Bjorn Borg: Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Former tennis player Bjorn Borg had made an indelible mark that lives on to this day.

Furthermore, with 66 titles, he is the eighth most successful player in the Open Era.

Bjorn Borg posing for a camera.
Bjorn Borg posing for a camera.

Bjorn’s biggest rival is John McEnroe. Both were vying for every grand slam crown and pushed each other to new heights.

This article contains information about the personal life, career, controversies, and net worth of the Swedish born tennis-player Bjorn Borg.

Quick Facts

Full Name Bjorn Rune Borg
Birth Date June 6, 1956
Birth Place Stockholm, Sweden 
Residence Monte Carlo, Monaco, France
Nationality Swedish
Ethnicity White
Hobbies Not Available
Food Habit Non-vegetarian 
Education Not Available
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Father’s Name Rune Borg
Mother’s Name Margaretha Borg
Siblings None
Age 67 Years Old
Height 5 feet 11 inches
Reach Not Available
Weight 160 lb (73kg)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Golden
Profession Former Tennis Player, Businessman
Associated Teams Team USA, DC Trident, Nation’s Capital Swim’s Club
Marital Status Married
Wife Patricia Ostfeldt
Active Years 1968 – 1987
Children Robin Borg, Leo Borg
Net Worth $40 million (as of 2024)
Social Media Instagram
Merch Bjorn Borg: Winner Loses All, Men’s Tee Borg 1p, Funko, Photos
Last Update May, 2024

Bjorn Borg: Age, Height, and Weight

Bjorn Borg was born on 6th June of 1956 in Stockholm, Sweden. He is currently 67-years-old. 

The Swedish player’s horoscope is Gemini. They are recognized for being engaging, extroverted, and interesting.

Bjorn Borg is 5 feet 11 inches or 180 centimeters tall. Borg also has blue eyes and blond hair, and he weighs around 73 kg (160 lbs).

Similarly, his blue eyes are one of his most distinguishing attributes.

Bjorn Borg: Early Life

The former world No. 1 tennis player was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on June 6, 1956.

He was born to Rune Borg and Margarethe Borg. Bjorn is their only child.

His father, Rune Borg, used to compete in table tennis events when he was younger.

In addition, after winning a table tennis event, his father received a golden tennis racket.

Likewise, his father gifted him the tennis racket, and he started playing tennis at the age of Nine.

Bjorn continued his tennis career by enrolling at a nearby academy. In addition, he used to play tennis at school and rose to prominence at a young age. 

After making a debut at the age of 11, at junior competitions, Borg won all of the junior titles in the following four years and decided to drop out of school due to his impressive tennis abilities and potential.

Moreover, the tennis player Bjorn Borg dropped out of school at age 14.

Bjorn Borg: Personal Life

Borg was a quick-thinking teenager who quickly rose through the ranks of Sweden’s junior circuit. 

He won his first French Open title when he was just 18 years old.

However, Borg retired at 26, but he had already won six French Open titles and five Wimbledon titles.

In addition, no player in tennis history has ever adapted as Borg to the unique challenges of playing on clay and grass.


Bjorn Borg, on the other hand, has a long history in the business world. He controls a sizable portion of the Bjorn Borg corporation.

The Bjorn Born Group also owns and operates the Bjorn Borg brand. Above all, the Bjorn Borg brand is known for its garments and athletic wear.

The company specializes in product creation and distributes athletic footwear, eyewear, backpacks, clothing, underwear, towels, and other sportswear.

When his business ventures failed, he narrowly avoided personal bankruptcy.


Borg had three marriages: the first to Romanian tennis player Mariana Simionescu (1980-1984), the second to Italian singer Loredana Berte (1989-1993), and the third to Patricia Ostfeld. 

He and Patricia have a son named Leo, a highly regarded tennis player on the junior circuit.

Mariana Simionescu

To begin, Borg married Mariana Simionescu, his lovely wife and a professional tennis player.

