Jay Gruden: NFL, UFL, Player, Coach & Net Worth

Jay Gruden is an American football coach and former player. He played as a quarterback for the Tampa Bay Storm and has over two decades of coaching experience.

Jay is an offensive coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the National Football League (NFL). He was the head coach for the Washington Redskin and the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Jay has won six ArenaBowls in his career, four as a player and two as a head coach.

Jay Gruden
Jay Gruden during a game

His elder brother is Jon Gruden, who is also a football coach. Jon won the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002. At the time, Jay worked as an assistant coach with his brother.

Stick around to know all about Jay Gruden—his career as a coach and a player, family, net worth, and more.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jay Michael Gruden
Birth Date March 4, 1967
Birth Place Tiffin, Ohio
Nick Name N/A
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education George D. Chamberlain High School, University of Louisville
Horoscope Pisces
Father’s Name Jim Gruden
Mother’s Name N/A
Age 57 Years Old
Height 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight 225 lbs (102 kgs)
Shoe Size N/A
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Build Athletic
Relationship Married
Girlfriends N/A
Spouse Sherry Gruden
Children Three Sons—JJ, Joey, and Jack
Profession NFL coach
Net Worth $12 million
Salary $5 million
Social Media Instagram
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Last Updated March, 2024

Jay Gruden: Early Life and Education

Jay Gruden was born on March 4, 1967, in Tiffin, Ohio. His family was of Slovenian descent.

Also, he attended George D. Chamberlain High School in Florida and played as a quarterback for his high school football team.

Jay’s brother, Jon, is also a well-known football coach. Jon has coached the Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders.

After completing high school, Jay went to the University of Louisville. He was a letterman at the Louisville Cardinals football team for four years, from 1985 to 1988.

Jay has had significant accomplishments in his college football career. His stats rank in the top five of Cardinals history.

Also, he ranks in the top ten in yards per completion, passing attempts in a season, and completions in a season. During his Louisville days, he has thrown over 300 yards per game six times.

Jay Gruden: Age, Height, and Nationality

As of writing this article, Jay Gruden is 53 years of age. His date of birth is March 4, 1967, which makes his star sign Pisces.

Jay was born in Tiffin, Ohio, to an American family. His height is 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 m), and he weighs 225 lbs (102 kgs).

Jay Gruden: Wife & Children

Jay Gruden is married to Sherry Gruden, who is from Louisville, Kentucky. The couple met at the University of Louisville.

They dated during the college days and got married in 1990 after Jay graduated from college. Sherry was still a senior at the time.

Jay Gruden
Jay Gruden with his Family

Jay and Sherry have three children, all sons—JJ, Joey, and Jack Gruden. Their eldest son JJ is married to Jeanette Gruden. JJ lives in Florida with his wife.

They gave birth to their child in 2014, which makes Jay and Sherry Gruden grandparents.

Jay Gruden: Career as a Player

Year Team Position
1991 Barcelona Dragons Quarterback
1991-1996 Tampa Bay Storm Quarterback
2002-2003 Orlando Predators Quarterback

Barcelona Dragons (1991)

Jay started his professional football career in 1991. He joined the Barcelona Dragons in the World League of American Football (WLAF) and has also played for the Sacramento Surge.

Jay got very little playing time in the first season at the Barcelona Dragons. He only had one pass in the entire season.

Tampa Bay Storm (1991-1996)

At the end of the 1991 season, he moved to the Arena Football League (AFL) and joined the Tampa Bay Storm as a quarterback. There, he led his team to its first-ever ArenaBowl title.

Also, he played the last-second touchdown pass that allowed the team to win the game.

Similarly, he led the team to a 9-1 record in 1992, giving him the AFL’s MVP award. The team finished in the second position that season, behind the Orlando Predators.

He played for four successful seasons at the Storm. The team won three more ArenaBowl titles in the years 1993, 1995, and 1996.

After the end of the 1996 season, Gruden decided to quit professional football as a player. He started his coaching career in 1997.


Orlando Predators (2002-2003)

After a few years of working as a coach, Jay returned to join the Orlando Predators as a player in 2002. He was the head coach of the team.

Jay Gruden in the field as a player
Jay Gruden in the field

But he came back to the field as a starting quarterback. Gruden failed in the 2002 and 2003 seasons semifinals, and he could not return the team to the Arena Bowl.

Jay Gruden: Career as A Coach (Before NFL)

Before starting his professional career, Gruden had served as a graduate assistant at Louisville for two seasons. He went back to play football after completing the two seasons as an assistant.

Year Team Role
1997-1998 Nashville Kats Offensive coordinator
1998-2001 Orlando Predators Head coach
2002-2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Offensive assistant
2004-2008 Orlando Predators Head coach
2009-2010 Florida Tuskers Offensive coordinator/Head Coach
2011-2013 Cincinnati Bengals Offensive coordinator
2014-2019 Washington Redskins Head coach
2020-Present Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive coordinator

Nashville Kats (1997-1998)

Gruden’s career as a coach began in 1997. He joined the Nashville Kats in the AFL as an offensive coordinator.

