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Al B Sure Parents Cassandra Brown And Albert Brown Are Happy With Their Son’ Recovery

Fans are eager for hoping Al B Sure’s coma recovery. After two months of coma issues, AI B finally woke up. Al B Sure Parents are happy with their son’s health recovery.

Al B Sure was born on June 4, 1968, and his birth name is Albert Joseph Brown III. His childhood homes were in Leonia, New Jersey, and Mount Vernon, New York, though he was born in Boston.

He has made a name for himself as an R&B artist in the United States. Al B. Sure!, his stage name in the 1980s, made him a household name and an influential figure in the new jack swing music scene. 

In the late 1980s, when Al B. Sure! first appeared, he caused quite a stir in the music industry. Because of his first big hit, “Nite and Day,” we took notice of the talented, charismatic, and good-looking musician.

In his next single, “Off on Your Own,” he managed to keep the momentum going. He attributes his dedication to music and hard work to his mother, Cassandra Brown. His first concert was with Michael Jackson at Madison Square Garden, and his mom took him.

Popular 80s R&B singer Al B. Sure! was in a coma for two months but is now opening up about his health scare.

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Al B Sure Coma Incident

Artist and radio host Albert Joseph Brown III, 54, has been battling health issues since he collapsed in July 2022.

Several medical issues, including renal failure, led to his prolonged coma lasting over two months. The medical staff had considered placing him in a hospice.

Al B Sure Parents gave an update when he was admitted to the hospital.
Al B Sure Parents gave an update when he was admitted to the hospital. (Source: Instagram)

After two months, In early November, the singer/songwriter posted several images on Instagram detailing his terrifying experience.

Having gone through this unexpected medical roller coaster has taught me the value of simple things like being able to walk, talk, and breathe without the help of a doctor or machine.

Al B. Sure! Recently He Discussed His Health Scare and Liver Transplant.

What Did Al B Sure Parents Say After His Coma Incident?

For the first time since waking up from a two-month coma, Al B. Sure! is speaking publicly about the terrifying ordeal that nearly took his life.

The R&B singer/radio host described when he passed out on air and had to be taken to the hospital.

He recalls his friend putting him in a wheelchair and transporting him to the hospital. Two months had passed before Al realized it after he was admitted to the hospital and placed in a bed.

Al B Sure Parents: Al B with his Father.
Al B Sure Parents: Al B with his Father. (Source: Instagram)

This is July 2022, and then October, I was intubated. I was on a ventilator. Had a tracheotomy. There were so many things going on that they considered sending me to hospice.

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Al B Sure After Waking Up From Coma 

Upon emerging from his coma, Al revealed on social media that he had undergone several gruesome and potentially fatal procedures, including an organ transplant, blood transfusions, extensive surgeries, sepsis, intubation, and the removal of lymph nodes. 

After spending two months in a coma, radio host Al B. Sure! is finally awake and doing well. Al B Sure Parents have been by his side throughout his ordeal, and they are so grateful for all the support from his fans.

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