Mariana Simonescu is a Romanian former professional tennis player. In 1976, the two began dating.

Furthermore, they took their love to the next level by marrying on July 24, 1980.

The couple, however, got divorced in 1984.

Loredana Berte

Loredana Berte, a prominent Italian singer, was Borg’s second marriage and third relationship. 

Similarly, Borg and Berte were together from 1989 to 1993.

Patricia Ostfeldt

Moving on, Borg married his partner Patricia Ostfeldt, beginning a new chapter in his married life.

Similarly, on June 8, 2002, the two lovebirds married. The couple has a son named Leo, who was born in 2003.

Another son

Borg’s also had a relationship with Jannike Bjorling, a Swedish model. Jannike Bjorling was born in Stockholm, Sweden, on October 12, 1966.

Robin was born to Bjorn Borg and Jannike Bjorling in 1985.

Bjorn Borg: Playing Style

Borg’s playing style was one of the most distinct in the Open Era. He used powerful groundstrokes from the baseline.

His highly unique backhand involved taking his racket back with both hands but producing power with his dominant right hand.

Then, releasing the grip with his left hand around the point of contact and swinging as one-handed.

In addition, he hit the ball hard and high from the back of the court, bringing it down with significant topspin.

Moreover, it improved the consistency of his groundstrokes.

Bjorn Borg: Career

Borg was a phenomenon and superstar kid. To put it another way, he was destined for greatness from an early age.

He played at the Davis Cup for Sweden when he was 15 years old. Bjorn was a member of the Swedish Davis Cup team that competed in 1972.

In 1972, Borg defeated New Zealand’s Onny Parun in the first singles rubber.

The right-handed tennis player won the Wimbledon junior singles title and the Orange Bowl Junior Championship in the same year.

Following that, in 1973, the tennis prodigy entered the professional circuit.

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The 1974 New Zealand Open was Borg’s first professional singles victory. Similarly, his victories in New Zealand and London were followed by victory in Sao Paulo.

Bjorn Borg’s victory in the Italian Open in June 1974 came before he turned eighteen. Nevertheless, his accomplishments demonstrated Borg’s talent.

The now 67-years-old made history by becoming the youngest player to win the Italian Open.

At the age of 18, Borg also won the French Open in 1974. His victory at the French Open was his very first grand slam title.

Despite being one of the very best tennis players, he never managed to win the Australian Open. 

Shocking Retirement

Bjorn Borg unexpectedly retired at the age of 26 in January 1983. It rocked the tennis world as Borg announced his retirement. 

Many people believe that Borg’s retirement was precipitated by his loss to John McEnroe, his greatest rival in the 1981 Wimbledon Final.

On the other hand, the Swedish player stated that he retired owing to a lack of interest in tennis.


Despite quitting at the age of 26, Borg returned to competitive tennis in 1991. 

Similarly, Borg styled his hair in an attempt to recapture his glory days from prior years.

Despite his attempts, though, his comeback failed. Between 1991 and 1993, he didn’t win a single match after returning.

In addition, at the age of 35, Borg retired for the second time in 1992.

A Great Rivalry

Tennis legend John McEnroe was one of Bjorn Borg’s greatest rivals. The two rivals were fierce competitors who faced off on multiple occasions.

McEnroe reportedly had also requested Borg to consider his retirement plans. 

A Great Rivalry: Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe
A Great Rivalry: Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe

A biographical film, Borg vs. McEnroe, was made in honor of their rivalry. The film focused on their legendary rivalry as well as the Wimbledon finals. 

The biographical film was released in 2007. Similarly, the American and the Swedish players became good friends later on.

Bjorn Borg: Awards and Achievements

Between 1977 and 1981, Björn Borg had the ATP World No. 1 ranking for six different periods totaling 109 weeks.

In 1979, he was named BBC Sports Personality of the Year Overseas Personality.

