Cat Lady Plastic Surgery

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before And After: What Happened To Her Face? 

People are learning about Cat Lady Plastic Surgery, as she denies having anything done to her face. 

Known for her extensive cosmetic procedures that gave her a cat-like appearance, her high-profile divorce from wealthy art dealer and businessman Alec Wildenstein in 1999, her luxurious lifestyle, and her subsequent bankruptcy, Jocelyn Wildenstein is a Swiss socialite.

It is said that the New York socialite has had canthopexy since beginning her plastic surgery adventure, a technique that raises the eyes to give them a cat-like appearance.

Compared to pictures taken before her surgery, she has seen an extraordinary metamorphosis.

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She has reportedly undergone upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow lift, a facelift, lip fillers, chin augmentation, fat grafting, and cheek implants, in addition to this expert’s list.

The 83 years old, however, asserted that she was not yet finished with plastic surgery and denied having an addiction.

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before And After Photo

Wildenstein has undergone numerous facial surgery for cosmetic reasons. She has been dubbed “Catwoman,” “The Lion Queen,” and “The Bride of Wildenstein” by media outlets due to her cat-like appearance.

Invoking her Swiss roots, she denies having undergone any cosmetic surgery.

Photos of Jocelyn Wildenstein taken before surgery show a significant cosmetic alteration.

The socialite began getting facelifts when she thought her then-husband, the wealthy Alec Wildenstein, was starting to grow distant from her. 

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery
Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Transition From 1970, 1998, and 2016 (Source: Irish Mirror)

She went for the feline appearance because the art magnate adored cats, but it didn’t work out as planned because he still had other mistresses.

Alec acknowledged that he had problems identifying her in a 1998 People interview.

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In an interview with the Daily Mail, the socialite claimed that she had never undergone cosmetic surgery and attributed her “high cheekbones and long hair” to her Swiss ancestry.

Even her fiancé Lloyd Klein admitted to the Mail that when the couple is in France, Wildenstein is frequently confused for Brigitte Bardot, a famous French actress and legendary sex icon.

Cat Lady Early Life Details 

Jocelyn Périsset was born on September 7, 1940, in Lausanne, Switzerland. A sporting goods retailer employed her father.

When she was 17 years old, she started dating Swiss Cyril Piguet, the director of the 1964 movie Un commerce tranquille. 

Later, she shared a residence with Italian-French director Sergio Gobbi in Paris. She developed her hunting and flying skills there.

Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi arms trader, met Périsset over a shooting weekend at the Wildenstein African ranch “Ol Jogi” and introduced him to Alec N. Wildenstein, a wealthy member of a prominent family of art dealers.

When they were both in their 30s, Périsset and Wildenstein got married and had two kids together. The divorce of the Wildensteins in 1999 was not amicable.

When Jocelyn entered the Wildenstein New York residence, her husband was in her bedroom with a 19-year-old Russian model, threatening her with a gun. 

Alec Wildenstein spent the night in jail as a result of this. Throughout the hearings, Marilyn Diamond, the presiding judge, received death threats in the Mail.

She was prohibited from using any alimony payments received during her divorce to pay for additional cosmetic surgery by the judge. 

Jocelyn hired Ed Rollins to help with her public relations efforts and, at separate points, Bernard Clair and Kenneth Godt to help with her legal matters.

Cat Lady Jocelyn Wildestein Net Worth Explored 

Wildenstein is renowned for leading a luxurious lifestyle. She estimated her annual food and wine expenses at $547,000 and her annual phone bill at $60,000.

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery
Cat Lady In A Fashion Show With Her Partner (Source: Instagram)

In her divorce settlement, Wildenstein won $2.5 billion and $100 million yearly for the following 13 years.

The judge ruled she could not utilize any future alimony payments for cosmetic procedures.

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The marital residence in New York was sold by Wildenstein to developer Janna Bullock for $13 million after her divorce.

2018 saw her declare bankruptcy.

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