Mark Schlereth: Grandkids, NFL, Surgeries & Net Worth

Any NFL fan knows the name of Mark Schlereth. He is known for his contributions to American Football.

Mark Schlereth is a former American Footballer, distinctly known for playing guard in the NFL for 12 seasons. Currently, Mark works as a football analyst for Fox Sports.

During the course of his career, Schlereth was affiliated to the top NFL teams: Washington Redskins and the Denver Broncos.

Mark Schlereth
Mark Schlereth smiling with a football in his hand.

Now retired, Mark is still giving all he can to football by working as an analyst. He is affiliated with Fox Sports and also worked in ESPN.

Mark, to this day, makes regular appearances in TV shows. Thus, we do know a lot about his professional skills and career. But how much do you know of him up-close and personal?

We have gathered information on this NFL superstar so you can know about your beloved footballer in detail. Before this, let us look at some quick facts about him.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts on Mark Schlereth:


Full Name Mark Frederick Schlereth
Birth Date January 25, 1966
Birth Place Anchorage, Alaska, USA
Residence Denver, Colorado, USA
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hobbies Not Available
Food Habit Non-vegetarian
Education Robert Service High School, Anchorage (1984), University of Idaho
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Herb Schlereth
Mother’s Name Janette Schlereth
Siblings None
Age 28 Years Old
Height 6 ft 3 inches (1.9 meters)
Reach Not Available
Weight 130 kg (286 lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Body Build Muscular
Profession Footballer, Football Analyst, TV show host
Associated Teams Washington Redskins, Denver Broncos
Awards None
Marital Status Married
Wife’s Name Lisa Schlereth
Wife’s Profession Not Available
Children 3: Daniel Schlereth, Alexandria Schlereth, Avery Schlereth
Net Worth 6 million dollars
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Website, Cameo, Youtube, Soundcloud
Merch  Signed Framed, Trading Card
Last Update April, 2024

Mark Schlereth: Body Measurements and Ethnicity

Body Measurement

Mark is very tall. His height is 6 feet 3 inches. Likewise, Mark has a lean, strong, and muscular body.

He weighs about 130 kg (286 lbs), and most of his weight comprises big, bulky muscles. However, he was not always a muscular boy. Nobody thought he would make it in the NFL because he was skinny in school.

He joined college and bulked up with food and weight training. This eventually gave him the attention of NFL pro scouts.


Mark belongs to the white ethnic group. Mark has blue eyes, light pink, fair skin. He also has light brown to black hair.

Mark Schlereth: Early life and Education

Mark was born to parents Herb Schlereth and Janette Schlereth in Anchorage, Alaska. He was born on January 21, 1966. His zodiac sign is Aquarius.

He does not have any siblings and was raised in Anchorage. Mark did not learn to read until the age of 7 as he struggled with Dyslexia.

Later, he went to a local school called Robert Service High School and graduated in 1984.

Being raised in a small town on a distant island, Mark revealed he never thought he would make it big. He did not even play football much while in school.

Mark never made it to the all-state team while in high school as a player. And when it was the time to go to college, no powerhouse teams wanted him. Therefore, he went to Division I-AA school, University of Idaho.

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Mark Schlereth: Personal Life

Schlereth shares a lot of his day-to-day activities via social media. Therefore, we can find a lot about him through his posts.


Mark is married to a beautiful woman named Lisa Schlereth. They were long-time lovers before tying the knot in 1991.

Not much detail is known about their marriage, but the couple is still together and enjoying a happy, healthy marriage.


They have three kids together: Daniel Schlereth, Alexandria Schlereth, and Avery Schlereth. The kids are all grown up; Daniel even has his own little family!

Mark Schlereth family
The Schlereth family: Mark Schlereth with wife, kids, and grandkids. (Source: Avery’s Instagram)

Alexandria Sachiko Elan Schlereth is the eldest child of Mark Schlereth and was born on September 13, 1984. She is an actress and producer and has worked in movies like Oh Baby!, Desire, and Dakota Blue.

Daniel Schlereth, unlike his father, chose to be a baseball player. He was born on May 6, 1986, and is the second child of Mark and Lisa Schlereth. Also, he is married to Brie Schlereth.

Avery Schlereth was born on March 23, 1993, and is the youngest of the three. She is an actress and reality show star. She rose to fame from the show “Catching Kelcey.”

Besides, Avery has worked in series named Everyone is Doing Great and a ton of other MTV shows.


Mark is also blessed with three beautiful grandkids from his son Daniel. Quinn Schlereth is his eldest granddaughter (age 8), followed by Drew Schlereth (age 5) and grandson Zane Schlereth (age 2 months).

It seems like Mark spends a lot of his time with his grandchildren, as he regularly posts pictures and videos of their everyday fun activities together.

They are also seen visiting Disney World and Universal Studios together. It seems like the kids love spending time with their old man!

Mark Schlereth: Career

The Kick-off

Mark did not have an auspicious start to his career. As said earlier, he did not make it to any powerhouse or major-conference teams.

Part of this reason, as he claims, is because he was from Alaska, where football is not really popular. Besides, Alaskan natives had never made a name in American football before Schlereth.

Only an NCCA Division I-AA team of the University of Idaho and University of Hawaii accepted Mark. He chose Idaho because it was closer to home.

