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Ciarán Hinds Daughter, Aoife Hinds Is Also An Actress, Family And Net Worth

Aoife Hinds, the daughter of Ciarán Hinds, is a French-Irish-British Actress. She has been following in the footstep of her Belfast-born dad.

Aoife, who has been in the popular television programs Derry Girls and Normal People, is a famous stage and film star Ciarán’s daughter.

In January 2022, BBC One NI premiered a new documentary about the Bronte family’s Irish ties. In the documentary, Aoife opened up about her Irish roots mentioning it brings back happy memories.

She also added that she has strong ties to Ireland and that getting to work there is brilliant. In the video, Aoife reveals the unexpected Irish relations that profoundly affected the Brontes.

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Meet Ciarán Hinds Daughter, Actress Aoife Hinds

Born in 1991 in  London, England, UK, Aoife Hinds is an Actress. She is the daughter of famous actors Ciarán Hinds and Hélène Patarot.

She is known for working in movies including Normal People (2020), Derry Girls (2018), and Anne Boleyn (2021). Aoife got to explore her Irish roots in the new documentary on BBC.

Aoife Hinds with her father while she was young
Aoife Hinds with her Father while she was young (Source: Evoke)

As she was born to celebrity parents, Aoife got to explore the inside of the entertainment industry from an early age.

Her Father is a winner and nominee for many awards and is also one of the most successful actors.

Likewise, her mom is also a famous Actress and a designer who has gained fame for her performance on-screen.

She has been following in her parent’s footsteps and has already found recognization as an Actress.

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Inside Aoife Hinds Family

Aoife Hinds grew up in a family with her parents of two different descent. Her mom is French-Vietnamese, while her Father is Irish.

Meanwhile, she was born in London and moved to Paris at age 10. Her dad is from Belfast, and most of his family, including his sisters, still reside there.

Growing up, Hinds often visited her dad’s hometown. Moreover, she also mentioned that she spent quite a lot of time in her granny’s home in Cushendall.

Aoife Hinds
Aoife Hinds explored her Irish roots in a new documentary (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

Moreover, she often went to Dublin when Ciarán was working in theatres—born to celebrity parents who grew up in the limelight.

The documentary shows Hinds exploring her Irish roots while experiencing different aspects of Irish culture.

Aoife Hinds Net Worth As Of 2024

The estimated net worth of Aoife Hinds is around $5 million approximately. The primary source of her income is as an Actress.

She had the opportunity to play Jeanie in her first movie, The Worker. Since then, she has gained enormous notoriety for her appearances in more than 8 different films and TV shows in just two years.

Aoife is currently planning two distinct projects. She has started filming for the popular TV show called Ordinary Individuals.

She has already found a wide fanbase in a short period. The young Actress is doing extremely well in her career.

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