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Chip Hailstone: Wife, Jail & Net Worth

By surviving in the harshest of conditions, then only you come to know your true self. That is the path and story of the one and only Chip Hailstone. 

Who is Chip Hailstone, you may ask? Chip Hailstone is a hunter by profession who came into the limelight after his show ‘Life Below Zero’ became a hit. 

Life Below Zero is a survival show that features five families that live in harsh conditions. Chip with his family is part of the show where they portray their daily life in Alaska to the viewers. 

Chip Hailstone in recent years.
Chip Hailstone in recent years.

The show has been running from 2013 with over 13 seasons and returned to the screens in 2020. Over the decade, the Nat Geo show has also earned seven Emmy Awards.

Despite being far away from civilization as we now know it, Chip and his family are quite famous on social media even though they do not have any accounts of their own. 

In this article about Chip Hailstone, you will find all that there is to know about the reality TV star. 

Quick Facts

Let’s start with some quick and interesting facts just in case you did not know about the amazing Chip Hailstone. 

Full name Edward Chip Hailstone
Date of birth 5th March 1969
Age 55
Birthplace Norbook, Alaska, U.S.
Religion Christian
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Education Not Available
Father’s name Daniel Hailstone
Mother’s name Mary Hailstone
Zodiac sign Pisces
Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight Not Available
Spouse Agnes Hailstone
Children Five daughters
Body Measurement Unknown
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Net Worth $100,000
Siblings Not Available
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Profession Reality show actor
Current team Life Below Zero
Nickname Chip
Salary Not Available
Social Media Not Available
Merch of Nat Geo TV Show
Debut year 2013

Chip Hailstone: Early Life

Edward Chip Hailstone was born on the 5th of March in 1969. He was born and raised in Kalispell of Montana, in The United States of America. 

His father’s name is Daniel Hailstone, and his mother’s name is Mary Hailstone. Unfortunately, we do not know any information about their profession or whereabouts. 

Chip does not have any siblings and is a single child. This meant that he grew up with all the love and attention from his parents. 

Ever since he was a young boy, his father taught him all the survival skills needed in the wild. The father-son duo would go hunting, fishing and his father even taught him craft-making skills. 

The pair bonded in these kinds of activities and still have a good bond to this day. 

We do not know which high school Chip attended for his education. But we can confirm that he has gone to a local high school and graduated. 

However, he was not focused on his academics and did not attend college. 

Chip was always fascinated with the forests as a young boy, and he craved his isolation. And his late teens, he went to Alaska and fell in love with the wilderness there. 

The trip was supposed to be short-lived, but he soon felt at home in Alaska and decided to reside there.

Chip Hailstone: Personal Life

Chip is an American citizen. However, when it comes to his religious faith, he is of Christian faith and is caucasian in ethnicity. 

Being born in the month of March, Chip is a Pisces when it comes to zodiac signs. Pisces is a water sign and are often known to be emotional. 

Pisces people have traits such as being kind, empathetic, loving, friendly, and honest. Chip is the perfect example of Pisces when it comes to his passionate side since he is so engulfed with his life. 

Chip is an introverted person and enjoys his solidarity. This is one of the main reasons he chose Alaska to be his home. 

He loves nature and embraces it as a part of his own. Chip is an animal lover and respects them as part of the environment. 

His hobbies mainly include fishing and hunting. His life is far away from technology, and he prefers the traditional way of living. 

He does not care for what is going around in the world. Instead, he intends to live his life in the wild, where the environment only influences him. 


When he was just nineteen, he traveled to Alaska to seek adventures but found home in the wilderness. Around this time, he also found the love of his life. 

He met Agnes Hailstone and instantly fell in love. Agnes was born in 1972 and is part of the Alaskan Tribe, known as Inupiaq. 

The couple got married somewhere around the 1990s; the exact details and date have not been revealed. 

Chip with his wife Agnes.
Chip with his wife, Agnes.

The couple seems to be happily married.

Raising a family in harsh conditions can take a toll on anybody. But Chip and Agnes Hailstone decided to stay together and face these conditions together. 

They are supportive of each other and believe they cannot exist without each other.


