew fond” of one another while filming the music program on an episode of the now-canceled debate show “Incantation” a few months after quitting Inkigayo.

He added that IU is one of his closest pals in Korean entertainment.

Additionally, they spoke frequently and attended each other’s performances.

Jong-suk courted romance speculations after his acceptance speech at the 2022 MBC Drama Awards caught the eye of discerning internet users.

The Actor admitted that he was using his speech as an “opportunity” to show the mystery person how much he was admired.

On December 31, 2022, Jong-suk and IU’s agencies publicly recognized their connection after months of reports that they had celebrated the holidays in Japan.

The actor accompanied IU and her younger brother to Japan before joining their trip, which he had personally planned, according to Dispatch, which cited anonymous sources. Hence, the couple’s families were aware of their relationship.

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