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Brad Benedict Wife: Relationship Timeline With Ashley Wanders- Family And Net Worth

Ashley, Brad Benedict’s wife and he had always kept their personal affairs discreet, but in October 2013, they were finally able to announce their marriage.

Brad Benedict has appeared in the ET drama series Oval. The second season of the TV show will premiere in the coming weeks. He was a finance student on his way to a Wall Street job after graduation when he decided to try his hand at acting, traveling to Los Angeles and obtaining over 30 modest jobs.

In addition to being an all-star athlete, NCAA Tennis champion, and fitness coach, he hosted Fit to Hit on the Tennis Channel. 

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Brad Benedict Wife: Relationship Timeline With Ashley Wanders

Their relationship timeline also reveals a lot about their connection. They were together for four years before marrying in 2010

Brad Benedict Wife
    Brad Benedict Image Source:(Twitter)

Ashley and Brad Benedict have always been private about their personal lives, but they were finally able to share the news of their marriage in October 2013 with an announcement on the New Orleans Saints website. 

Brad and Ashley shared the happy news on social media, including photographs of themselves with their new baby. 

The relationship between Brad Benedict and Ashley is currently strong, with no signs of complications or problems. They also share feelings of love and affection for one another.

Brad is so unusual in that he is an actor who is also a Crossfit trainer, an athlete, a tennis pro, and a champ who went on to host a sports show, not to mention that he began out in finance and was going to take a position on Wall Street.

Brad Benedict: Family And Religion Explored

Brad Benedict was admired for his deep faith in Christianity. He’s family is unknown to the media.

The pair appear to be quite religious, as evidenced by their frequent sharing of Bible verses on social media. They have three children, two boys and one girl. Both of their children are under the age of ten.

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Brad Benedict Family Image Source:(Facebook)

The family does not appear to publish images together, except for Christmas pictures of the entire family holding a sign that reads “JOY” in front of a fireplace.

The photos show no disagreement in this family, as they all appear to get along well. The family has stayed away from social media and Brad also hasn’t spoken about them publicly which has made it hard to track down the family history and name of the parents.

The family seems to be very private about their personal life and keeps away from the social media platform.

How Much Does Brad Benedict Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brad Benedict is worth $5 million. Benedict has been a financial advisor for over three decades. He also had his radio show, The Money Guy, which airs on KABC 790 AM in Los Angeles.

Most of his money comes from doing TV and other advertisements for a well-known firm, as he has a contract with numerous companies such as Calvin Klein, Prada, and others. This endorsement costs $15,500 every session and contributes to a higher living standard.

The performer played tennis for the University of Georgia before transitioning to acting. He belonged to the public section which paid him $4500. Even now, he still enjoys playing tennis when they have free time. This helped him gather more money from different sectors and add to his net worth.

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