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Australian Survivor: Who Is Nina Twine? Age Parents And Boyfriend

Alanna Nina Twine participates in Survivor: Blood v Water in Australia and is the daughter of “Queen of Survivor” Sandra Diaz-Twine.

Nina Diaz-Twine, the daughter of Survivor star Sandra Diaz-Twine, was ready to walk out of her mother’s shadow on Blood v Water.

She had a keen understanding of the game, finding herself solidly in the majority on both her beginning and shifted tribes.

Nina paid the ultimate sacrifice to prove her commitment to her majority alliance by voting her mother out.

However, her season was the cue to an ankle ailment that required her evacuation on Day 22.

Who is Nina Twine?

Alanna Nina Twine is an Australian contestant on Survivor: Blood vs. Water

Nina had previously applied for the role of David on Survivor: David vs. Goliath. She is the original Water tribe’s youngest member.

Nina Twine
Nina Twine in the show Australian Survivors (Source: Network Ten)

Nina is the only contender in Blood v Water who received 0 votes against her.

Nina stated in the interview that the best advice her mother has given her is to keep her head down but her ears open.

She would instead that the target be directed at someone else. Therefore this has been quite beneficial.

Nina Diaz-Twine, the daughter of ‘Queen’ Sandra Diaz-Twine, the two-time U.S. Survivor champion who also traveled to Australia to compete this season, had established herself as a powerful player in her own right when she injured her ankle in a run-in with a slide.

However, she could not continue her game, with presenter Jonathan LaPaglia announcing production’s decision to remove Nina from the game night before the immunity challenge.

Nina’s tribe was heartbroken to see her leave, and many connections were formed during the game.

Even though Blood V Water was Nina’s first time playing Survivor, she recognized that the ease of connection in the game exceeded her expectations, having grown up watching her mother play the U.S. version.

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How old is Nina Twine?

Nina Twine, born on June 16, 1997, is of age 25 as of 2022. She had felt the effects of isolation throughout the epidemic, so the power of connection came at just the right time.

Many of Nina’s most vocal supporters want her to return to Australian Survivor and complete what she began.

And, faithful to her vows, Australian Survivor will return in January with a Heroes vs. Villains season, including 12 returning competitors.

Channel 10 revealed on Twitter that Nina would return to Australian Survivor as a hero.

Nina Twine Parents

Nina Twine’s mother is a 47-year-old former chemical repair expert from the United States Army, and her Father’s name is Marcus Twine.
Sandra is renowned as the “Queen of Survivors” since she was the first two-time winner of Australian Survivors.
But you might not know that she’s participated in the program five times now, matching her with Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano for the most games played by a single participant.

Nina Twine
Nina with her mother, Sandra, in Australian Survivors (source: Who Magazines)

The first time she appeared on Survivor: Pearl Islands was in 2003, when she was considered an underdog but defeated Lillian Morris in a 6-1 jury vote in the finale.

She easily trounced her runner-up, known for her deft gameplay and ability to manipulate her way through tribal affiliations.

Sandra followed it up with a comeback to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains in 2010.

She appeared on Survivor: Game Changers in 2017 as one of three past winners who went off against the fresh-faced newcomers. On Day 16, she was eliminated.

Is Nina Twine in a relationship?

Twine is a very grounded and humble guy. Even on TV, she likes to keep her own space to herself.

Nina has always kept his personal life private, even after being on television for an extended period.

She is a mysterious individual. She prefers to keep things private, which is why she hasn’t posted about her partner on social networking sites or the Internet.

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