Brendan Hosking

Brendan Hosking AFL Umpire: Details To Know 

Brendan Hosking was hired as an umpire for the AFL grand final in 2022 by the Australian Football League.

He began his umpiring career in the Essendon District Football League in 2003. He then worked as an umpire for the TAC Cup in 2010 and the VFL Grand Final in 2011. He officiated his first AFL game in Round 3, 2012, against Greater Western Sydney and West Coast.

The AFL has finalized the umpiring panel for this Saturday’s MCG Toyota AFL Grand Final between the Geelong Cats and the Sydney Swans. Matt Stevic, Brendan Hosking, and Simon Meredith have been named field umpires, with Hayden Gavine selected as the emergency.

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Who Is Brendan Hosking? AFL Umpire Details

Field umpire Brendan Hosking will officiate his first grand final after being chosen to officiate the season finale with the seasoned Matt Stevic and Simon Meredith.

Hosking has overseen 210 games and five finals since 2012. According to AFL Head of Umpiring Dan Richardson, Brendan has done a great job throughout the 2022 season, making him fully and genuinely deserving of the privilege of officiating the Toyota AFL Grand Final.

Brendan Hosking
Brendan Hosking With Well Known EPL Referee Jon Moss (Source: Twitter)

The primary and sole professional Australian rules football league is the Australian Football League (AFL). The AFL also serves as the sport’s governing organization, and through the AFL Commission, it is in charge of upholding the game’s rules. Established as the Victorian Football League (VFL),

The Victorian Football Association (VFA) was dissolved in 1896 and was founded as a different league, with the inaugural season starting the following year.

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Facts That You Should Know About Brendan Hosking

Brendan Hosking started his umpiring career in 2003 in the Essendon District Football League before working his way up to the AFL squad and making his senior debut in Round 3 of 2012. He officiated his 200th game in July at Marvel Stadium during Carlton’s match against St. Kilda.

This will be Brendan Hosking’s debut grand final, and he was picked to oversee the season finale with the seasoned Matt Stevic and Simon Meredith.

In Queensland, the cost of an umpire for a 48-minute Under game can be as little as $25 to as high as $130 for a Senior Field Umpire. And when you consider that an AFL umpire may make up to $90,000 per year, you can see that Brendan might make the same in 2022.

Congratulations to Brendan and the other umpires chosen for the Toyota AFL Grand Final in 2022. They are the greatest in their industry and thoroughly merit this recognition. On Saturday, he wishes them nothing but the best, according to Mr. Jennings, the head coach of the AFL Umpires.

AFL Umpires Simon Meredith, Nick Liparota, Brendan Hosking, and Adam Wojcik started traveling to the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Sunshine Coast, and Wide Bay today as part of the AFL Umpire Roadshow. The group participated in various umpiring activities, including workshops, training sessions, and an umpiring course.

Brendan Hosking Journey At AFL 

In 2012, Brendan played in his first match between West Coast Eagles and Greater Western Sydney. When nobody knew my real name, Brendan exclaimed, “It became a little aggravating.” He might be wishing he had stayed unknown after 50 games.

David Dixon, a goal umpire, is now ranked third among all goal umpires in VFL-AFL games. David is 320 games behind the current leader, David Flegg, by 17 games and 14 behind Craig Clark. David and Luke Walker, another active goal umpire, are tied for third place on the list of grand finals officiated (six).

AFL Official congratulates the Umpire who was selected for the finals. They Said:-

Congratulations to the 2022 AFL Grand Final Umpires –

# Field: Matt Stevic, Simon Meredith, and Brendan Hosking

# Boundary: Ben Macdonald, Matthew Konetschka, Christopher Gordon, and Michael Marantelli

# Goal: Sam Walsh and Matthew Dervan

Brendan Hosking
(From Left) Matthew Dervan, Ben Macdonald, Matt Stevic, Christopher Gordon, Brendan Hosking, Simon Meredith, Matthew Konetschka, Michael Marantelli, and Sam Walsh will officiate the 2022 AFL Grand Final (Source: FoxSports)

Hayden Gavine (Field), Matt Tomkins (Boundary), and Dylan Benwell (Goal) are our emergency umpires that assist our on-field officials.

On Saturday, April 24, 2022, at the MCG, they will officiate the premiership-deciding match between the Geelong Cats and Sydney Swans.

Although the panel is experienced and has participated in 30 grand finals, it is nice to watch Brendan, Ben, and Sam as three rookies.

We eagerly anticipate seeing them all on the grand MCG stage on Saturday.

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