Young and Handsome: Schlereth during his college years
Young and Handsome: Schlereth during his college years

It was only in college that he turned into the athletic, muscular man he is now. He then caught the eyes of the scouts. Once he was drafted, he proved himself as a talented and durable guard.

College Football

In college, Mark was trained under head coach Dennis Ericson. After Ericson departed from the team in 1985, he started training under the new head coach Keith Gilbertson.

Mark started as left-guard on the team’s offensive line, blocking for quarterbacks Scott Linehan and John Friesz. All thanks to Mark, the Idaho Vandals made it to the national semifinals in his senior year in 1988.

Schlereth was also awarded Idaho Vandals Athletic Hall of Fame in 2008.

NFL Career

Schlereth was selected in the 10th (#263 overall) round of the NFL draft by the Washington Redskins in 1989. He spent six seasons in Washington from 1989 to 1994.

In 1995, he moved to Denver Broncos and was a part of the team until 2001. Overall, he played 12 NFL seasons.

Below is Schlereth’s video talking about his career and how he earned his nickname ‘Stink.’

He has contributed to 3 Superbowl championships, one for Washington Redskins and two for Denver Broncos. Besides, he was selected for Pro-Bowl Championships in the 1991 and 1998 seasons.

Likewise, he gifted himself and his team a Superbowl finale win on his 32nd birthday on January 25, 1998.

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Before ending his career in 2001, he faced many injuries. Mostly, the injuries were on his knees. He went through several surgeries due to injury.

Out of 29 surgeries, 15 were performed on his left knee and 5 on his right knee. Likewise, 5 surgeries were performed on various other parts. Schlereth had two more surgeries on his left knee in 2000, his last year in the NFL.

Athlete 360, a TV show hosted by former Washington Redskins player and Schlereth’s teammate, Dr. Mark Adickes, also featured his injuries.

Football Career Achievements and Highlights

Schlereth helped the Idaho Vandals win 3 Big Sky titles in his 4 years at Idaho. At the NFL, Mark played over 156 games. Also, he was a starter in 140 games.

As said earlier, he was a part of 3 Superbowl champion teams. His contributions to those wins are praiseworthy. He was also a part of the Denver Broncos 50th Anniversary Team.

Likewise, Schlereth was introduced into the Alaska High School Hall of Fame in 2006. He was also inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame in 2008 as his personal achievements.

Moreover, Mark is the first Alaskan to win the Superbowl Championship.

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Television and Radio Career

After retirement, Mark started hosting a Sports talk radio show on Denver AM Radio 760, The Zone, with his former teammates. People referred to the show as the “Stink and Doc” show, as Mark’s nickname is Stink.

Also, Mark has worked as a part-time analyst in ESPN for a long time. He finally left the radio show and fully committed himself to ESPN in 2004.

Mark now works as a commentator on NFL games for Fox Sports since 2017. Additionally, he co-hosts a radio show in Denver.

As a part of his acting career, Mark has appeared in a soap opera name Guiding Light in 2007. He has played the role of Detective Roc Hoover in the show.

Likewise, Schlereth was featured on a Sports Medicine TV show, Athlete 360. In 2012, he appeared on the Discovery Channel show American Guns.

Moreover, Mark has made several appearances in HBO’s show Ballers. Therefore, we can say that he is multi-talented and versatile.


Mark also owns a chili sauce business known as Stinkin’ Good, after his nickname. The original recipe emerged in 2008.

Now, the line includes chicken, pork, and vegetable variants. He has also developed a Quesedo dip.

Mark Schlereth: Net Worth

Mark has made his fortunes mostly through his NFL career. He has also accumulated much wealth via TV shows, documentaries, movies, sponsorships, business, and merchandise.

Schlereth’s net worth is estimated to be over 6 million dollars.

Likewise, his yearly salary is more than $75,000.

Mark owns a luxurious house in Denver, Colorado. It is so huge that Mark built a massive Coy Pond in his house. He regularly goes on vacation with his family.

Mark Schlereth: Social Media

Schlereth is very active on Social Media. He regularly updates himself on various social platforms.

He can be found on Twitter as @markschlereth. Mark has over 589K followers on Twitter.

Besides, he is also quite active on Instagram. This star has over 36K followers on instagram. He regularly posts pictures with his adorable grandkids.

His Instagram handle is @markschlereth. He also regularly promotes his brand Stinkin’ good on his social media and hosts regular giveaways.

Likewise, Mark has his own website Moreover, Mark also owns a youtube channel on which he has more than 2K subscribers.

Also, Mark has a Cameo account, a social media site that allows fans to connect personally with their favorite stars. You can find him on Cameo as Mark Schlereth.

Additionally, Schlereth also has a SoundCloud account. He regularly updates podcasts on Soundcloud. It is named ‘Stinking Truth Podcast.’

Thus, he regularly keeps fans updated on his everyday life and tries to connect with them.


Here are some FAQs on Mark Schlereth:

Is Mark Schlereth Hall of Famer?

No, Mark is not yet awarded with the Hall of Fame.

What is Mark Schlereth’s sexual orientation?

As far as we know, Mark is a cis-gendered heterosexual man. Besides, Mark has married a woman named Lisa.

Does Mark Schlereth do drugs?

Although many fans believe Mark does recreational drugs, Mark has denied those accusations. Therefore, Mark Schlereth does not do any drugs.

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