Big Boss Man

Big Boss Man: Career, Death & Net Worth

Do something extraordinary while you can get it so that people will always remember you and your doings even after your death.

Similarly, Big Boss Man is not around us, but his memories will always be with us.

Raymond Washington Traylor Jr. is a former professional wrestler from the United States of America whom we best know as the legendary Hall of Fame Big Boss Man.

Big Boss Man striking a pose
Big Boss Man striking a pose Source: Wrestling Observer.

Boss is best known for his contribution to World Wrestling Federation (WWF), where he won multiple championship titles and several tournaments to strengthen his memories.

Today, we will discuss the detailed biography of Big Boss Man, life before and after his professional wrestling career.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Big Boss Man:

Birth Name Raymond Washington Traylor Jr.
Nick Name Big Boss Man, The Boss, The Man, War Machine, The Guardian Angel & Big Bubba Rogers
Date of Birth May 2, 1963
Place of Birth Marietta, Georgia, the United States of America
Place of Death Dallas, Georgia, the United States of America
Age at the time of Death 41 years old (September 22, 2004)
Cause of Death  Heart attack
Gender Male
Profession Wrestler
Life Before Wrestling Prison Guard
Signature Moves Powerbomb, Spinebuster, Enzuigiri, Backbreaker, Bearhug, etc.
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Marital Status Married
Spouse Angela Traylor (m. after 1989 – 2004)
Children Two Daughters (Lacy Abilene Traylor and Megan Chyanne Traylor)
Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Brothers Not Known
Sisters Not Known
Height 6 Feet 7 inches
Weight 150 kg or 330 pounds
Net Worth $2.5 million
Source of Income Professional Wrestling
Sexual Orientation Straight
Social Media Not Available
Wrestling Training Equipment Bison-1, Punching Bag, Country Crush, Autographed Wrestling card
Last Update May 2024

Big Boss Man: Early Life 

Raymond Washington Traylor Jr., aka Big Boss Man, a former professional wrestler, was born on May 2, 1963, in Marietta, Georgia, the United States of America.

There isn’t much to talk about his early life, as his parents’ and childhood information is still in the dark.

Also, information about his education is unknown, which remains buried after his death.

Big Boss Man: Height, Weight & Body Measurements

The former correctional officer and professional wrestler Raymond had an impressive body height of 6 feet and 6 inches, i.e., 198 cm.

Also, he had a massive bodyweight of 150 kg (305 pounds), which is large.

Similarly, Taurus’s Zodiac sign represented his personality as smart, trustworthy, and ambitious.

Also, Big Boss believed in Jesus Christ, making him a follower of Christianity. He had a pair of brownish eyes and black hair color.

Big Boss Man: Career

Before becoming a Professional Wrestler

This big 150 kg giant worked in prison as a guard before pursuing his career as a professional wrestler.

Specifically, Ray was a correctional officer in Cobb’s County Sheriff’s Office, which he left in 1988.

Big Boss Man Winning Match
Big Boss Man Winning Match

Before leaving his duty as an officer, he joined the wrestling federation for almost three years.

Also, while wrestling in the ring, Ray dressed up as a police officer.

Likewise, he dresses up like a police officer because he wants himself to represent as an officer during his performance.

Professional Wrestling Career

Big Boss began his professional wrestling career with the debut match in 1985 against the challenger Roberto Solo.

Initially, he worked on the Jim Crockett Promotion under the ring name Raymond Traylor.

Later he was hired as the silent bodyguard for the same wrestling promotion with Big Bubba Rogers.

Traylor won his first match against Ron Gravin at Starrcade in Louisville.

After that, he began to shine and started to get many opportunities for the title matches.

He also fought against Rhodes for the Bunkhouse Stampede tournament.

But unfortunately, Big Boss was defeated by Rhodes.

After losing the tournament, Raymond left the Jim Crockett Promotions and then went to Universal Wrestling Federation (UWF) in 1987.

He won his debut match as a handicap match against The Glassman and Mike Reed.

During his UWF, he won his first-ever title, UFW Heavyweight Championship against One Man Gang, on April 19.

After several years in UFW, Boss joined All Japan Pro Wrestling having a match against Jumbo Tsuruta and John Tenta teaming with Bruiser Brody.


World Wrestling Federation (WWF)

Raymond joined World Wrestling Federation in June 1988, where he used the name “Big Boss Man,” which was inspired by his previous job as a correction officer.

He portrayed himself as a bad guy who usually defeats his opponents, handcuffing to the ropes and punishing with nightsticks or candlesticks.

He wrestled among several superstars such as Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Koko B. Ware, etc.

The Twin Towers (Big Boss Man and Akeem)

The Twin Towers is the group name of Big Boss Man and Akeem, who became partners inside the ring.

With double strength, they defeated the team The Rockers (Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels).

They even became the Tag Team Champions by defeating the team Demolition (Smash and Ax) in early 1989.

His match against Hulk Hogan on Steel Cage as the Main Event XXI became one of the most memorable matches of the year.

In 1990, Boss Man retrieved the stolen belt from Jake Roberts, a Million Dollar Championship title of Ted DiBiase.

He successfully retrieved the title and a bag with Robert’s pet python, Damien.

