Is Kevin Spacey In Jail

Is Kevin Spacey In Jail? Arrested And Charges, Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Is He In Jail?

Is Kevin Spacey In Jail? This question is obvious to circulate on social media as he is an actor with several admirers. Along with the allegations, many people are curious to know what exactly happened!

Spacey began his career as a stage actor during the 1980s after gaining supporting roles in film and television.

He has been under controversy as a famous singer and actor, Anthony Rapp, and other more than thirty people have accused him of sexual misconduct. 

He came out as a gay man only at 58 years old while apologizing for the misconduct he was involved in.

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Is Kevin Spacey In Jail? Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

No, Kevin Spacey is not in jail at present. The two-time Oscar winner is facing legal trouble for felony assault.

Kevin has been charged with felony sexual assault with the allegations made against him by more than 30 people.

Kevin Spacey appears in London court over sexual assault charges
Kevin Spacey appears in London court over sexual assault charges [Source- Reuters]

There has been a trial date fixed for June 6 next year, where he can receive up to a six-month sentence in prison. If not, he will have to pay an unlimited fine based on being guilty of sexual assault. 

Also, if the case results are more serious, one may face a sentence in prison more time. But after a preliminary hearing in June, he got bail and was permitted to enter the country again.

Kevin Spacey Allegation And Charges

Kevin Spacey pleaded “not guilty” to charges of sex offenses that were of nearly back to 20 years. He will now be on trial in London next year in 2023.

He is charged with five offenses, including four charges of sexually touching resulting in an assault and one more serious count of forcing a guy to engage in penetrative sexual activity without their consent in Britain. Officials claim that Spacey obliges a guy into having oral sex.

Spacey’s accusations were taken to London’s Old Bailey central criminal court, but the jury claimed as “not guilty.”

As many people have claimed that he was into sexual misconduct, he had to face it legally. He also came to court in New York for a civil trial for the same cause in July as the case against Anthony Rapp.

British prosecutors authorize sexual assault charges against Kevin Spacey
British prosecutors authorize sexual assault charges against Kevin Spacey [Source- Reuters]

Anthony had expressed in 2017 that Kevin sexually abused him on set when he was 14 years old. After that, over thirty men have come forward with allegations from rape of youngsters to nonconsensual groping.

Spacey firstly responded to Rapp’s charges with a confusing apology message in which he said not to remember the incident and came out as gay.

Why Did Kevin Spacey Come Out As Gay So Late?

Kevin Spacey revealed his sexuality as a gay man in his late 50s. He expressed that he has been in a relationship with men and women but enjoyed men’s Company more and chose to live as gay.

He had not publicly expressed his sexuality before but only came out when Anthony Rapp talked about sexual misconduct. While describing an apology, he had explained being gay.

Kevin did not express the same due to his Father’s racist, homophobic and anti-semitic views. He was scared of not being accepted, so he chose not to say it in the early days. “My Father was a white supremacist and a neo-Nazi,” Spacey said about his Father, Thomas Fowler. 

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