Carly Simon Sisters

Carly Simon Sisters Cancer: Joanna Died Of Thyroid Cancer And Lucy Simon Died Of Breast Cancer

Both Carly Simon sisters, Joanna and Lucy Simon, died of Cancer last week. She is going through one of the most difficult phases of her life after losing them.

The Simon sisters were musically skilled and famous due to their talent. Along with her late sister Lucy, Carly collaborated as the “Simon Sisters.”

Carly’s both elder sister’s memories must be hard-hitting, as she is mourning the loss and paying tribute to them.

The media has acknowledged the information due to their notoriety; she is a professional musician, singer-songwriter, memoirist, and children’s author.

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Carly Simon Sisters Cancer: Joanna Died Of Thyroid Cancer

Joanna Simson, the eldest sibling in the Simson family, passed away last week on Wednesday. Her death resulted from thyroid Cancer, which she had been battling for a long time.

On her deathbed, she was eighty-five years old; it was just a day before her birthday leaving just one day to become eighty-six years old.

Carly Simon Loses Both Sisters to Cancer: Broadway Composer Lucy Simon And Opera Singer Joanna Simon Die One Day Apart
Carly Simon Loses Both Sisters to Cancer: Broadway Composer Lucy Simon And Opera Singer Joanna Simon Die One Day Apart [Source- The Daily Beast]
Likewise, Carly’s sister Joanna was an American mezzo-soprano and Journalist who left her legacy behind with her legendary pieces.

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Her performance could be regularly observed in operas and concerts internationally from 1962 through 1986, and she made only partial performances into the late 1990s. For her work, she has received awards and honors many times. 

Carly Simon Sisters Cancer: Lucy Simon Died Of Breast Cancer

Lucy Simon is the middle child born to Simon’s family. One day after Joanna’s death, Lucy also passed away on Thursday. It was shocking for Carly to hear her sisters die soon after the other.

Likewise, Lucy also had Cancer in her metastatic breast, which is the ultimate reason for her death. Similarly, she was eighty-two years old at the time of death.

Fully known as Lucy Elizabeth Simon, she was the composer of theatre and popular songs. She recorded and performed as a songwriter and singer for the musicals The Secret Garden and Doctor Zhivago, which pushed her notoriety.

Carly Simon Pays Tribute to Her Two Sisters
Carly Simon Pays Tribute to Her Two Sisters. Source- People

Carly reflected on their bond by expressing about her sisters, saying, “As sad as this day is, it’s impossible to mourn them without celebrating the incredible lives they lived.” Also, their well-wishers are paying tributes and praying for Simson’s family’s loss.

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Did Carly Simson Have Other Siblings Too?

Yes, Carly Simson had a younger brother named Peter beside her sisters, but sadly, he is also not alive. He passed away many years ago, in 2018, at 71 years old. It has been almost four years now since Carly lost him.

It is shocking for many people that Peter’s death cause was also a Cancer. He suffered from lung suffocation which Cancer had degraded in the long term.

By profession, he was a longtime photographer on Martha’s Vineyard. Like his other siblings, he was not well-known among people and not related to a musical background.

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