Prior to meeting Chips, Agnes was already in a relationship. She has two sons from the relationship whose names are Doug and Jon Carter. 

When Chip decided to marry Agnes Hailstone, he also decided to take in her two sons as their own. Since then, Doug and Jon have all grown up and now have a family of their own. 

Chip and Agnes together have five children, and all of them are daughters. From the oldest to the youngest, the daughter’s name is Tinmiaq, Iriqtaq, Mary, Caroline, and Qutan.

The entire family resides near the Kobuk River in the Noorvik region of Alaska. The biodiversity of the place consists of Bears, Walrus, and even seals. 

Chip with his entire family.
Chip with his entire family.

The place that they reside in has a residency of only 700 people. But despite the difficult lifestyle, they have managed to give their children an education. 

All the children are homeschooled till middle school, and they go to the local high school for their graduation. Their oldest daughter Tinmiaq has graduated from high school and college.

The family is solely dependent on the wilderness for their survival. Whatever nature has to offer, they take it and rarely discard any part they don’t use. 

They utilize all the parts of the animal that they hunt, and throwing waste is not in their nature. All the children have learned basic survival skills from their parents.

The children are also grateful for their life and do not complain about their lifestyles. 

The part takes in the tanning, harvesting, and skinning process of their catch of the day. But, like their parents, they also prefer to live their life in the wild.

Chip Hailstone: Professional Career

Before he was part of the television show, Chip was a hunter and fisher by profession. Then later, he was approached by Nat Geo to feature on the show called ‘Life Below Zero.’ 

This was back in 2013, and the family saw it as a great opportunity to show people how they live. So the entire family took part in the show, including the children. 

The show now has 13 seasons and continues to run. It features how the local people of the Noorvik region live off the barter system, which is an exchange of goods and products. 

They show in what kind of difficulty the family still survives. Their adventures are thrilling and chilling in all kinds of ways which is only for the brave of the heart. 

Other people who are a part of the show include the Sue Aikens of the Kavik Valley, Glenn Villeneuve of Chandalar, Jessie Holmes, and Andy Bassich.

Over the course of the years, the show has been nominated for fourteen Emmy Awards, out of which it won seven. 

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Chip Hailstone: Controversy

Chip has maintained a quiet life for most of his life, but he recently got in the news cycle when he was arrested. 

He was arrested for two counts of perjury in 2017. In addition, the chip was convicted for providing false information to the police. 

He was jailed in Anchorage Correctional Complex, where he had received 15 months of jail time.

Chip also received three years of probation. But he claimed that the police officer physically assaulted his 17-year-old daughter. 

He also claimed that a neighbor had pointed a gun towards his son. Even though he got a restraining order for his daughter against the police, he was still convicted. 

This cost him to miss an entire season on the show. The fans believed this was a wrongful conviction and have taken Chip’s side. 

Chip Hailstone: Net Worth 

After being in the Television show for such a long time, Chip has earned both fame and money.

chip hailstone has a net worth of over $100,000. 

His exact earnings and income are unknown. But he mainly earns from the BBC-produced show. 

His family also earns from the sale of wild animals like foxes and bears that they hunt.

The family does not live a lavish life but prefers a quaint little lifestyle. They do not care for the luxuries in life. 

The family lives a comfortable lifestyle in their small town. 

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Chip Hailstone: Physical Appearance 

Chip is five feet and nine inches tall when it comes to height. However, his weight has not been detailed. 

He has brown hair and similar brown eyes. He has a fair skin complexion. 

Chip is well built and quite fit, owing to his outdoor lifestyle. In addition, he has a very nutritious and healthy diet. 

His exact body measurements have not been revealed. Unfortunately, neither has any information on his shoe size. 

He does not have any facial hair or tattoos.

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Chip Hailstone: Social Media

When it comes to social media, Chip stays away from technology. His house does not have access to the internet. 

But he is featured on the social sites of the show ‘Life Below Zero‘. Chip is not likely to join any social media any time soon.


Is Chip Hailstone still in jail?

No, Chip has been released from jail.

Does Chip Hailstone smoke?

No, Chip Hailstone does not smoke.

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