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What Happened To Frank Fritz? Is He Still On American Pickers- How Is He Doing Now?

“What happened to Frank Fritz?” started trending after the video of him getting fired from American Picker went viral. 

Frank Fritz is an actor and reality show host best known for his work on “American Pickers.”

The reality television program “American Pickers” made its debut on the History channel on January 18, 2010. 

The hosts of the show travel the country in quest of national treasures and unique American items to collect or resell in their antique stores.

The series has continuously performed well with viewers of all ages and has even been named the number one non-fiction program on television.

Fritz gained fame and became a reality television star thanks to the show’s success.

In addition, he is also a published writer who has written two books: “How to Pick Vintage Motorcycles” (2011) and “American Pickers Guide to Picking” (2013). 

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What Happened To Frank Fritz? How Is He Doing Now?

Frank Fritz had a stroke back in July 2022 but is currently doing well. In fact, he has a history of diseases that have left him in pain and recovery. 

He has had Crohn’s disease, a condition of inflammatory bowel, for more than three decades. As a result, he travels in an RV with a bathroom wherever he goes.

Fritz had extensive back surgery in 2020, which left him with two rods in his spine and 185 stitches.

Since leaving the show, he has adopted a healthier lifestyle and shed an astonishing 65 pounds.

Frank Lost Weight After The Surgery
Frank Lost Weight After The Surgery (Source: The Sun)

The reality show star claimed he went to rehab after taking his initial leave of absence and became sober.

However, on July 14, 2022, a friend discovered Frank on the floor of his Iowa house and was sent to the hospital for a stroke.

During this period, temporary guardianship was established for him after being authorized by a judge.

Moreover, a bank has also taken over the actor’s funds. Despite his struggle, he appears to be on his journey toward recovery.

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Is Frank Fritz Still On American Pickers?

Many fans will be disappointed to hear that Frank Fritz will not be featured in the new season of American Pickers. 

Mike Wolfe, the developer and star of the show, made it public that Frank had been released from the program in July 2021.

After the show posted a video of firing Frank Fritz in anticipation of the start of the new season, “American Pickers” fans went ballistic.

The video featured Frank and Mike appearing in the American Pickers segment titled “Everything Must Go!”

In a March 2020 episode, Frank made his final appearance on American Pickers before taking a break to recover from back surgery.

The original cast member wanted to come back to the History show, but his dismissal was reported in July 2021, which saddened everyone. 

Frank Fritz
Frank On The Show American Pickers (Source: Entertainment Weekly)

Since the beginning of season 23’s rating issues, the History Channel series has been on a lengthy hiatus.

On January 1, 2022, American Pickers’ 23rd season debuted to 1.5 million viewers, but only 1.11 million viewers watched the January 8 show.

With only 830,000 people watching the March 12 episode, viewers lost interest by the end of the season.

Nevertheless, new episodes of the show have started airing from Wednesday, January 4, 2023 onward.

Many fans were relieved to know the release date; however, since Frank was fired, some have boycotted the show, causing a decline in viewership.

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