Chloe Seyres: Roller-Skating, Family & Net Worth

Many people do not know that Roller-skating is one of the reputed outdoor games in the world.

Likewise, quad roller skates, inline roller skates, and tri-skates are the types of Roller-skating.

There are only a select few skaters who have made an impact in this sport. Moreover, Chole Seyres is one of those skaters.

Chloe Seyres

Chloe Seyres, better known as Kozmic Skater, is an all-rounder in the field of rollerskating.

Similarly, Chloe Seyres is a multiple world champion in inline freestyle slalom and a French roller derby team member.

Likewise, aside from her pro career, Chloe is a youtube star with her roller-skating Freestyle and Derby Videos.

Quick Facts

Here are some quick facts about Chloe Seyres:

Full Name Chloe Seyres
Birth Date July 14, 1986 
Birth Place Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
Popular Name Kozmic Bruise /Kozmic Skater
Religion Christian
Nationality French
Ethnicity Not Known
Horoscope Cancer
Father’s Name Not Available
Mother’s Name Not Available
Siblings Not Available
Age [calculate_years datestring=”07/14/1986″] Years Old
Height 5’1″/1.55 m
Weight 54 kg/119 lb
Sport Rollerskating
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Events Freestyle, Roller Derby
Figure Slim
Marital Status Unmarried
Boyfriend Not Available
Tattoo Yes 
Profession Roller Skater, YouTuber, Judge, Reporter
Teams Roller Derby France (2011-2013)
Paris RollerGirls All-Stars (2010-2013)
International Seba Team (2007-2011)
Freestyle French Team (2002-2007)
Club Paris Rollergirls (2010-2013)
Education English Linguistics Research
Residence Montreal, QC
World Championships Classic Freestyle World Champion (2004, 2006) and Runner-up (2007, 2008, 2010)
Battle World Champion (2008)
Speed Slalom World Champion (2008) 
Regional Championships Classic Euro Champion (2010)
Battle Euro Champion (2009, 2010) 
National Championships Classic Champion (2005, 2006, 2008)
Battle Champion (2009, 2010)
Speed Slalom Champion (2007, 2009, 2010)
Highest World Rankings Freestyle World No.1 (7th Jan – 8th Sept/9th Mar – 10th Mar/10th May – 10th Sept) 
Speed Slalom World No.1 (7th Jan- 10th Sept)
Active Since 1990 – present 
Social Media InstagramYouTubeFacebookTwitter
Roller Skating Merch Helmets, Shoes
Last Update [current-month], [current-year]

Chloe Seyres: Age, Weight, Height, and Tattoos

Chloe Seyres was born on July 14, 1986, in France. She is [calculate_years datestring=”07/14/1986″] Years Old.

Similarly, Chloe stands 1.55 m (5 ft 1 in) tall and weighs 54 kg (119 lb).

Furthermore, she is also famous for her tattoos, which she has printed on her left arm.

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Chloe Seyres: Education, Early Life, and Family

World Roller skater Champ Chloe was born and raised in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France.

As for education, Chloe has completed her five-year study in English Linguistics Research.

Likewise, Chloe started her skating journey at a very early age of three.

Similarly, after quitting the ballet class of Bordeaux’ Conservatoire, Chloe started training regularly at inline ramp-skating during her teenage years.

Further, in 2001, Chloe dropped aggressive skating for freestyle slalom after discovering the discipline in a demo tour called Roller Aquitaine Tour.

Unfortunately, despite being a famous skater, there is no info available regarding her parents and siblings.

Chloe Seyres: Career

The multiple-time world skating champion Chloe has had an exciting career.

Roller Skating Competitions (2002 – 2010)

In 2002, Chloe started her competitive skating journey, taking part in several skating competitions.

Likewise, she participated in the National Championship held in Bordeaux.

Chloe won the co-ed Junior category at the competition in Classic Freestyle, which later opened the door to the first sponsorship and a ticket to the French Team.

Moreover, in 2004, Chloe had to stop her game due to significant health problems.

However, despite her poor health, Chloe managed to pass the French Instructor Certificate level 1.

Likewise, after her full recovery, Chloe participated in the 2004 World Championship held in Amsterdam.

Giving an outstanding performance, Chloe managed to win the World Title in Classic for the first time.

Similarly, she repeated the feat in 2006 in Barcelona after her intensive training with partner Igor Cheremetieff.

Later, Chloe went on to join the Seba Team and traveled to Europe, Asia, and the United States to participate in various international competitions.

Furthermore, Chloe went on to win several World titles, including World Champion in Speed slalom and Battle Freestyle in Singapore in 2008.