Boss Man feud with Hulk Hogan

The feud between Boss Man and Hulk Hogan became serious after Hogan threw Boss Man off the cage’s roof.

They had a steel cage match at Saturday Night’s Main Event, which became the most memorable match.

After several weeks, the same opponents became tag team partners, and Jim Duggan and Tugboat defeated the team John Tenta at the Survivor Series in 1990.

World Championship Wrestling

To continue his conquer, he also went to WCW, where he had his debut match against Rick Rude with a victory in a non-title match.

Later he received a title match against Rude, where he was defeated.

He renamed himself “Big Bubba Rogers,” turning heel in early 1995.

Rodgers won his final WCW match against Bret Hammer on March 30, ending his WCW contract, and finally decided to return to WWF.

Feud with nWo

The Boss Man was part of nWo for a short time after leaving The Dungeon of Doom.

Likewise, the giant was fired by Eric Bischoff from nWo, and he started his feud with nWo ever since.

Furthemore, Boss Man also stated that he would rip Bischoff’s head off while feuding with nWo.

Similarly, the American wrestler formed a team with The Steiner Brothers to fight against the nWo.

But it backfired as Scott Steiner joined nWo, and Boss Man got the beating.

Return to WWF/E

He renamed his favorite ring name “Big Boss Man, ” returning to the former wrestling promotion.”

Moreover, he appeared with a new black uniform outfit for SWAT teams with bulletproof jackets and gloves.

He was hired as the bodyguard for Vince McMahon and The Corporation at the beginning of his return to WWF.

Later after getting back to the ring action, he won the Tag Team Championship with his partner Kem Shamrock.

During WWF, he feuded with several great superstars such as The Undertaker, who illusionary hanged him from the roof of a steel cage after his loss against The Undertaker.

Big Boss vs. The Undertaker
Big Boss vs. The Undertaker

Similarly, he shared the rings with Kennel at Unforgiven, AI Snow at SummerSlam, The Rock, etc.

Moreover, Bigg Boss Man’s last WWE/F match was against Tommy Dreamer.

Additionally, he lost his last match, and it was on May 26, 2002.

Big Boss Man: Championships and Achievements 

  1. Boss ranked number 23 in the PWI 500 in 1992 among the top 500 wrestlers.
  2. He also ranked number 138 in the PWI 500 in 2003 among the top 500 wrestlers.
  3. Big Boss became the wrestler of the week on May 3-9, 1987.
  4. He won the Universal Wrestling Federation Championship for a single time
  5. In 2016, he was awarded the WWE Hall of Fame
  6. Boss was the most improved wrestler of 1987.
  7. He also received the best Gimmick award in 1996.
  8. New World Order vs. World Championship Wrestling became the Feud of the Year in 1996.


Big Boss Man: Personal Life

This former correctional officer and a professional wrestler were happily married to Angela, the love of his life.

The sweet couple was blessed with two beautiful daughters named Megan Chyanne Traylor and Lacy Abilene Traylor.

Big Boss was also interested in riding bikes and had Harley-Davidson on his collection.

But unfortunately, he had an accident with his bike after hitting a deer.

About a year after his complete recovery from the accident, he got another bad news regarding the death of his close friend, Curt Hennig, in 2003.

In the following year, 2004, Big Boss ran for Commission chairman for Paulding County, Georgia.

Similarly, this 150 kg giant was an owner of a Dallas, Georgia storage company called RWT Enterprises.

Big Boss Man: Death and Legacy

Sadly, this legendary hall of fame and professional wrestling died at the early age of 41 due to a sudden heart attack on September 22, 2004, in his residence in Dallas, Georgia.

Furthermore, most of his family members state that his cause of death was due to a heart attack but reports state that it might have involved drugs!

Likewise, many wrestlers have also lost their lives because of physical harm, consumption of steroids, and pressurized stress of the wrestling promotion.

As Raymond passed away, his legacy still runs into the wrestling industry.

The former correctional officer was honored in the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2016. His wife and daughters collected the awards.


Big Boss Man: Net Worth

Well, talking about the net worth of the former WWE Hall of Famer of class 2016, Big Boss surely sits in the thorn of millions.

The total estimated net worth of Big Boss Man at the time of death was $2.5 Million.

He used to earn about $1 million annually with his professional wrestling contract.

Big Boss Man: Social Media

There isn’t any social media account of Big Boos Man. If the former correctional officer were alive today, surely he would have rocked the social media world.

Big Boss Man: FAQs

What happened between Big Boss Man and Big Show?

The Boss Man started a rivalry with Big Show in a massive way!

Likewise, the giant 6 feet 7 inches tall dragged Big Show’s father’s coffin during his funeral.

Of course, this was all cinematic, but the funeral scene was an amazing thing to watch!

What was Big Boss Man’s finisher?

Big Boss Man used to hit a body slam as a finisher while finishing the match.

The finisher is Bossman Slam, a sideways slam to an opponent.

Which entrance music played during the arrival of Big Boss Man?

Big Boss Man’s entrance music was Guard; Jim Johnstone is the music artist.

Likewise, his entrance music was also Hard Times, sung by Jimmy Hart & JJ Maguire.

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