He had just retired from his career as a player, but he got paid the same salary when he first started as a coach.

The coaching career started well for Gruden. His team was able to break the record for most wins by an expansion franchise in the history of AFL.

After performing well at the Kats, Gruden joined Orlando Predators as a head coach.

Orlando Predators (1998-2001)

Gruden had a successful 10-4 season as Orlando Predators’ head coach. His team won the ArenaBowl XII over the Tampa Bay Storm in the very first season.

During the first four seasons, Gruden and his team won two ArenaBowls in three appearances.

Jay Gruden as the head coach of Orlando Predators
Jay Gruden at the Orlando Predators

In 2002, the starting quarterback of Gruden’s team, Chris Wallace, got injured. So, Gruden filled in as the new starting quarterback for his team.

He made his return to the field as a player again after retiring. The new head coach was Fran Papasedero.

Part-Time Coaching at NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002-2008)

Jay Gruden started his NFL coaching career when he was playing for the Predators. He served as an offensive assistant to his brother, Jon Gruden.

Jay worked part-time as his brother’s assistant through the 2008 season. He used to develop game plans with other assistant staff at the Buccaneers.

In 2002, during his first year as an assistant to his brother, the Buccaneers had won the Super Bowl.

As the years passed, the Buccaneers could not continue performing at high levels. They never win a playoff game, so they fired Jon in 2008. Jay left with his brother.

Re-Joined Orlando Predators (2004-2008)

After the sudden death of Fran Papasedero, Jay permanently retired from playing football and re-joined the Orlando Predators as the head coach.

Jay had successful seasons, but he did not win a championship. Gruden’s team lost in the ArenaBowl in the 2006 season.

But the team continued its streak of more than ten wins per season. The team had set a national record for professional sports by making it to the playoffs for seventeen straight seasons from 1992 to 2008.

In 2009, the AFL had discontinued its operations for the season. Jay joined a new team.


Florida Tuskers (2009-2010)

Jay joined the United Football League’s (UFL) Florida Tuskers as an offensive coordinator. He supervised a successful offense there.

In 2010, the Tuskers named him the head coach. Unfortunately, his team could not perform well for the 2010 season because of injuries and losses. Gruden returned to the NFL.

Jay Gruden: Career as A Coach (At NFL)

Jay had experience in the NFL when he served as an assistant coach to his brother. After coaching at the UFL, he returned to the NFL.

Cincinnati Bengals (2011-2013)

Jay Gruden joined the Cincinnati Bengals as an offensive coordinator in 2011. During his time there, the Bengals went to playoffs for consecutive seasons.

Gruden was able to improve the offense of the team. Under Gruden, the team scored the sixth-most points in the NFL with 26.9 points per game on average.

Gruden received many coaching offers at the NFL’s teams like Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals, St. Louis Rams, Indianapolis Colts, Philadelphia Eagles, and San Diego Chargers.

Washington Redskins (2014-2019)

In 2014, the Washington Redskins hired Gruden with a five-year contract worth $20 million. His team struggled the first few seasons.

But, the team was able to finish the 2015 season with a 9-7 record. In 2016, they finished 8-7-1 but missed the playoffs.

The management offered Gruden a new two-year contract in 2017. But the team struggled to perform well. After starting the 2019 season with 0-5, the Redskins fired him.

Jacksonville Jaguars (2020)

In 2020, the Jacksonville Jaguars hired Gruden as an offensive coordinator.

But in January of 2021, Jaguars announced a new offensive coordinator. It means that Gruden will no longer be the offensive coordinator for the team.

Jay Gruden: Achievements

  • Six-time ArenaBowl Winner—four as a player and two as a coach
  • Named MVP at the Arena Football League (AFL)
  • Listed in AFL’s 10th Anniversary Team
  • Listed as the second team in the 15th Anniversary Team
  • Voted as AFL’s 4th Greatest Player of All Time in 2012
  • Won a Super Bowl with Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jay Gruden: Net Worth & Salary

After playing football for years and having a successful coaching career at the NFL and other leagues, Jay has made good money.

Jay Gruden is worth $12 million. His salary is $5 million per year.

But he is yet to meet the financial success of his brother, Jon. Jon is worth $30 million.


Social Media

Jay Gruden does not seem to have official social media accounts. There are a lot of pages in his name, but they are not verified.


Jay seems to be available on Instagram.  Jay’s Instagram handle is @thejaygruden, and his bio says, “The Official Account of Jay Gruden Current Jaguars Offensive Coordinator.”


What Is Jay Gruden’s Net Worth?

Jay Gruden’s net worth is $12 million, and his salary is $5 million per year.

Who Is Jay Gruden’s Wife?

Jay Gruden’s wife is Sherry Gruden, a famous real estate broker from the United States.

Who Is Jon Gruden?

Jon Gruden is the older brother of Jay Gruden. Jon is the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders of the NFL.

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