Similarly, the skater also won the European Battle Champion in 2009 and 2010 and Classic Champion in 2010.

chloe-seyres-at LaFontaine park
Chloe Seyres performing freestyle at LaFontaine park

Also, Chloe became the one and only skater who stayed as no.1 freestyle roller-skater for 46 months. 

Similarly, Chloe is specialized in freestyle slalom but has shown her worth in speed slalom, too, especially in remaining world No.1 for three years and ten months uninterrupted.

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Judging and Reporting

Title competitions and events are not the only things Chloe Seyres’s good at. She’s also an active free-style judge and reporter.

Similarly, in the 2008 World Slalom Skaters Association (WSSA) program, Chloe was one of the judges in Singapore.

Also, in 2011, Chloe judged the whole exam conducted in Moscow.

Furthermore, she’s part of the judges’ team at international competitions, including the World Championships.

Besides Judging and reporting, Chloe also is a trainer and examiner of WSSA international judge training in Europe.

And, she’s also a member of the WSSA rules technical committee.

Roller Derby Career

In 2010, Chloe started her roller derby career and chose Kozmic Bruise as a derby name.

Likewise, after her freestyle season was complete, Seyres joined the Paris Rollergirls and focused on the derby league.

Similarly, after only half a season, nearly the entire PRG team was selected for the first Roller Derby France team.

Unfortunately, just after two games, Chloe broke her knee while playing against Team Sweden.

Further, she needed intensive physical therapy and eleven months of bed rest to be fully fit.

Subsequently, she re-entered the Paris RollerGirls All-Star roster as a jammer for the 2013 season.

Chloe Seyres: Personal Life

Chloe Seyres has achieved the spotlight due to her exceptional career.

Additionally, she’s well-loved and respected by her fans and other athletes as well.

However, despite being a well-known skater, she has kept her personal life very private.

Similarly, there is no information regarding her boyfriend, affair, or anything else.

Despite that, it is known that she’s unmarried and not engaged with anyone. Moreover, Chloe is more goal-oriented.

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Chloe Seyres: Net Worth and Endorsements

Chloe has been active in skating for more than two decades and certainly has amassed a pretty considerable amount of wealth.

Likewise, roller-skater usually makes about $500 – $800 a week, which produces around $2000 a month and around $25,000 yearly.

Similarly, Chloe also has various endorsements and sponsor deals at hand that add up to her wealth.

In 2011, young Chloe was sponsored by CrazyStakes, for which she has been the European representative since 2011.

Furthermore, she also has a sponsorship deal with Sports Adventure, a famous Sports shop situated in Bordeaux, France.

Subsequently, according to recent research, a well-known skater can earn up to $52,000 a year.

Unfortunately, there is no info available about her net worth and estimated earnings.

Chloe Seyres: Social Media Presence and Youtube

Being a popular and well-known skater, Chloe has a fair amount of social media followings.

Likewise, Seyres has an official Instagram account with over 7.9k followers. Chloe usually posts her crazy freestyle and skating workouts on Instagram.

Similarly, Chloe also has a Twitter account, where she usually tweets about various skating events and championships.

Chloe Seyres at the freestyle shooting

Furthermore, she’s also a Youtuber and has her own Youtube channel named Kozmic Skater.

Also, in 2004, her YouTube video titled Just a Girl went viral and gained the world’s attention.

After her video went viral, Chloe decided to create her own Youtube channel.

Moreover, Seyres has also appeared in the profile video for the promotion of SebaSkates. And also in various Derby Videos.

In addition, the skater Chloe is also available on Facebook.

Chloe Seyres: Endeavors outside Roller-Skating

Chloe Seyres is not only confined to roller-skating. She is a multi-talented person.

Likewise, Chloe has moved through various disciplines such as ramp skating, skate cross, free skating, and roller dance.

Further, in 2011, Chloe formed her roller-skate dance group named State Xpress.

Moreover, Seyres is also a renowned instructor and coach for freestyle skating.

Throughout the years, Chloe has worked as a coached and instructed in several associations such as SPUC Pessac (2004-2006) and Miss’Iles Paris (2008).

Similarly, the skater Seyres has also coached Enrolleres Paris (2010) and SDUS Saint-Denis (2011).

Chloe Seyres: FAQs

Who are Chloe Seyres parents?

There is no information regarding the names of her parents or siblings.

How much does Chloe Seyres make?

There is no info about how much she earns from her career, but she must be earning quite a wealth as a roller-skater, freelancer, and reporter. 

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