The tennis player won 11 Grand Slam Singles titles: Six French Open titles and five Wimbledon titles.

Moreover, Borg was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987.

On December 10, 2006, the BBC awarded Borg with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Borg brought Sweden a lot of prominence and fortune through tennis.

Many admirers regard Bjorn Borg as a “short-lived” legend.

As a result, he was awarded Sweden’s top sportsperson of all time by Dagens Nyheter in December 2014. 

Bjorn Borg: Net Worth

Bjorn Borg is estimated to have a net worth of $45 million as of 2024.

His wealth has grown thanks to his numerous tournament wins in the 1970s and 1980s. 

The Swedish player is also in the clothing world. Bjorn Borg’s apparel line, “Bjorn Borg,” is Sweden’s second most popular brand.

Only the “Calvin Klien” is more famous than Borg’s clothing brand in Sweden.

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Bjorn Borg: Charity

Since the beginning of his career, Bjorn has always been involved in the charities activity. He was also featured in a charity tennis event in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1986.

In 2011, the two adversaries teamed up to create a four-piece underwear line. It was considered a limited-edition item, and some percentage of the sales would go to charity. 

Similarly, a charity auction was also held. But, again, Bjorn determined that the auction would be held online. 

Moreover, to be marketed, the charity chose eleven notable Borg and McEnroe tennis memoirs. 

Bjorn Borg: Controversy

In 2006, Borg auctioned off his Wimbledon trophies and two of his incredible winning rackets at Bonhams.

Bjorn Borg in 1979
Bjorn Borg in 1979

Players like Andre Agassi and Jimmy Connors, on the other hand, begged him to reconsider his decision.

Similarly, Agassi and Connors were committed to purchasing the artifacts to protect the trophy and Borg’s legacy.

However, the Swedish legend reversed his choice and purchased the items for an undisclosed sum.

Bjorn Borg: Legacy

Borg will be remembered as the “Father of Modern Baseline Tennis,” as he was the first to popularize the topspin style and two-handed backhand. 

He was both a trailblazer and a traditionalist, adapting his game to Wimbledon for prestige while retaining his distinct style.

Borg’s rivalry with John McEnroe is legendary, and their 1980 Wimbledon final is widely regarded as one of the the greatest matches of all time.

When he was on the court, Borg was the picture of calm. His ability to remain unaffected by match pressures earned him the moniker “Ice-Borg.”

Borg set so many records in his brief career that his numbers still judge the best players. 

The tennis player was a true revolutionary in every sense of the word, and it is widely regarded as tennis’s greatest loss that he did not play for a longer time.

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Bjorn Borg: Social Media 

Borg, on the other hand, is not a social media user. He does, however, have plenty of social media accounts dedicated to marketing his business.

Bjorn Borg, his clothing line, is now on Instagram. But, unfortunately, he uses it for business rather than to interact with fans.

Borg’s clothing brand has over 83.8k Instagram followers, over 7k Twitter followers, and over 445k Facebook followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What made Bjorn Borg so good?

Borg had a supreme, fuss-free all-court game and introduced a new level of professionalism in the sport that had never been seen before.

He trained in five-hour sessions and said he was so fit that he never felt fatigued during a tennis match.

What was Bjorn Borg’s heart rate?

One of the all-time best tennis players, Bjorn Borg, had a resting heart rate of 35 beats per minute!

Does Bjorn Borg consume alcohol?

Borg never drinks alcohol. And he only uses sleeping medicine when he suffers from jet lag.

How fast was Bjorn Borg’s serve?

Though his serve was a weak spot in his game.

Borg beefed up his serve, who now has a top speed of 120 mph (a greater feat in the days of wood rackets).

Did Bjorn Borg buy an island?

Bjorn Borg, the world’s finest tennis player, owns 11 islands in the Baltic Sea in a maritime region known as Gryt, off the east coast of his native Sweden.

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