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Romesh Ranganathan Beard: His New Look and Facial Hair Update

What is up with Romesh Ranganathan Beard? Since Romesh clean-shaved his beard, people are curious to know more about it.

An English actor and comedian by the name of Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan. He is renowned for his self-deprecating and frequently deadpan humor.

Ranganathan has frequently participated in comic panel shows on television. Together with Rachel Riley and Ben Miller, he co-presented It’s Not Rocket Science on ITV in 2016.

A regular panelist on The Museum of Curiosity, Play to the Whistle, and The Apprentice: You’re Fired! His first extensive tour, Irrational Live, which included performances at locations including the Hammersmith Apollo, was completed in 2016.

Ranganathan replaced Jack Whitehall as a regular panelist on A League of Their Own in 2018. He has starred in the travel show The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan and presented the comedic programs Judge Romesh and The Ranganation.

Straight Outta Crawley is the name of his memoirs. Ranganathan took over as host of The Weakest Link’s comeback in December 2021, succeeding Anne Robinson.

For The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan, Ranganathan won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Features in 2020. For The Ranganation, he won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Entertainment Performance in 2021.

Romesh Ranganathan Beard: His New Look and Facial Hair Update

Romesh Ranganathan’s beard has become a controversial topic. When Romesh Ranganathan appeared on Graham Norton’s chat show, he was on a fresh, clean-shaven appearance for a particular reason.

The comedian explains, “I’m creating a show with Rob Beckett about drag, looking at its full culture and art.” We tried our best to get our look a few days ago because we are working on creating our drag performance as part of that.

I shaved my beard properly and regretted it greatly since I had a sort of hipster beard, and now I look like I work for Google!

In response to the question of his drag name, he says: ‘Mum because I look just like her, which is a little bit horrifying!’

Romesh Ranganathan
Romesh Ranganathan with @declanrice on @alotosky.
Source: Instagram

He said that he recently realized his beard was beginning to resemble more “just freed from a Thai prison” than a “planned aesthetic decision,” so he agreed it was time to trim it before we left for our vacation.

Because one of his eyes performs its primary duty (seeing objects) far better than the other, he has a minor problem with beard trimming. His face is, therefore, considerably more likely to look good on one side than the other.

Several times, he thought his beard was great until putting on his glasses and realizing that it made him look like he was sporting a fuzzy chinstrap.

Romesh Ranganathan Early Life 

Ranga and Sivashanthini “Shanthi” Ranganathan, two Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus, were the parents of Jonathan Romesh Ranganathan when he was born in Crawley, West Sussex.

He had right-sided ptosis, sometimes known as a lazy eye, resulting from an eye infection he had as a child. Ranganathan attended Birkbeck College of the University of London to study mathematics.

Romesh Ranganathan
Romesh Ranganathan’s birthday picture.
Source: Instagram

He was a freestyle rapper going by the rap name “Ranga,” He once made it to the finals of the UK freestyle competition while teaching mathematics at the Hazelwick School in Crawley and The Beacon School in Banstead, Surrey. [Ranganathan] began his comedic career while still a teacher.

How Much Net Worth Does Romesh Ranganathan Have? 

Romesh Ranganathan has an updated net worth of approximately $1.5 million. Romesh is also currently enjoying a good life in Crawley with his family.

An English actor, comedian, and presenter named Romesh Ranganathan. He makes the most of his money performing stand-up comedy live and acting in motion pictures and television programs.

Additionally, he had made several appearances on comedic panel shows on television. The Apprentice: You’re Fired!, Play to the Whistle, and The Museum of Curiosity featured Romesh regularly as a panelist.

Romesh has hosted several comedic shows, such as The Ranganation and Judge Romesh. Additionally, for The Ranganation, he received the BAFTA TV Award for Best Entertainment Performance in 2021.

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