Cher Net Worth: Lifestyle, Charity & Houses

Famous American Singer Cher has an astounding net worth of around $360 Millions. 

Cherilyn Sarkisian, renowned as Cher, was born on May 20, 1946, in El Centro, California, United States.

Meanwhile, she is referred to as ‘Goddess of Pop’ and has been in the music industry for more than sixty years.

Cher is singing in a stage.
Cher is singing on a stage.

Also, Cher had bestowed her skills in acting in addition to her core singing.

Owing to her skills, Cher has grabbed Grammy awards, Oscar Awards, and her skills have let her be the empire of a vast $360 Million net worth.

Quick Facts

Meanwhile, here is the brief facts of Cher before getting to know her in detail.

Full Name Cherilyn Sarkisian
Net Worth $360 Million
Birth Date May 20, 1946
Known as Cher
Age 77 Years Old
Birth Place El Centro, California, United States
Popular as Goddess of Pop
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education Fresno High School, Montclair College Prep School
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Religion Buddhist
Father’s Name John Sarkisian
Mother’s Name Georgia Holt
Siblings Georganne LaPiere (Sister)
Height 5 Feet and 7 Inches
Weight 57 Kg
Body Build Slim
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Profession Singer, Actor, Model, Television Personality
Active Years 1963- Present
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Husband Sonny Bonno (1969-1975), Gregg Allman (1975-1979)
Children Chaz Bonno, Elijan Blue Allman
Social Media FacebookInstagram , Twitter
Associate Labels Atco, Casablanca, MCA, Reprise, Warner, Columbia, Geffen, Imperial,Kapp
Last Update April, 2024

Cher: Net Worth and Income

Meanwhile, Cher grabs her income from singing, acting, and various entrepreneurship and endorsements. In addition, Chez is one of the richest singers in the world.

Moreover, Cher began collecting money after she, along with her ex-husband Sonny began selling their albums.

And, in 1975, the famous singer bagged a deal of $2.5 Million with Warner Bros and released twenty commercially successful studio albums.

Likewise, Cher earned nearly $300,000 weekly from her Las Vegas Residency from 1980 to 1982.

Altogether, the talented singer grabbed around $10.8 Million in the two years.

Following this, her association with Colosseum at Caesars from 2008 to 2011 made her an astounding $180 Million.

In addition, Cher used to earn annually around $28 Million as a salary in 2013.

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Net Worth of Cher in different Currencies 

Currency Net Worth
Euro €304,612,200
Pound Sterling £260,118,000
Australian Dollar A$491,481,000
Canadian Dollar C$455,193,000
Indian Rupee ₹26,464,068,000
BitCoin ฿7,481.24

Lifestyle and Vacations


Meanwhile, Cher lives a luxurious lifestyle because of her incredible net worth.

Despite being in her 70s, Cher hasn’t lost her gaze and still looks a lot younger.

However, she still loves doing workouts to maintain herself fit. And, the formula for her fit looks lies in her diet and gym. 

Cher is posing for camera.
Cher is posing for the camera.

She has once admitted that she focused on the gym, avoided dairy products, and consumed only plant-based products.

Also, Cher is a lover of dessert but avoids it many times.

Regardless to say, her clothes are royal and expensive to match her lifestyle.

She gets her clothes designed by professional designers and spends Millions of dollars on her outfits alone.

Also, Cher believes that the fatty food makes her sluggish and bloated and rarely smokes or drinks.


Traveling to a new place is not a big thing for this celebrity. She often travels around the USA for her recreation and loves hanging out with friends.

And Cher has been to London, Hawaii, Barcelona for her recreation. Also, she has celebrated her 70th birthday in Italy.

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Houses and Cars


Meanwhile, with such vast net worth, Cher has been able to have multiple properties.

Firstly, Cher and her ex-husband, Sonny, have bought a mansion on Cloud Road for around $250,000.

The property had seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms and was spread over the area of 9000 Square feet.

Similarly, Cher, with her husband, had bought a Villa in OwlWood Estate. 

And, the property had a beautiful tennis court, a pool and pool house, fountains, a guard tower, well-trimmed lawns, and landscaped gardens.

However, they sold the property for around $90 Million after their divorce.

Likewise, Cher bought a solo house in 1970 in the Benedict Canyon, which she later sold in 1988 for around $6.3 Million.

Meanwhile, Cher also has a home in the international boundary in London, which she bought in the mid-1990s.

Following this, Cher has purchased a massive mansion in Florida for around $1.5 Million in 1993.

The Property is said to have been spread over 11,460 Square feet and has three-floored six bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

She further purchased an apartment in Sierra Towers in West Hollywood for around $3 Million.

Likewise, she sold the duplex combo-condo for about $5.3 Million in 2013.

