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Who Is Brandon Leake Father? Meet His Mother Carla Leake-Gibson, Siblings And Family

People are curious to know about Brandon Leake father and mother, Carla Leake-Gibson, as he has depth to his poetry. 

Brandon Leake is the CEO of Called to Move and an award-winning poet and motivational speaker. His group uses poetry to help young people.

Brandon’s work has focused on his late sister, father, mother, wife, and daughter. Brandon Leake: A Family Affair, a television special, will debut on The CW on June 19, 2022. Eight of his original spoken word poetry will be included in the one-hour event.

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He appeared on AGT in 2020 and performed spoken word poetry about his sister at the audition. Howie Mandel, impressed by Brandon’s performance, pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending Leake straight to the Quarterfinals. 

Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer is awarded to the show’s first-ever spoken word artist.

Meet Brandon Leake Father And Mother Carla Leake-Gibson

On May 4, 1992, the 30-year-old spoken word poet, educator, and motivational speaker was born. His family was incomplete because his father abandoned him and his mother.

Brandon Leake’s mother was just 19 when she became pregnant with him, according to an Instagram post he shared on May 12, 2019.

She had no one to help her raise him. The port did not have a typical childhood like the rest of us. He experiences problems and spends the majority of his adolescent years in solitary.

Aside from that, he claims they were living in a section of America where gang battles were regular and gang wars every day.

Brandon Leake
Brandon Leake With His Parents Wife And Wife’s Parents At Their Wedding (Source: Facebook)

Brandon Leake’s mother worked many jobs as a single mother to support him. As a result, she constantly warned him about going out. She is protective of him and does not want to face too many difficulties.

Brandon was completely unaware of his father until three days before his marriage. It was also the first time he met his father. On September 9, he said on Instagram that Brandon met his father for the first time three days before his wedding.

However, he has maintained strong relations with his father since that time. He expressed his joy at the prospect of his children becoming a grandfather.

Brandon Leake Sibling: What Happened To His Sister? 

Putting oneself out there may be difficult, but expressing a message that promotes unity may be worthwhile.

Brandon Leake has stated that he is willing to take the risk. The 27-year-old from Stockton won over hearts on the national stage by sharing a personal story about his baby sister’s death. Leake was America’s Got Talent’s first spoken-word poet winner.

“I’ll say that doing it on the national stage wasn’t extremely difficult because of the years of rehearsal prior,” Leake added.

His statements captivated the judges, earning him a standing ovation. His sister died when he was only four years old. She died at the age of eight months due to an enlarged heart.

“If I could give my six feet for yours,” he writes in his devotion to his sister.

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He’s a young man from Stockton who breaks down barriers and transcends boundaries for future generations.

“We are the griots of our generation, the storytellers of our generation. As I have stated, we are the ones that capture history. We’ll be the voices that people will look back on and say, “This is how that era looked.” “Leake stated.

Leake’s overarching purpose is to promote a message that fosters a more compassionate and courteous society.

Brandon Leake Net Worth 

According to Peopleai, Brandon Leake has an estimated net worth of $3.11 million. 

On September 23, 2020, he was named the 15th season champion, taking home a $1 million cash prize, a brand new Kia Stinger, and the opportunity to feature in Luxor Las Vegas. 

Brandon Leake
Brandon Leake At BSP (Source: Instagram)

With his Dark Side Tour, he has performed in 36 U.S. states, New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada to promote his published poems and record Deficiencies: A Tale from My Dark Side. 

He works at Brookside School Daycare Center, where he previously worked alongside his wife. Leake is the creator and CEO of Called to Move, an organization that uses poetry to help young people.

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He created the organization at Simpson University in 2012. In addition, he serves as an academic advisor at San Joaquin Delta College. Leake signed a contract with United Talent Agency on October 9, 2020. 

In addition, it was revealed in October 2020 that Leake would be a producing partner and contributor to the Team Harmony Foundation’s new worldwide online series, HATE: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? 

Leake was born in Stockton, California. He is married with one kid, born just before his first audition.

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