Lastly, the millionaire celebrity has bought a resort in Hawaii for around $2.9 Million, spread over an area of 8821 Square feet.

Also, her Italian Villa in Malibu is said to be worth $50 million to $70 Million alone.


Cher is believed to have a Porsche 911 in her car collection, which costs over $133,400.

Also, she had a Ferrari, which is believed to be worth around $330,000. And Cher has Bentley in her collection, which costs nearly $245,000.

Earnings and Business


From Movies

In 1974, Cher received around $150,000 as a lawsuit settlement from her ex-husband Sonny Bono. Also, she received child support of about $1500 monthly.

Apart from earning from singing, she grabbed around $150,000 from the movie Silkwood in 1983.

Also, Cher grabbed a salary of around $500,000 from the movie ‘The Mask.’

Following this, Cher was rewarded with a salary of around $1 Million each for the movie Suspect, Moonstruck, The Witches of the Eastwick.

 Meanwhile, for her appearances in various infomercials, health, beauty, and diet products, the singer grabbed the astounding amount of around $10 Million in the 1990s.

Further, in the movie ‘Mermaids’ Cher was rewarded with around $4 Million.

From Albums

Similarly, her album ‘Believe‘ has made sales of around 10 Million worldwide and made total sales of approximately $90.49 Million.

Likewise, her album ‘Love Hurts‘ has made around 2.5 Million albums sales and grabbed her about $25 Million just from the music sales.

Following this, ‘Heart of Stone‘ collected around $37.9 million from the album’s sales.

Furthermore, from other successful albums, ‘Cher’ has made over 1.1 million albums sales and grabbed around $11.12 Million from the sales alone.


Meanwhile, Cher is also a successful businesswoman and earns a hefty amount from her business as well.

And, with the release of her fragrances and beauty products, she has grabbed over $15 Million.

Also, it is vivid that the successful singer has spent over $100 Million in real estate only.


Meanwhile, Cher was a talented kid right from her schooling, where she produced a performance for her teachers in her fifth grade.

Similarly, Cher began her professional career in 1964 when she worked with Sonny Bonno to develop a group called ‘Caesar and Cleo.’

Further, they released many singles like ‘Do you Dance?’, ‘Love is Strange’ and ‘Let the Good Times Roll.’

Following this, Cher came out with a debut solo album called ‘All I Want to Do,’ produced by her ex-husband Sonny Bonno.

Cher is performing with a crown.
Cher is performing with a crown.

And, her second album called ‘The Sony Side of Cher’ was also her successful albums, which was released under the Imperial Records label.

Following this, she released two other albums called ‘Where Do You Go’ and ‘With Love, Cher.’

She further experienced a commercial failure with her Backstage album.

However, her other albums were successful, earning her millions from the sales and concerts.

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Meanwhile, with such a millionaire status, Cher likes to flaunt her philanthropic nature to the world.

And Cher has donated to various causes. Her contribution included providing free concert tickets to a non-profit organization working for children with deformed faces.

Likewise, for more than thirty years, Cher has worked as a National Chairperson and was the Honorary Spokesperson for the Children’s Craniofacial Association.

Moreover, ‘Goddess of Pop’ has also donated around $130,000 for Operation Helmet, an organization working on helping the veterans fighting in third-world countries.

Likewise, she also had sent funds to help a 16-year old Alabama boy who had muscular dystrophy after his 69 years old mother was paralyzed.

Similarly, Cher has also established a foundation called Cher Charitable Foundation, which contributes to various causes.

Also, she has co-hosted the American Foundation for AIDS Research Benefit.

And Cher also works for Environmental causes and has donated around 180,000 bottles of water after the lead contamination in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, which was noticed in 2016.

Similarly, Cher also works for LGBT rights and Animal Rights.

3 Facts about Cher

  • Meanwhile, it is hard to believe that she tied her shoes with rubber bands during her childhood.
  • And, she dropped out of high school as she always got terrible grades.
  • Also, Cher has done numerous plastic surgeries to keep herself looking young in even her 70s.

Social Media

Meanwhile, with such immense popularity, Cher has collected millions of fans on her social media.

Facebook: 3.1Million

Instagram:2 Million

Twitter: 3.9 Million

Quotes of Cher

“Husbands are like fires – they go out when they’re left unattended.”

“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.”

“A girl can wait for the right man to come along, but in the meantime, that still doesn’t mean she can’t have a wonderful time with all the wrong ones.”


Does Cher have mixed Ethnicity?

Yes, Cher is Armenian from her Father’s side and German from her Mother’s side.

Is Cher a grandmother?

No, Cher has two children, and none of them have kids.

What is the age difference between Sonny and Cher?

Sonny and Cher had a vast age difference of around 12 years.

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